You have ordered a 3 -meter fabric coupon and you have tissue fall ?

If you do a lot of sewing, then you have probably accumulated several tissue falls, which you keep " for later ".

But the good idea of recycling for your falls tissue did not come to you yet.

Suddenly, the battery is growing and you feel guilty ...?

Do not panic !

Here are 10 ideas to use the latest centimeters of your 3 -meter coupons!

All you have to do is open the tissue fall closet and it will be gone for a textile sewing and recycling session!


10 sewing ideas to recycle your fabric falls

1. Sew a scrunch or darling in your fabric falls

tutorial fabric falls


With your little fabric falls, you can sew a darling or scrunchy.

Favor the falls of your fluid and fine fabrics for this.

For example, the darling will be perfect in the last centimeters of your poplins of Baumwolle or even in the last centimeters of Your pancakes towards Satins For a more chic and sophisticated effect.

It also works with our bristles or even Our viscoses from dormant stocks.

If you have enough falls, you can also opt for a Foulchie.

To do this, you can leave Our tutorial in order to make the darling.

Then you can cut a second rectangle of fabric, with the same dimensions as the Foulchie, which you will come to tie on scrunchy.

This will add a nice knot in your hair.

It is also a sewing idea that you can offer on any occasion to revalue your falls!


2. Sew a bob to recycle your fabric falls

Have you ever sewn a bob?

It’s an easy and quick couture idea that will allow you to upgrade your fabric falls!

Indeed, to make it, you will only need 50 cm!

So if you are wondering: What to do with 50cm of fabrics? The bob is a perfect idea!

Especially since we have prepared you a free and very easy and very easy couture tutorial that you can find just here !

Perfect for recycling your falls denim, of gabardine, of woolen, of jacquard

You can do it in two different tissue falls to make it reversible, or even in a single fabric.

If you opt for 2 different fabrics, then you will only need 25 cm of fabric of each.

This second option is perfect for smaller fabric falls (if you have less than 50cm of fabric).


3. Sew a scarf for the hair

If you have a sufficient strip of fabric, you can make this free couture boss of scarves in your hair.

To download this free tutorial, it's this way.

This boss allows you to create a scarf in multi -positionable hair: to wear to hide the elastic, in duvet, in a bun, in headband ...

It's up to you !

This small ultra fast and easy sewing project will allow you to recycle your falls sails, of muslin, of viscose, of silk, of crepes

Choose preferably tissue fließend which will allow you to tie the scarf more elegantly.

You will need a strip of 16 cm x the laize of fabric (minimum 130 cm).

You can, for example, sew the scarf in the fabric falls you used to sew a dress, a skirt or a blouse.

This will completely connect your outfit to your hairstyle.


4. Sew a reversible top for summer


In the last centimeters of your 3 -meter coupons, why not consider a fast and pleasant sewing project in summer?

This will even allow you to make a hand sewn!

Indeed, if you have sewn a skirt, for example, you can easily use the falls to sew this reversible top.

We prepared A free tutorial step by step So that you can make it at home!

This free tutorial is to be found just here !

In order to sew this reversible top in your fabric falls, you will need 40x120 cm x2.

You can use less than 50cm of your fabric falls!

Favor light weight fabrics to sew this tutorial and mix your falls to envy!


5. Sewing children's clothes

Have you used your 3 -meter coupon to sew an outfit for you?

What if you were also sewing a little outfit for your children?

This would create an absolutely adorable matchy-match look!

Children's clothing has this advantage of being very economical in fabrics.

Here, we present the pattern of the brand's reversible TOP of the brand Marmaï Patterns.

You can find this boss here.

It ranks from 4 to 12 years old and will allow you to use your last centimeters of fabrics.

Indeed, the largest size, the 12 year old, requires only 75cm of fabric while for the smallest size, the 4 years, you will only need 45cm of fabric.

A sewing project in less than 1m of fabric, even in less than 50cm!

There is no longer any reason to leave your fabric falls aside!

If you like children's sewing projects, Find our selection right here !


6. Sew the top zora of Cha’Coud


Some clothing patterns really require few fabrics.


Especially when it comes to sewing models for the summer.

In suggestion of sewing patterns in 1 meter of fabric approximately and therefore, in the remains of your coupons of 3 meters, we suggest you The boss of the Zora Blouse of the Cha’Coud brand.

It is a very economical fabric pattern, which ranks from 34 to 54.

He has pretty robbed sleeves, which you can make in lace, in Baumwolle embroidered, in poplin of Baumwolle !

Have fun with your fabric falls!

The brand offers other bosses that you can find in this section.

Tops of tops Mona and Josten will also be perfect for using the latest centimeters of Your 3 -meter coupons !


7. Sew the EMA shorts of Cha ’Coud in your fabric falls

Sewing shorts is a very good way to use your fabric falls ... Summer and winter!

Indeed, depending on the material you will use, you can wear your shorts summer and winter!

Shots of shorts generally use very little material and it is easy to slide the pieces to be cut, in Tetris mode, in the last centimeters of your coupons.

We suggest here the boss of the Cha Éma shorts of the Cha ’Coud brand that you can find here in more detail.


This shorts can be sewn in several different materials.


Sew it for example in falls of Denim, to wear in the spring, or in falls of gabardine, of jacquard…


Opt for a fabric that has a little outfit and upgrade your fabric falls!


This shorts are perfect, for example, sewing in the falls of a jacket!


This will allow you to sew a very sewing!


8. Sew a removable collar to customize your sweaters thanks to your fabric falls


If you like passes, here is a boss who offers you in one pattern several possibilities of sewing passes!

This is an idea of ​​the designer and blogger sewing Virginie de Name of a seam .

There are several levels of difficulty in sewing the names of a seam.

Find the boss here

As you wish, you can sew them in united fabric falls, flowers of flowery fabrics, patterns or embroidered fabrics.

It's up to you to please yourself.

If you are not yet very comfortable in seam, choose Popeline falls Baumwolle To exercise you.

And if you start sewing, you can also find our tips for choosing your fabrics in this dedicated article.


9. Sew a little bag in your fabric falls


Still at the name of a seam, here is an idea to reuse your latest fabric films!

It is a round bag pattern, with multiple versions, that You can find right here.

This pattern will allow you to sew less than 50cm and mix several fabric falls, depending on the version chosen, to create a patchwork effect.

Favor tissues with outfit, such as some cotonnades, gabardines, signs, denims ...

To make this model, you will also need thermocollant and of lining.


10. Sew Patchwork projects!

The ancestral method to reuse your fabric falls but also to practice textile recycling and revalue our damaged clothes: patchwork!

There are several tutorials on YouTube to support you and help you carry out your first patchworks projects.

There is no need to make plaids or traditional patchwork coverage to start, because it is a very long sewing project and you might be discouraged.

You can start little ones, like, for example, by sewing a nice totebag in patchwork!

Have fun with your fabric falls!


Our advice to help you recycle your fabrics better

We hope that these 10 ideas to upgrade your fabric falls will inspire you with beautiful creations and allow you to no longer put them aside.

If you are sensitive to zero waste and more responsible sewing, here are some tips and ideas that could please you!


How to optimize a 3 -meter coupon to produce as few falls as possible?

We wrote an article on the subject to allow you to choose sewing patterns that will encompass all of your 3 -meter coupon.

These couture ideas will help you make fewer tissue falls and better think about your sewing projects to reduce textile waste.

To read the article and see all our couture inspirations, it's this way.


Challenge yourself with our box of surprise fabrics

As you may know, at My little coupon, we are keen to recycle the fabrics and revalue to the last centimeter of fabric!

All the fabrics we put for sale come from end of stock of sewing houses.

This is called dormant stocks.

Instead of being destroyed by the fashion industry, we decided to buy these fabrics in order to put them back on the market and allow you to upcycler.

We sell them in 3 -meter coupons.

But it happens in to have smaller coupons and we want to allow you to upgrade our rollers.

This is why we decided to offer you A box of surprise fabrics !

This box is per kilo.

You can buy the 1kg, 2kg or 5kg box (with the shipping costs included).

Thus, you will give a new life to these fabrics while letting yourself be surprised!

Thank you for helping us revalue every centimeter of fabric and follow us in this beautiful adventure!


Follow our advice for a more responsible seam and a better choice of fabrics


We wrote an article to support you in your Slow Couture and more responsible sewing approach.

As an extension of sewing ideas with your fabric falls, We think this article may interest you !


Recycle your fabric falls! The final word

We hope you liked this article and will inspire several textile recyclages!

If you want to follow more closely:

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  • The approach of a more responsible seam
  • Textile upcycling ideas
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In the meantime, we wish you a good seam!

Do not hesitate to share your sewing ideas with your fabric falls in comment!


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