Above all, can you introduce yourself, where do you come from, what are you doing in life?

My name is Margot , I am 21 years old and in life I am in general engineering school in Toulouse! I am passionate of sewing and of trips

How long have you been sewing? Where does this passion for sewing come from?

Soon 13 years ! It seems a lot at 21, but I really took the seam at my 18th birthday, and since then I am progress. What is great is to get to the stadium of what I call theinvincibility : be able to create everything you find inspiring, pretty, fashionable, practical, tailor -made and without difficulty in finding the resources. ; Creativity is all the more deployed!

My passion For sewing started when I and my best childhood friend were literally hyperactive Ahah, until the day his mother put us in front of UNE... Since then has become My therapy and my rest.

You are very active on Tiktok, how did you start on this platform?

I have always loved Lphotos and videos. My Instagram account represents for me a concentrate of my archives and my memories. I really started 2 years ago, but it's been less than a year since I "perforated”. Honestly, it happened overnight, when I sewed My gala dress And since that motivated me to continue. I like to spread the message of "As long as it is assumed everything begins''. I have always been told that I had a very style original And personally I always loved my different styles, so I like the to show and the to share, and assume my creativity.


Team The fabric does the project or team The project makes the fabric?

Ahhhhh the two ! Either I happen to meimagine a garment and do everything to find the perfect fabric (of recovery : my passion is to find projects fromimprobable objects like curtains or tablecloths). Or sometimes, it's the opposite. I see the object or the new fabric, and I imagine how it transform

What rate do you sell?

Very often, since September I had a little more difficulty with all the projects alongside my studies, but it will resume quickly ! In reality, as soon as I can, often at night But I will say A project per week approximately.

Do you prefer the upcycling of old clothes or go directly from a fabric?

I love'upcycling. Any used fabric has a story, a experience. And I think it's a added value to a sewing creation. The very principle of transform a textile that everyone wants to rid, which is considered to be "no value" and always lower cost see free is so satisfactory. We realize that in addition to having all this approach ecological and ethical, we make hearts that have a real story. The most beautiful is the astonishment of people When they are told “this was a curtain”. They struggle to believe it, it’s like we had practiced magic.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start sewing?

If there is hesitation then you have to go for it. Whatever happens, it is a practical and useful activity every day and around us. It's not Not complicated to learn, you just need tocoaching and be applied. At first, we can even start with The means at hand, a machine found or not too expensive, it is not useful to invest a lot from the beginning, unless we have the means. Look at Tutorials/Videos But also do not hesitate to find a coudpine (that forges motivation!)

What is your first sewing creation?

My very first sewing creation (at my 8 years) was a toiletry ! But if not since I really resumed, we can say that it is a set tweed Cyan and silver blue (shoot soon visible on My Instagram)

The one you are most proud of?

I think it is My Upcyclé lingerie ensemble. I'm just a fan. This is one of my first true creations at Perfect finishes, where all forms go perfectly with me And with which I did not feel No difficulty in sewing. Lingerie is complicated. And in this one, I feel super well and really development, I found it sexy and refined. Then to say that before, the kimono was a Curtain found on vinted And lace was hidden in the depths of the cupboards for years ... it's magic. 

Find my tiktok right here for my lingerie set.

What is your next Couture project?

I am the kind of person who chain and bunk my projects. So I'm not going to lie, I have it enormously In progress ... But the main one who arrives and with which I am super impatient is my dress for the night I AM, the gala of my school! It must be finished in 1 month and a half, I just bought what I needed :)

What do you think of the concept of My Little Coupon ? 

I adore ! I am one of these seamstresses who no longer make the stores, and who have never had this taste for luxury. So give itaccess to the same types of fabrics, eco -friendly since they had to be thrown, I find the concept great. In addition, it allows us to create a garment "personalized”, tailored and with a superior quality !

Would you one day want to sew your job?

This is The question. It is sincerely one of My biggest childhood dreams, but I never dared. There's the fear to become disgusted of my passion, but also the fact that I never felt myself belonging to The fashion industry. I absolutely don't know it in luxury, great creators and even in sewing vocabulary Classic to be honest. But it stays in A corner of my head, I would love to open a little sewing workshop in which I sew exclusive dresses and ethical, with a small passionate team... but for the moment the most accessible for me it is the investment I put in the social networks And currently this is what fills me and corresponds the most.

The final word ?

In sewing, there is No limit to creativity. You have to let your desire, especially when it is so easy to learn thanks to social networks !

Today the sewing became More than a passion For me, it is a need. I like it a lot in the sewing but also to the to share on networks. Upcycling brought me a lot and I am more than happy to become ambassador of a brand that corresponds to my values ​​and my convictions. Thanks My Little Coupon

28 December, 2022

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