Here is a couture tutorial to make upcycling with your fabric falls!

It is rare not to have falls after a Couture project. We often have them to avoid them discard But we don't always find what to do with these Small pieces of fabric. In this situation the patchwork cover is just perfect to use your falls While facing winter.

To sew a patchwork cover you will need :

  • At least 2 different fabrics But you can use dozens of fabrics if you want it!
  • Roller cotton wool (if you only have falls it is not a problem)
  • A soft/hot material (old plaid, fleece, etc.)

 The stages of this tutorial Upcycling of Falls:

Cut a template In cardboard in 18cm x 18cm

Using this template, cut your tissue. The more squares you have, the larger your coverage.

Have fun forming your cover. Find it combination what makes you glad. You could even make a fabric colors gradient ! Personally, I chose to make a checkerboard.

Before the next step I advise you to pin your squares lengthwise.


Now we are going sew! Start sewing the squares one by one lengthwise to form bands. The seam values ​​are 1cm.

Once your bands are sewn, you will also assemble them together on their widths. Be meticulous on your fittings 😉


And There you go ! We already get The basis of our coverage, if she ever seems too small to you, don't hesitate To add a strip or two to the sides.

Place your blanket on a flat surface and position your wadding above and cut all around. Do the same for the hot fabric that you have chosen, for me it is An old plaid.

If you have falls, it's time to make a Ourate puzzle!

-> Small advice to those who are in this situation: Don't sew your wadding falls machine. This risk ofsag. It is best to cut your pieces edges and of them assemble. Certainly it's longer but the result is great!


Once your wadding layer is in the right size, you will assemble everything with A point of hand Around your cover. This step will facilitate the following assembly.


We are almost there !

You will be able to assemble your Hot fabric at your blanket. To do this, place your materials counter place and sew at 1 cm leaving a good opening for Return your work.

Return your cover and Get out the angles. Close the opening you left with one point by hand.


Last step !

Overflow The edge of your blanket. At least 4 cm, otherwise sew in The groove of the assembly of your squares.

And There you go ! You have Superb Patchwork Upcyclé cover.


Sew a patchwork cover to make upcycling with your fabric falls, the word of the end :)

Find the video tutorial on our Instagram by clicking here.

Personally it allowed me to get out of several coupons, to use My leftover cottages and of bring up to date a plaid which no longer served me. In addition to that, my whole family loved him And I did it again! It’s really super simple to do and It empties my workshop.


And you validate Upcycling coverage?

If you don't know what to do with your fabric falls, also find Several ideas in this blog article

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11 January, 2023

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