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Our first sewing boss

Couture boss - Anna's dress

My Little Coupon is very proud to present your first sewing boss to you. It is perfect for your summer seams.

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# Upcycling as a watchman

Upcycling (French extraordinary) is the action of recovering materials which we no longer use in order to give them value. ♥

← Crêpe 100% viscose adopted by @camillemari28

The fabric concept store

Our fabric coupons come from series of French haute couture houses. My Little Coupon do not launch any production and will never launch it ♻. The stock depends entirely on the surpluses of the brands with which we work. There is no restructuring.

Our offer is a constant limited edition.


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Buy coupons of all sizes here: 3 meters, per meter and even small coupons (falls).

Look no longer where to buy your fabric coupons: here you will find fabrics from the end of the big French couturiers perfect for your sewing projects