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You need a coupon tweed To carry out a sewing project? Maybe you spotted one that you would see in your Wardrobe handwritten ? Our fabric selections come from ends of collections of fashion houses. We allow you to make
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You need a coupon tweed To carry out a sewing project?

Maybe you spotted one that you would see in your Wardrobe handwritten ?

Our fabric selections come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

We allow you to make Textile upcycling : That is to say that we do not produce any of the coupons present on our site.

All of our selections of tweeds and fabrics come from series of sewing houses (they are therefore already produced) so that you can revalue them with the help of Your couture know-how !

It is quality fabrics, always in small quantities.

To find out more about Our concept, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated section on the site.

What is tweed?

Do you know what the tweed is?

It is a generally hot fabric, with outfit, for fall/winter outfits.

We owe this pretty material to the Scottish and the Irish. In the 19th century, tweed was made from white sheep wool and black sheep wool.

The tweed is originally made up of carded wool.

The weaving is done using skeins of wool threads that are twisted: this is what could explain this tweed fabric, because the threads that make up its weaving are "twisted". (Twist meaning "twist" in English ").

There are several types of tweeds: depending on the weaving and the torsion of wires, we will be able to obtain different types of patterns such as:

-          The tweed chevron patterns : Herringbone (often found in "Gavroche" style costumes and caps.

-          The Tweed Shepherd’s Check: tartan or chicken

-          The Harris Tweed

-          The reason ply foot or Houndestooth

If the original tweeds were made up of 100% wool, today there are synthetic and mixed and also in cotton composition, which makes them less hot and therefore also suitable for spring sewing projects.


What to sew with tweed?

But generally, tweed being a warm fabric, we mainly consider with suitable sewing projects for the coldest seasons such as fall and winter.

We can sew with this material clothes, like the accessories or from thefurnishings.

Here are some sewing projects to do with our tweeds:

-          Tailors CHANEL inspiration

-          Men and woman costume jackets

-          Elegant pants type tailor, costume, or pliers pants (if the flexibility of the tweed allows)

-          Pencil japes or straight skirts

-          Coats' patterns, dubbed or hosted jackets

-          Gavroche style caps

-          Accessories such as Papillon or Ties' nodes

-          Bag patterns, pockets, kits

We can sew a lot of different projects with the tweed.

It is a rather elegant fabric that will be suitable for very "sewing" outfits.

To fill up with couture inspiration, you can consult our article which lists several ideas to sew in our woolles here

For more sewing ideas, we invite you to watch Our bosses offer designer sewing hereas well as Our Instagram page On which we share the inspirations of the Couture community.


How to sew the tweed?

Have you ever sewn a tweed coupon?

Tweed is a fabric that can tend to be condemned.

If you have an overhead, we advise you to surfing all the edges of your sewing project beforehand.

If you do not have an overhead, you can keep them using a zig-zag point to the sewing machine.

Depending on the grammage of your tweed, the fabric will be more at least thick.

It will therefore be necessary to manage the thicknesses in the sewing machine, using an adapted needle (not too fine) and an adapted point length (not too tight).

The best thing is always to make samples on falls of fabric beforehand.

Tweed can be a fairly delicate fabric to work: it is not always recommended to wash it with a washing machine (favor dry cleaning) or iron it directly with iron (use a Tattemouille and do tests).

Also, as many tweeds have patterns, you will undoubtedly have to think about the fittings of your tiles, pied-de-coq, hen or chevrons during the cut.

Take your time when you sew a tweed project: this guarantees a greater result and a greater satisfaction once the seam is finished.

Do not hesitate to then share your creation in tweed on the networks using #Mylittle Coupon. You can also identify us.

We love to discover your creations!

Good seam!