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Summer is here, the time to bring out your most beautiful summer cousettes! And why not add a little touch to your hair? Does the scarf trend in your hair speak to you? We love it! This is why we offer you a tutorial to make your beautiful scarf, as well as small ideas for wearing it. To make this tutorial, you will not need a lot of material. EQUIPMENT : .  16 X 130 cm  fall  of fabrics (you can always modify the width and the length of the rectangle according to your wishes, if you want it to be more or less wide, more or less long).  The measurements that I am proposing to you here are to have the...

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Live Le Bazard d'Anne Charlotte x My Little Coupon by Anne Charlotte

Written by Anne Charlotte @lebazardannecharlotte New skirt, new news, it was well worth a blog post, right? A little advice: stay until the end! I have a nice surprise for you at the end of the article!   Solicitations, mails of requests for partnership couture or others, I receive them every week…! That's great, my small business grows and I spend a lot of time there.   Time to exchange, to respond systematically to every request, every message here or elsewhere, I try to be responsive every time. Even the most wacky requests I answer, I find that very important. As much as I love when someone answers me.  There are those with whom I interact by phone, Instagram or just...

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This Sunday March 7 we celebrate the grandmothers day 🥳 and we wanted to write them these few words ✍️   Dear grandmothers, You are our inexhaustible source of tenderness, those who know better than anyone what is good for us before everyone else. You know how to put things in shape, when it's you who say it we can only agree, and when you talk to us, we are the first winners. Rare are the enriching conversations like those of our grandmothers, rare are the tender moments like those that you offer us. In the midst of the frantic rush of our daily lives, we can sometimes seem, wrongly, distant but know that we never find greater comfort than...

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Want to match your darling with your last cousette? Here is a quick and easy little tutorial to use your offcuts and be connected right into your hair! To make this tutorial, you will not need a lot of material. Equipment : . 40 X 14 cm  fall  of fabrics (you can always change the width of the rectangle (14cm) according to your wishes, if you want it to be more or less wide). . 26cm of elastic . ruler, scissors, sewing kit   STEP 1 :  Cut a 40X14cm rectangle.   2ND STEP :  Fold the rectangle edge to edge lengthwise, then we will sew over the entire length at 1cm from the edge, leaving 5cm on each side to be...

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