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You are looking for viscose fabrics To sew your clothes or those of your loved ones or customers? At My Little Coupon, we offer Quality viscose coupons, from the end of series of the large fashion houses. All the subjects
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You are looking for viscose fabrics To sew your clothes or those of your loved ones or customers?

At My Little Coupon, we offer Quality viscose coupons, from the end of series of the large fashion houses.

All the subjects offered are ready to be upcycled fabrics : as agents of Textile upcycling, we bring them out of dormant factory stocks so that you can carry out your sewing projects.

Our fabrics did not require any overproduction: sewing a my little coupon viscose coupon, so it is to enter the virtuous circle of the circular economy and ecological seam.

Your mission: sew a lasting and good quality wardrobe thanks to our high-end fabric coupons!

To find out more about Our concept and on our values, we invite you to read this section of the site here.

What is viscose?

But in fact, What is viscose?

Also called Rayon Where Artificial silk, viscose is a fluid, flexible, light fabric, which is available in several aspects.

It may have a brilliant or mat, textured or smooth appearance depending on whether it is a viscose pancake Where viscose or evenMixed viscose (such as linen/viscose or mixed silk or mixed cottons).

It is an artificial material: viscose fabrics are made from wood cellulose and are transformed into a textile fiber by chemical process.

The base of viscose is therefore vegetable. It is its transformation into a textile fiber by chemical process that is polluting.

Hence the interest in opting for fabric coupons from end of fashion house collections: they did not require any additional production.

This way of proceeding is always more ecological than to launch a new fabric production.

Note that this material exists in chain & frame (a non -extensible weaving) but also in knit.

This is the example of viscose jerseys, which, for their part, are very extensible and allow you to make T-shirts or T-shirts dresses among others.

If you want Everything about viscose fabrics and on our ideas of achievements with our coupons, you can consult This dedicated article: What is viscose? Couture ideas, origins and ecological alternatives.

What to sew with viscose?

Have you chosen your viscose coupon from our selections?

You don't know what you will be able to sew with it yet?

Viscose is particularly suitable for sewing projects that require a fluid and flexible fall.

As an example of sewing projects to be carried out in our fluid fabrics, you can sew:

-          Long or short, spraying and fluid skirt patterns

-          Patterns of long, short, mid-length dresses with long or short sleeves, which require a flexible and light fall

-          Flexible pants patterns for the beautiful season for example

-          Bosses of slight blouses, tops and blouses, pleasant to wear

-          Sewing accessories such as foulchies, darlings, headbands, headbands & scarves

-          Viscose liners

-          Dresses and t-shirts in viscose jerseys: these are very fluid, soft and comfortable meshes that will allow you to combine the comfort of the jersey with the sweetness of the viscose. To find out more about Our stitches, it is by here.


Viscose fabrics are not suitable, however, to sew clothes that require hold or to sew rigid accessories such as luggage or handbags.

Depending on the style you want to give to your creation, you will be able to play with the texture of the fabrics: viscose pancakes, for example, have an embossed appearance.

You will also be able to play on the patterns: pancakes of flowery viscoses, united viscoses, timeless polka dots or any other pattern.

It's up to you to imagine your Couture project according to your desires, needs and your creativity!

You can also fill up on ideas on The Blog section of our site or with Sewing patterns that we offer or on Our Instagram page.


How to sew viscose?

It is a particularly fleeting and fluid fabric: it is therefore not particularly recommended when you start sewing.

Here are some tips to help you sew the viscose:

-          Always do samples testing with a sewing machine

-          Use a microtex needle or a new needle so as not to damage your fabric

-          Use weights and pins to stabilize it when cutting (you can also decide not to cut your patterns with a fold or x2 but cut them well flat to prevent the fabric from moving too much)

-          You can, if you wish, stammer your fabric: it makes it more rigid for the time of making if you are afraid of sewing fluid materials. However, do a test on a sample in order to be sure that this will not damage your fabric.

It is recommended to wash and iron your fabric before cutting it: a lot of fabrics shrink slightly at the first washing.

In order to go on a good basis for your new viscose sewing project, you might as well prepare your fabric well. This is important for a successful curd!

Finally, when you have finished your viscose achievement, do not hesitate to share it on social networks by identifying us and using #Mylittle Coupon!

We are always very happy to see how you transform our fabric coupons!

Good seam!