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My Little Coupon offers a wide selection of quality natural linen fabrics: washed linen, linen viscose, patterned linen fabrics, printed linen, and even linen cotton... Buy your linen by the meter, in wide widths, or in small packaging. What is
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My Little Coupon offers a wide selection of quality natural linen fabrics: washed linen, linen viscose, patterned linen fabrics, printed linen, and even linen cotton... Buy your linen by the meter, in wide widths, or in small packaging.

What is linen?

Linen fiber is a natural vegetable fiber: fabrics made of linen are more ecological than most other materials. For example, linen is more ecological than cotton because the plant requires much less water to grow.

It is a strong, durable, breathable fabric that allows for the creation of responsible clothing and accessories. The material is creasable but is particularly appreciated for its irregular touch and natural appearance, making all your sewing projects absolutely timeless.

Among textile linens, there are:

  • 100% linen fabrics (sometimes associated with ramie, just as natural)
  • Linens mixed with cotton: linen cotton
  • Linen viscose: which benefits from both the advantages of linen and the fluidity of viscose
  • Linen jerseys (quite rare but they exist! And they are often more ecological than cotton jerseys)

What to sew with linen?

For your clothing creations Linen is a strong and comfortable fabric to wear. Depending on the weight and composition, you can create a multitude of projects with your linen coupon.

Linen as a clothing fabric

Linen allows you to sew:

  • Timeless and classic linen jackets for the spring/summer season
  • Linen pants and jumpsuit patterns
  • Straight and semi-flexible dress patterns
  • Straight and semi-flexible skirt patterns
  • Linen is perfectly suited for sewing projects for the whole family: whether you want to sew for women, men, children, or babies: anything is possible with linen!

And for furnishing linen remains a must!

Especially washed linen, an ideal fabric for furnishing, you can, for example, sew: curtains, sofa and armchair covers, cushions, bed linen, tablecloths and napkins, table runners, lampshades, rugs, cushion covers, or even wall hangings!

For furnishing or clothing, "fancy linens" will allow you to create wonders: Check out our selection of printed or patterned linen fabrics. Linen furnishing fabrics, natural elegance for your interior.

Where do linen furnishing fabrics come from?

Linen fabric, originally a humble plant, is one of the oldest textiles used by humanity. Today, it is particularly cultivated in France, where its culture presents remarkable environmental advantages.

This plant grows quickly and requires neither irrigation, pesticides, nor fertilizers, making it an environmentally friendly material. Linen threads are fine, regular, and incredibly strong, making them a choice material for making clothing and furnishing fabrics.

What are the advantages of Linen fabric for furnishing? The advantages of linen as a textile are multiple and make it a very popular material for clothing and interior decoration:

  • Excellent thermoregulation: Linen acts as a good insulator against the cold and allows good ventilation in hot weather.
  • Quick drying: Thanks to its high absorption capacity, linen dries quickly after being exposed to moisture.
  • Resistance and solidity: Linen fabrics are known for their durability and their ability to maintain their original appearance for many years.
  • Smooth and regular appearance: Linen has a naturally soft texture that gives it an elegant appearance as a furnishing or ready-to-wear fabric.
  • Natural and biodegradable material: Linen is an environmentally friendly choice, as it is fully biodegradable.
  • Durability: With proper care, linen furnishing fabrics can be kept in perfect condition for many years.

How to sew linen?

Linen is a fairly easy material to sew.

If you are a beginner in sewing, it is quite accessible.

In fact, if you need advice on choosing your first fabric, we invite you to read this article: What fabrics to choose for starting sewing? 7 ideas of easy-to-sew fabrics accompanied by advice and sewing inspirations to get started!

If you choose a linen-viscose, however, your linen will be a little more difficult to handle, especially when cutting.

Do not hesitate to use weights and pin your fabric well.

As with most fabrics, it is always recommended to wash and iron your linen fabric before starting your sewing project.

Indeed, many fabrics shrink at the first wash; therefore, it is always better to prepare your fabric (decatize) properly to cut your pieces to the right dimensions.

Then do sewing samples on the sewing machine to determine the correct stitch length.

For the thread, you can choose polyester sewing threads, but when sewing natural materials, you can also opt for natural composition threads, such as cotton threads.

Linen can sometimes be transparent, especially for light colors. Do not hesitate in this case to plan a lining.

You can consult our selections of quality linings, ready to be upcycled.