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Are you sewing for leisure or are seamstress / seamstress pro? You like beautiful fabrics and are looking for a silk satin coupon ? Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon? All of our selections and fabric references
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Are you sewing for leisure or are seamstress / seamstress pro?

You like beautiful fabrics and are looking for a silk satin coupon ?

Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon?

All of our selections and fabric references come from the ends of collections haute couture houses.

We find very beautiful fabrics for you from sleeping stocks.

By putting them back on the market, we allow you to revalue them thanks to your passion for sewing and your know-how.

In fact, we participate together in this vision of a more responsible fashion, more committed and more respectful of the environment.

If you want to discover or rediscover Our concept d ’textile upcycling As well as our values, do not hesitate to go to this dedicated section of the site!

What is silk satin?

Silk satins are smooth, shiny, very fluid and slippery fabrics.

Satin is a type of weaving. It is an armor, just like the canvas, the chick, the poplin.

The satin armor belongs to the family of chain and frame fabrics (non -extensible) and consists of a very loose weaving.

The chain and frame threads are widely spaced in their intertwining, which makes the fabric very flexible and slippery.

Silk satins are shiny, silky, light, very soft to the touch and very pleasant to wear.


What to sew with a silk satin?

Silk satin is a material particularly suitable for Sewing elegant clothes, chic and luxurious.

You can cut several sewing patterns such as:

-          Silky Caracos

-          Breed dresses

-          Long or short sleeve dresses

-          Fluid skirts, with or without ruffles

-          Fluid pants

It is also a very appreciated material for sewing underwear, lingerie and homewear clothing such as:

-          Kimonos bosses

-          Nightnut patterns

-          Pajamas bosses

These fabrics are so flexible and so soft that we also appreciate them to double clothes whose lining is directly in contact with the skin.

You can also consult our selection of high -cost quality linings here. LINK

It's up to you to do your own bosses/fabric associations or create your own boss if you wish to work on our silk satins.

In order to give you maximum seam ideas and help you imagine your next creations, we also have a selection of Sewing patterns of creators and designerss that you can consult on the shop. ( Link to mark out: )

And to be in contact with the Couture community and inspire you mutually between enthusiasts, we share your creations on Instagram daily.

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How to sew silk satin?

Silk is a fairly delicate material (but so beautiful!) To work.

You have to take care of it from start to finish.

Generally, it is necessary to wash silk and silk satins by hand, with an adapted laundry.

It is a material that does not support machine wash and not at all the dryer.

Then, to cut your fabric, the best is to place it flat.

It is a very slippery fabric: in fact, it is very difficult to cut parts of the sewing pattern of your choice at the fold, or x 2, in symmetry without the cut being distorted.

You have to arm yourself with patience and cut one by one each room with the flat fabric and place maximum weight on your fabric so that it is completely stabilized during the cut.

With the sewing machine, use a new microtex needle. Even if your MicroTex needle only served once, use a completely new needle for this fabric (do not throw the other, it will serve you for other fabrics!)

In terms of ironing, show caution and always use a Tattemouille (and do tests on fabric falls before starting).

For prettier finishes, do not hesitate to make English seams, which will also allow you to do without on topjet (and also change the surveys of the overweight so that they are new to sew the fabric).

If you want to have More advice and couture inspirations, you can go on Our Blog section

Have you sewn one of our silk satins?

Do you want to show us your creation?

Do not hesitate to post a photo or video of your creation on social networks with the #Mylittle Coupon and by identifying us!

We are always very happy to discover your coulists!

Good seam!