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You want to sew A quality silk twill ? Do you have a sewing project for which you would like to sew silk? Do you know the concept of our coupons? At My Little Coupon, each reference offered on the
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You want to sew A quality silk twill ?

Do you have a sewing project for which you would like to sew silk?

Do you know the concept of our coupons?

At My Little Coupon, each reference offered on the site is a fabric from the ends of collections of haute couture houses French, Italian, European ...

We do not launch any fabric production but put on the market beautiful fabrics from dormant stocks.

We select them for you and you give them a new life thanks to your creativity and your Couture know-how.

In fact, we participate together to convey this message of a more responsible fashion, a more committed and environmentally friendly seam.

You are sensitive to the process oftextile upcycling ? Do not hesitate to read This site section To find out more about the concept And on our values!

What is silk twill?

Twills are tissues recognizable by their armor composed of oblique scratches.

We find this type of oblique stripes on cotton signs, gabardines, jeans in particular.

Regarding silk twills, these are fabrics Flexible, silky and textured of their diagonal lines.

If they have shine, they are generally less brilliant than Silk satins.

The colors are more vivid on the place than on the back of silk twills.

These fabrics bring Brightness to your creations.

What to sew with a silk twill coupon?

As with silk satins, silk twills are particularly suitable for sewing Elegant, luxurious, ceremonial clothing and accessories.

You can imagine a multitude of sewing projects with a silk twill.

Here are some couture ideas:

-          Papillon ties and nodes (the silk twill is the material par excellence for luxury ties)

-          Silk squares and scarves

-          Hair accessories

-          Dresses and blouses

-          Costume liners

-          Skirts


Silk Twill is a flexible fabric but with less fluidity than silk satin.

If you want to sew silk accessories, the silk twill will be better suited than satin.

But you can sew silk twill clothes.

How to sew the silk twill?

To sew the silk twill, it will be necessary to take above all into account the characteristics and parameters of the silk.

It is therefore a precious fabric, particularly delicate to work.

With care and patience, it's fully feasible, rest assured!

At first, you will have to wash your Twill by hand.

The bristles do not support the washing machine washing cycles very well.

You absolutely should not go to the dryer.

To wash your silk Twill, use lukewarm water and suitable laundry to wash it by hand. Busy your silk carefully using a sponge towel.

For ironing, avoid putting your iron in direct contact with the fabric.

Favor the use of femakers and always do tests on fabric samples.

For cutting the fabric, put your coupon flat and use maximum weight.

The bristles are slippery and fleeting and in fact, delicate enough for the cutting part.

Stabilize your fabric well and do not cut the different parts of your sewing pattern with a fold.

This will allow you to make a fairer cut, even if the steps will be longer.

At the sewing machine, do adjustment tests on your fabric falls.

Preferably use fine needles, microtex type.

The best, for this type of delicate fabrics is to take a completely new needle.

Even if you have a needle that has served you very little before, keep it for another project.

Well -sharpened scissors and a microtex type sewing machine will help you carry out a better finished project.

Likewise, you can also opt for a silk sewing machine wire (but it is not compulsory).

Favor finishes such as English seams for the assembly of your parts.

This will also allow you to do without overjection.

If you are looking for inspiration or sewing advice, do not hesitate to consult regularly Our blog page.

Have you finished your silk twill lift?

Do you want to share it with us?

Do not hesitate to post a photo or video of your creation on social networks!

To do this, use the #Mylittlecoupon and identify us.

We are always very happy to discover your couples and upcycling couture!

Good seam!