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Do you want to sew a coat, a jacket or a hot garment? Discover our selections woolen sheet coupons, various huts and woolens! These are quality fabrics, from the end of collections of European fashion houses. As an agents of
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Do you want to sew a coat, a jacket or a hot garment?

Discover our selections woolen sheet coupons, various huts and woolens!

These are quality fabrics, from the end of collections of European fashion houses.

As an agents of Textile upcycling, we find for you the prettiest nuggets of dormant stocks of sewing workshops so that you can revalue them at home!

Thanks to your sewing skills, whether you are a couturier / amateur or pro seamstress, you will be able to give a new life and a new breath to these beautiful woolles.

Thus, together, we participate in a virtuous and circular approach of a more responsible seam And more qualitative of our clothes and accessories.

If you want to know more about our values ​​and on The My Little Coupon concept, we invite you to read This dedicated section of the site.


What is woolen woolen or woolen velvet?

What is woolen?

It is Hot and generally heavy fabrics which will allow you to sew winter clothes to keep you warm all winter!

Woolbooks are not necessarily composed of 100% wool but, by definition, a woolen is a fabric that contains wool.

The most generally, it is sheep wool.

But according to the coupon, you will sometimes have more details, depending on the animal where wool comes.

Also, some woolens will be made up of Mohair, of Merino, of Cashmere

By extension, we also call "woolens" of the tissues made up of synthetic fibers which imitate the aspects and qualities of wool.

There are many synthetic woolens that are also sustainable and qualitative materials.

You will be able to find different types of compositions among our fabric selections.

Your choice will depend on the type of project you have in mind.

Depending on the stocks unearthed, we will be able to offer you more or less colorful woolens (lilac, yellow, oranges ...) but also Completely classic woolens : black woolen sheets, gray, navy blue.

There are sometimes also patterned woolles, like the tiles, which will be the support for completely elegant sewing creations.

The huts Wool are generally stiff and heavy tissues: they are favored for coats that require a beautiful structure, a strong outfit.


What to sew with our woolles?


As mentioned earlier, wool is particularly suitable for your projects sewing coats and jackets for the winter.

You can also sew tailors for lady in beautiful woolles.

It is the grammage of the fabric that will help you determine the best suitable sewing project:

-          To sew A hot coat, opt for a wool that weighs around 500 gr/ ml

-          To sew A semi-heavy coat, halfway with the jacket, opt for a woolen coupon whose grammage is between 250gr/ml and 500 gr/ml

-          If you want to sew A wool jacket, choose a wool of about 250gr/ ml

-          For a woolen pants or a tailor -type skirt, choose a wool of about 150gr/ml (a woolen drapery)

These are only indicative grammages to help you make your choice among our woolens but if you have already sewn coats and jackets, you can trust yourself and let yourself be guided by your creativity!

To sew well finished jackets and coats, we also have A selection of liners from fashion houses, that you can find here.

You will have a very sewing hand -sewn room!

To fill up with inspiration with our woolens, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article which will provide you with more Advice and ideas of sewing patterns in wool sheets.

We also have A selection of sewing patterns From creators to help you compose your perfect boss/fabric association.


How to sew a woolen sheet?

Wool and woolen sheets are rather heavy and rigid fabrics.

The main difficulty for cutting them and sewing lies in the thickness of the fabric.

Do not hesitate to use large thicknesses, jeans needles style and tests sample tests to the sewing machine to adjust the point length.

If you have teflon and/or double training feet, this can help you sew your coupon more pleasantly.

Washing level, favor dry washing and for iron, always use a Tattemouille (never put the iron directly in contact with your wool, especially when this wool is composed of wool).

For more inspirations and sewing advice, do not hesitate to consult Our Instagram page On which we share the inspirations of the Couture community.

And share your creations in our coupons!

We love to discover them!

Good seam!