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You wish Sew your own jeans, jackets, overalls ... ? Perhaps you want to sew Denim parts for your loved ones or your customers? Are you looking for quality denim fabrics? At My Little Coupon, we offer for sale Workshop
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You wish Sew your own jeans, jackets, overalls ... ?

Perhaps you want to sew Denim parts for your loved ones or your customers?

Are you looking for quality denim fabrics?

At My Little Coupon, we offer for sale Workshop denim coupons quality.

They are generally sold by 3 -meter coupons but it may happen that we sold them under other films depending on our quantities.

These denim or denim fabrics come from end of seam houses: we put back on the market for dormant stocks so that you can sew high -end and high quality fabrics.

All Our coupons of fabrics are ready to be upcycled : as'Upcycling agents, we find them for you among the end of collections of fashion houses.

You revalue them by giving them a new life thanks to your talents of seamstresses and your pretty sewing machines.

If you want to know everything about Our concept And on our values, we invite you to read this dedicated section of the site.

Do not hesitate to consult our denims selections regularly: these are always small quantities and we frequently renew the references according to our arrivals.


What is denim?

Do you know what denim is?

We are talking about both denim fabric and denim fabric. But do you know the difference?

When we talk about denim, we are talking about matter.

The name of Denim comes from the city of Nîmes, in reference to a 16th century Nîmes spinning spinning that manufactured the chicken canvas.

When we talk about jeans, we talk about pants: the famous jeans (which consists of a pair of legs, which explains the plural).

When we talk about Jean, we are talking again about denim material. But, this also refers to the 2 stories that explain the origin of the jeans: one comes from Nîmes (hence the denim) and the other comes from Genoa in Italy (which the English pronounced "gin" = this which has therefore transformed into "jeans")

Originally, there is still a difference between Denim's canvas and jeans.

Denim canvas consisted of cotton only and the wires of its weaving are tinged with 2 colors: the weft wire in ecru and the chain wire tinted to indigo.

John's canvas was made up cotton and wool or linen, whose wires are only tinged with a single color.

Today, our Denim & Jean fabrics are cotton with tongue armor (which form oblique scratches on the fabric) composed either in 100% cotton, either in mixed fibers.

We have coupons of Jean who contain elastane To allow you to make clothes that are both solid and comfortable.

The armor (or weaving) of jeans is very similar to that of gabardines, which we also offer in coupons.

You can find our selections of gabardines here.

To learn all about the canvases of Denim and Jean, you can consult This article dedicated, which will also give you full of sewing inspirations with our coupons


What to sew with denim / jeans?

Have you spotted one or more denim coupons among our selections?

Do you know what you are going to sew with it?

Denim fabrics are robust and solid fabrics.

Whether you choose them, raw blue or colorful, you will have the opportunity to sew a multitude of projects that require holding.

Here are some examples of sewing projects to be carried out in denim denim:

-          The famous jeans of course or any pants pattern that requires outfit. Avoid for the cuts of pants that are fluid, on the other hand.

-          The patterns of straight or curved dresses which require good resistance and a steepening fall.

-          The bosses of jackets, and the famous denim jacket; The "must-have" of the spring wardrobe

-          Accessory patterns: luggage, handbags, kits ...

-          Furniture projects: armchairs, poufs, cushions, patchwork projects ...


Denim is a robust and very solid material that will allow you to sew clothes, accessories and sustainable furnishings.

This is a material that is suitable for both sewing projects from the female wardrobe that is male and will allow you to create timeless and timeless pieces.

To fill up with couture inspiration in our denims, you can consult the Blog section of our site, or even make your selection from the bosses we offeror consult Our Instagram page And the many stories that we share daily.

How to sew the denim?

Here is Some tips to help you sew your denim or jeans coupon.

It is a thick and more or less heavy fabric depending on the grammage you have chosen.

The material has a very good hold, which makes it very easy to place your pieces on the fabric: the fabric does not move and your cut will be right.

As with most fabrics, we advise to wash and iron your coupon before cutting it.

Many fabrics shrink in the first washing: it is better to go on a good basis. In order to prevent the edges from declining in the machine, you can overflow them beforehand.

To sew the denim with a sewing machine and manage the thicknesses as well as possible, we advise you to use a special jeans needle and adjust your point wider than usual.

Do not hesitate to do tests on samples and use a special jeans thread or the triple point in reinforcement, especially for the most stressed seams of your sewing project in question.

You can then share your creation in denim on social networks by identifying us and using the #Mylittlepon!

We love to discover how you transform our fabric coupons!

Good seam!