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You have a Velvet fabric sewing project ?

Want to sew a velvet overalls, a pretty Ribbed velvet banana Or even children's clothes?

Here is a sewing article that should interest you!😊

We give you several sewing secrets on velvet as well as inspirations and ideas to sew in velvet!

Enough to fill up on information and inspirations before you start!

Do not hesitate to share your velvet creations with us and to tell us if this article has helped you carry out your sewing project!


What is the velvet fabric?

velvet fabric

Velvet, chain and frame

To be more precise, when we talk about velvet, in reality, we talk about armor and not fabric.

These are velvet woven fabrics.

The armor of a fabric is its type of weaving, in chain and frame.

If you put your fabric sample under a microscope you would probably see a grid, composed of 2 wires:

  • The chain wire
  • The frame wire

The chain wires are parallel to the edge of the fabric.

The frame threads are perpendicular to the edge of the fabric.

By intersecting, these sons create the weaving which constitute the basis of our fabrics.

It is the material and the way in which the threads cross that create so many shades and textile specificities.

In the case of velvet, within the weaving, We will find additional frame wires called "hairs", which will be more or less loose, so as to form loops.

What is interesting with this armor is that it can be found as much on the chain and frame as for the stitch.

The curl wires, in this case, will be inserted in knitting and not in the weaving.

I recommend that you read The practical fabric guide by Rebecca Deraeck to have more details and diagrams.

It is a real bible of the fabric thanks to which we understand how the different weaving and the different fabrics that we are used to sewing are formed.

There are several types of velvet, depending on the material used but also according to the way in which the wires inserted in weaving or in knitting.

NB: We sometimes categorize suede as a velvet because of its touch which can sometimes be similar to that of velvet, but Sweden is not a velvet.


Smooth velvet

Smooth velvet, as most velvet have a velvety side and a smooth side.

Their particularity is that the velvety face is also very smooth and not textured as could be for example a ribbed velvet.

Among the smooth velvet, there are different compositions which give a fall and a hand to the totally different fabric.

We can cite, for example:

Silk velvet

As its name suggests, these velvet are made up in whole or part of silk.

This makes it a smooth and even brighter fabric.

It is a very noble material which is, however quite delicate to work and that you do not recommend if you are not used to sewing fleeting fabrics.

Jersey and velvet knit

As indicated previously, to make a velvet, additional wires are inserted "hairs" which can be composed of different materials, in weaving or in the knitting of fabrics.

For jerseys and meshes it is in knitting that we insert these famous "hair" threads which will create kinds of loops and combine the elastic properties of knitting with the shine and the sweetness of velvet.

Something to sew beautiful very elegant t-shirts.

But not only.

And we will see below than the range of creative possibilities and velvet sewing projects is really very wide!


Ribbed velvet

This type of velvet is not smooth.

These are textured fabrics.

Visually they are made up of more or less large lines called "rays" or "ribs".

They can give, depending on the composition of the weaving, a more or less rough touch even if, most of the time, when you caress the fabric in the direction of the hair😊 , the touch is soft!

These are tissues generally hot, that we favor for winter and very solid ; Which makes it perfect allies to sew jackets, of the pants or some accessories !

It is also a material to favor for theis children's clothes.

Among the ribbed velvet, there are also milleraie velvet or 500 rays depending on the number and finesse of the coasts.

Do not hesitate to consult Our velvet section to inspire you.

These are fabrics from dormant stocks.

We do not produce any fabric at My little coupon !

We put on the fabric market from dormant stocks of fashion houses.

And you transform them into clothing and accessories thanks to your sewing know-how.

You do and the upcycling.

If you want to know more about our concept, We give you an appointment in this site section !


How to sew the velvet fabric?

Velvet is a delicate fabric to sew.

You have to take care of it and take into account certain parameters.

Caress the velvet in the direction of the hair

The first concerns the meaning of "hair".

When you stroke a velvet with your hand you will feel in which direction the hair goes.

It is imperative to cut all your pieces of fabric in the same direction, that is to say in the direction of the hair and not to "rebrousse-point".

Velvet hair must be oriented in the same direction Because with the reflections, the light will not be in the same way on your different pieces of fabric.

And it shows!

I have already forgotten and sew a hair with a hair row on a chasuble dress.

Result ? We only see that! ^^

So, take your time well at the cut and everything will be fine.

In fact, depending on the model you want to sew in your velvet, A 3 -meter coupon may allow you to properly place all your pieces in the same direction without having too much to play the famous Tetris.


The tortures

Another element to take into account when you sew velvet: the fabric makes a lot of cutting stuffed animals!

You are going to have them everywhere: on the cutting table, on the ground, on your clothes ... but also in your sewing machines and overjection (and also washing machine).

Be sure to clean your sewing machines after sewing your project.


The essays

As I told you about it previously, velvet can have various, natural compositions and fibers, as artificial or even synthetic.

Before you get into a sewing project, look at the composition of your fabric.

A velvet of Baumwolle will not have the same outfit as a silk velvet or even polyester.

If you can't stand wear polyester, check that your velvet does not contain it.

For the seam of your coupons, you will also have to check whether your velvet is made of mesh or chain and frame.

If it is made of mesh, you can sew projects that require comfort and elasticity.


15 Ideas for sewing velvet sewing

Depending on your couture project you are not going to opt for the same velvet.

We give you here 15 couture inspirations with recommendations on the type of velvet to favor.

This list is not exhaustive of course.

Velvet can be ideal for sewing furnishings such as armchairs, poufs, chairs, sofas ...

But in this article, we focused on Inspirations Couture Clothes and Accessories.


1. The Mood Fiber Kamille dress in velvet jersey



This is a dress very easy to make.

You can sew it in viscose jersey or jersey of Baumwolle (not too heavy) or even in velvet jersey.

In velvet jersey, it will be a perfect evening dress, as elegant as it is easy and quick to sew!

The boss can be found here.


2. The Catherine Dress Catherine by Make My Lemonade in ribbed velvet

For your chasuble dresses, overalls dresses, Milleraie velvet, 500 rays or large ribs is absolutely perfect.

He has the perfect outfit for this type of project and that will give him a look that is both retro and current.

To find the boss, it's here. 


3. Jade de Cha'Coud pants in ribbed velvet

Ribbed velvet is also an ideal fabric for sewing projects such as pants.

You can imagine straight cut pants such as jade pants or flare cutting pants or high -waisted pants like the Deer and doe narcissus.

Find the jade pants of Cha ’Coud in the patterns of our site, here.


4. The Elsa de Cha'Coud jacket

All jeans type jackets will be perfect for sewing ribbed velvet.

 We offer you as inspiration the very pretty ESLA jacket of Cha’Coud


5. The fawn house Manhattan jacket


A blazer jacket, with a working girl style that you can sew in velvet.

The boss can be found here.


6. The Reversible Bob My little coupon 

This is a free boss that you can find in the free owner section of our site.

Perfect boss to reuse your fabric falls!

In velvet, he will have a very nice style!

If you are looking for sewing ideas to reuse your fabric falls, do not hesitate To consult this site section.


7. The cha 'aliyah skirt

Pattern that you can sew in a velvet, in woolen, in gabardine, in denim Also.

In ribbed velvet, this will amplify its retro style.

To be found in the pattern section of our site.


8. The pattern of the Simone bag of name of a seam 

The ribbed velvet being a robust material, it is a wise choice to sew your accessories.

And this boss of Virginie alias name a seam is perfect for that!

You can find his boss in the patterns section of our site.


9. The Sun bag of name of a seam 


With your velvet falls, have fun and create a pretty round bag that will be as pretty as it is solid.

The boss can be found in the site heads of the site.


10. Bosses for children 

The ribbed velvet being a really solid and resistant material (if it is of good quality of course), is ideal for sewing children's clothes!

We recommend the brand Marmaï Patterns that you can also find In the site's patterns section.


11. The Deer & Doe storm dress in a velvet jersey 

This is a jersey sewing dress absolutely with at least 60% elasticity depending on the brand.

You can find the boss here.


12. Bombers the irresistible of BG

A jacket which, in reality, can be sewn in different fabrics. But the ribbed velvet lends itself really well!

Besides, Milleraies velvet, 500 rays or ribs is a material that matches very well with the male wardrobe!

In jacket, surgery pants ...

The choices are endless!

The boss can be found here 


13. The Stella cap of small boss 

And why not sew a cap yourself?

For the whole family, for men, woman, child.

The little boss's boss is ideal for this.


14. The fawn house mia dress in silk velvet

It is a full dress, which can also be declined in a blouse, with a more or less open back.

The fall of silk velvet suits him well.

As the pattern really requires little cut and a fairly simple sleeve cuffs, it can be sewn in silk velvet quite easily and immediately have its effect!

The boss can be found here


15. The ribbed velvet banana 

There are lots of banana patterns and these are really nice sewing projects for sewing the ends of your fabric coupons.

Here it is about Mood fiber banana, which is a free pattern sewn in one of our rubbish velvet from fashion houses.

The label "Do you have a pistachio task?" »Comes from Marmaï.


Sewing velvet fabrics, the word of the end 😊

We hope that this article will help you imagine a multitude of velvet sewing projects.

If you are looking for velvet to upcycler, visit our velvet section; Because all the fabrics present on our site are ready to be upcycled.

They come from end of stocks of seam and we put them back on the market for your sewing projects.

Sewing a velvet is good but sewing quality velvet without breaking the bank, it's even better not😊

Do not hesitate to share your velvet creations with us My little coupon With the #Mylittle Coupon

Good seam and see you soon for a next article.


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17 March, 2023



Regarde les astuces très utiles pour coudre le velours en ligne- comme utiliser de la col (fixative non permanente) pour coller le deux parties ensemble avant couture. La colle disparaître complètement quand les morceaux sont séparés. Ça change tout!

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