You like sew your clothes ?

With each season change, your desires sewing and fabrics are renewed? And that's quite normal! Our creativity is paced with the seasons.

When the cold sets in, we like to sew hot, polar and beautiful woolles.

As soon as the beautiful days are starting to arrive, we dream of lighter materials, perfect for Spring blouses and dresses.

If you are looking for sewing inspiration and Sewing fabrics for spring, here is an article that should interest you!

There are several types of ideal fabrics for sunny days as well as some inspirations of timeless models to sew!


What fabrics sew for spring / summer 2023? The recap of trendy colors and materials

Because the sustainability is an integral part of our values, at My little coupon, we usually like to head you better towards choice of timeless fabrics.

THE timeless fabrics are timeless materials and patterns that you will like to wear over the seasons.

When you sew a garment yourself with good quality fabrics, you want to wear it for years, you don't think?

But when you can combine timeless fabrics with the trend of the year, it's even better!

If you read this article after 2023, do not panic, we have also identified timeless couture inspirations that you can use in 2024 as in 2030!

Meet in the next part, lower in the article!

To choose your spring/summer fabrics 2023, here are the materials and the flagship colors:


Magenta color fabrics

 Spring 2023 trendy fabrics

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The magenta is a color that could be described as rosé or pink red which tends towards red.

It’s a kind of almost red fuchsia.

A vibrant and sparkling color that awakens spring and summer looks.

You can sew fluid pants, dresses, blazers.

The magenta could well become your next favorite color!


Sky blue color fabrics 

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If the magenta seems too garish to you or hurts your eyes, you can opt for light blue, almost layette!

If like Elie, the founder of My little coupon, you love blue, so you will have a lot of fun sewing fabrics from this pretty color to compose your spring looks.

Decline this soft blue in clothes, accessories, pants, jackets, skirts ...

In different subjects, such as The poplin of Baumwolle To sew a nice shirt, or the viscose from our sleeping house dormant stocks.

This blue will be associated for example perfectly with looks denim !

We have spotted several looks on Pinterest to inspire you!


Mojito apple or green tissue 

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A green not easy to define but a strong, acidic green, with a hint of yellow.

This color was already present in the colors of last winter.

It tends to strengthen itself for sunny days.

You can imagine it in a small vest or light cardigan for the fresh mornings of spring or even in velvet shorts or in pretty dress in Jersey !

It is a color that puts in a good mood and that will contribute to the making of a joyful and sparkling dressing!


Metal gray fabrics 

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If in recent years had been rather marked by the gold, the silver or metallic gray will be in the part in the trends of spring/summer 2023.

Opt for satin fabrics, such as for example Our pancakes towards satin To give more shine and reflections to your spring blouses.

You can also imagine a skirt fließend Midi length in metallic gray.

It's up to you to compose according to your affinities in terms of colors and materials.

This gray will soften the shades of magenta and green and will marry very well with the blue Layette!


Lace, tulle and sails fabrics

Photo credit Isabel Marant 

This season, place for transparency games and texture games.

Lace will be one of the flagship fabrics to exploit, in cream tones or nude to soften your looks and add a vintage note to them.

If you like long-sleeved blouses, kimonos, lace dresses, it's time to design your wardrobe.

You can also have fun with Our liners !


A Pinterest table dedicated to 2023 trends

In order to always inspire you better, we have created A Pinterest table With several trendy fashion ideas for spring summer 2023!

We hope he will inspire you with pretty clothes sewn hand!

Here is the table :


Sewing fabric ideas for spring 

Not to mention a trend but rather the fabrics that we like to choose and wear for the weather over the years, we have identified for you Several materials and models that we appreciate sewing in spring.

We hope you like them.

Do not hesitate to tell us your favorite spring fabrics in comment!

This will inspire our seamstresses and always feed sewing ideas!

Flowery fabrics

Fleuris Spring fabrics

One of our clear customers, from the account @claire_grazaille had sewn a nice flowery sweatshirt in one of our fabrics!


If there is a conducive period of the year for flower, it's spring/summer!

And if you like flowery fabrics, you can really have fun:

  • With the size of the patterns: large or small flowers everything is allowed
  • With the color of the flowers: I promise, they will not fade!😊
  • With the material of the fabric: Popeline of Baumwolle, viscose, textured pancake, gabardine, threw from Baumwolle, denim ... A watchword: Have fun!

Whether you want to sew a flowery dress or a flowery skirt, you can then allow yourself to associate a united room with your look by taking up the color of the flowers.

For example, you can sew a skirt in a threesome Baumwolle with pink flowers with a blouse In Crêpe towards Satin From the same rose tone: for a fresh, colorful and spring look.


Vichy fabrics 

If there is one timeless among the fabrics, it is the Vichy tile!

We see it a lot in the cold winter tones and in warmer materials such as woolen or thick gabardines.

But Vichy is also a sensation in spring/summer in warmer shades such as red, yellow, fuchsia or even orange.

We also like the discreet gingshot print on plan, or simply textured on embroidery for example.

Pancakes towards satin

Sonia of the Insta Account @bonsplancouture Sewn a very nice dress in one of our pancakes towards satin. Perfect for spring.

This is one of our favorite materials at My Litte Coupon!

Crêpe towards Satin has the distinction of having a matte face and a shiny/satin side.

You can play backwards and the place to sew your clothes.

It is a soft, flexible fabric with a beautiful fall that will allow you to sew several pieces that you like to wear in the spring like light blazers, shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses or even fluid pants!




Celine of the account @mpchoco created a very beautiful overalls in one of our denims.

It will be perfect in a spring look!


Denim fabric is really one of our timeless sewing.

This is a material that we particularly like in the spring, including the famous denim jacket inspired by Levis.

If you are looking for denim sewing inspiration, you can consult our article: What to sew with denim? 25 Sewing patterns ideas

In addition to giving you ideas to sew in denim, we explain in detail, in this article, where the denim comes from and how it is distinguished from the word jeans or the word jeans!




Sophie of the account Has sewn a very beautiful pants in one of our gabardines!

In the spring wardrobe, we love to wear the famous trench!

Burberry inspired us this pretty clothing, very practical for spring temperatures.

Gabardine of Baumwolle is a fabric to favor to sew a trench.

You can associate it with our liners To sew a garment with perfect finishes.

If you are looking for sewing inspiration for a trench or a gabardine jacket, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated on this subject: 21 perfect sewing patterns ideas for sewing gabardine.

In this article, we also explain in detail the origin of gabardine and we give you several other ideas to sew in this material that we find so pleasant both to wear and work.


The poplin of Baumwolle

A very nice spring and summer creation in one of our poplins of Baumwolle of Sarah's account @workshop.miinsa

The poplin of Baumwolle, it’s really a classic wardrobe fabric.

We particularly like to wear poplin clothes from Baumwolle In spring/summer because it is a rather light and breathable material.

It will allow you to sew several projects but it is really the privileged material for sewing shirts!

And if you start sewing, this is an ideal material to start.

The fabric is well: the poplin of Baumwolle is easy and pleasant to work.

If you are looking for easy -to -sew fabrics because you are not yet very comfortable in seam, we have written an article for you, just here.

There are several fabric ideas to choose when you start sewing as well as several sewing projects to allow you to start more serenely.



Who has never dreamed of a nice set in linen ?

This ultra -natural, breathable, comfortable material will allow you to create pretty looks.

It’s a matter that crumps a lot. You have to appreciate its crisp effect at the rhythm of the day but that you opt for a linen in soft colors such as white, cream, nude or for stronger colors such as electric blue, red, magenta, the Green, linen can seduce hearts.

Pants/jackets can be sewed or skirts or high skirts or combinations.

Linen is a fabric that we like to wear, more particularly at the end of spring and then all summer because it is an airy and light fabric.

Whether uni Or flowery, adapt it to your style!

When you sew your clothes yourself, you can afford all the fantasies!




Viscose is a fabric that seamstresses love to wear.

It allows you to create really fluid clothes, skateful skirts, light dresses, pretty blouses.

But it is also a material that is very controversial in terms of ecological impact.

We talk about it in more detail in an article on the subject: 6 tips for eco-responsible sewing.

We give you alternatives to replace viscose, such as choosing to sew viscoses from sleeping stocks of fashion houses to avoid overproduction of this particularly gourmet water fabric.

This is the whole concept of My little coupon, that you can (re) discover in this section of the site.


The jersey

Sarah of the account @todotodoutoux had sewn a dress in one of our viscose jerseys.

Associated with a denim jacket, this creates a spring look!

That you prefer The jersey viscose or the most traditional jersey of Baumwolle, Jersey is a type of weaving that makes your fabrics stretch.

They are ideal for the spring/summer season because it is the material par excellence for sewing t-shirts.

But you can also sew pretty dresses, in viscose jersey for example.

Because of their elasticity, the parts sewn in jersey will be particularly comfortable to wear!


Some ideas for sewing projects in spring/summer fabrics

On site, you can find several tutorials and patterns to sew projects for spring/summer.

Some of them are free.

The darling tutorial or scrunchy

If you have long hair, you will love to wear darlings in the spring/summer!

They will allow you to be less hot while creating pretty hairstyles and using your fabric falls!

The tutorial of the scarf in the hair 

In order to use your fabric falls and create LOOKS MATTEY/MATTEY PRINATANIES, also find this boss in the site blog to sew a scarf in your hair!


The bob tutorial

The bob is an increasingly trendy accessory.

Sew it in denim or gabardine of Baumwolle To go hiking, walking, gardening or even giving this "I don't know what" that is missing your spring look!


The reversible top 

This sewing pattern will allow you to sew a small top to wear under your pretty spring jackets and adopt definitively without a jacket when the strong summer heat arrives!



What fabrics sew in the spring? The final word 😊

We hope that this article will allow you to compose a tailor-made wardrobe for this spring!

In general the arrival of sunny days gives balm to the heart and gives way to colorful, flowery, joyful creative ideas!

If you like the concept of couture + responsible and the upcycling, register for our newsletter at the bottom of the article.

We will regularly communicate our new features and our private sales offers!

Good seam and see you soon for the next article!


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25 February, 2023

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