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Let's start with an ultra -simple riddle: what does an addict to sewing in the middle of winter?😊

HAS sew a coat Of course !

It’s even sometimes The Challenge Couture Let yourself be fixed: sew a coat in a beautiful quality fabric, in order to keep it in your wardrobe for many years.

And what pride when you sewn a piece such as a coat!

Who has already sewn his own coat here to confirm?😊

Of course, there are more or less complicated sewing patterns for sewing a coat, which you can choose according to your level.

But ... whether you are a beginner or confirmed in sewing, systematically ask the questions: What woolen will I choose to sew a coat? How to choose my woolen sheet?

 And by the way, What is a wool sheet?

Personally, I always take my time to choose the right wool for my coats or jacket projects.

I know this is a sewing project for which I will invest a lot of time and energy: as much do not miss from the stage of the choice of fabric!

I am Sarah, Couture blog to do very soft And today I offer you An article of inspiration for couture on wool, wool sheets and core patterns to sew for winter !

But before offering you my 23 ideas for sewing patterns for winter, let's make a small material focus on the different types of wool in order to help you choose the right fabric for the right project!

Of course, if you are already comfortable with the material, I invite you to go directly to the Couture inspiration!😊

Woolles & woolen sheets: what are we talking about?

sew a woolen

Without wanting to play words, I am not an expert in the matter😊.

But, I have been sewing for several years and I order most of my online fabrics.

 In fact, I wanted to find out about the different categories of fabric, their properties, their weights ...

This allows me to avoid unpleasant surprises at the reception of a fabric!

It seems important to me to Know how to read the descriptions and fabric product sheets well.

And like you no doubt, in winter, I am looking for the hot wool for a couplette completely adapted to the season!

If you want to deepen your knowledge on the subject, JHe invites you to read the Artesane article which explains very well the different subjects that can be found in the "Wool" section: Wool fabrics and woolens, how to choose them? 


What is woolen?

Couture fabric woolen

Wool is simply A fabric that contains wool!

The fabric can be 100% wool or in mixed wool.

By extension, we will also call wooling of the tissues in synthetic fibers which will imitate the characteristics of a wool.

 For woolles in 100% wool or mixed wool, on will find different types of wool, depending on the animal where wool comes.

Indeed, when we talk about wool composition, it is the sheep. This is the most common composition.

But you will also be able to find woolens in Mohair (Angora goat), cashmere, merinos ...

I invite you to read the Artesane article Of which I told you above if you want to know in more detail the properties of these different types of wool.


What is a wool sheet?

Couture woolen

For simplicity, A woolen sheet is a heavyweight wool: 500gr/ml !

The wool sheet is therefore ideal for sewing a very hot coat.

Therefore, when you look for a fabric to sew a coat, look at the weight indicated in the description sheet.

Most patterns give you an indication of the weight of the fabric to choose to sew the model in question.

Depending on the coat model that you want to sew, you will want more or less flexible wool.

For a steepening and heavy aspect, preferably chosen a caban of wool.


What woolen weight to choose according to your sewing project?

 Lighting drapery


There is no fixed rule or exact science to choose your fabric. We refine our choices over time, over our progress in sewing.

But, for each project, You can refer to the indications provided on the sewing pattern, or ask questions to the creator if you need details.

If you want to sew a hot coat, choose a woolen sheet, a fabric that weighs around 500 grams per ml.

For a jacket, choose a wool that weighs approximately 250 grams per ml. If you want to sew a jacket halfway between the jacket and the coat chosen one weight between 250gr/ml and 500gr/ml.

If you want to sew a jacket or pants or a type skirt tailor, table rather on a 150gr/ml wool. It will therefore be a woolen drapery.


23 Ideas for sewing patterns in woolles & woolen sheets:

In this article, I will therefore give you Several inspirations to sew with weight woolens ranging from 250gr/ml to 500gr/ml.

We are going to focus on the heaviest materials to sew cores or capes!

This is of course a non -exhaustive list, which brings together several cups and several brands in order to be inspired! A sewing idea by often calling another😊

(Be careful all the same: you quickly become addicts to seam !!)


Wools & woolen sheets, ideas for coats:

The gentleman coat by the brand Les BG

Men's couture couture pattern

You can find the bg boss here 

The BG patterns offer men's sewing patterns!

Among their collection of male sewing patterns, you will find the Le Gentleman model. This is a man's coat that you can decline in a long or short version.

A wool sheet will be perfect for sewing this model. You can also opt more specifically for a woolen velvet or a tweed of wool.

The pattern is offered in pouch or pdf format and grade from XS to XXL


The Fauve House Pam Coat

Fauve house gam coat

If you are passionate about sewing, you have probably heard of the brand of fawn homemade patterns!

Here is one of their patterns: The Pam Coat.

It is a wide cut and low -flash coat, with a shawl collar and large pockets!

A coat that is both elegant and cocooning that you will be able to decline in 2 lengths.

The brand's fabric recommendation: Choose flexible woolen (avoids type woolles caban or stiff) in order to enhance the shawl collar without hitting the low shoulders. Weight of the recommended fabric 300 to 550 g/m2.

The grade boss from 34 to 52 and is available in pouch format.


The Ray coat of Fauve house

Patron of the Ray coat

Always at Maison Fauve, Here is the boss of the Ray coat.

It is a classic cut, timeless coat with lowered buttoning, martingale in the back, packed or piping pockets with flap, an adjusted cut and a nice fold on the sleeve.

The grade boss from 34 to 56 and is available in PDF or pouch.


The Merlin coat of I am patterns

Matnteau boss I am merlin

At I am patterns, I could also have included the pattern of the Artemis mantle that you can find here . It is a modular boss jacket or coat with lining and mixed option. You can sew Artemis in very long, medium or short version.

Always at I am patterns, here is the model of Sewing coat I am merlin !

The Merlin coat is a winter coat that can accommodate a comfortable sweater! It has a very long tailor collar and is low (at the level of the small hips). The pattern has pipple -up pockets and includes a lining. 

To sew this coat, the brand recommends you to choose a fabric that stands well, a wool sheet, a boiled wool ... and why not a caban ?

The boss ranks 34 to 52 in PDF and from 34 to 46 in a clutch.


The Léonard de République coat of the cloth

Winitage sewing sewing pattern

It is a coat that I have already sewn, in a woolen My little coupon Lilac colors. You can find him here.

This is’A long coat sewing pattern and the oversize cup. (If you don't want it to go too wide, you can cut a size below). The sleeves are wide and it's very practical to put a large sweater below.

The pattern is classified level 4/4: there is a tailor -collar assembly.

The boss ranks from 34 to 46 and is available in PDF.


The Ernest Coat of the Republic of the cloth

Couture pattern coat woolen

The Republic of the Chiffon Patron brand offers you several models of coats and jackets! I have selected 3 from its collection which have marked and different cuts.

I really like Ernest's cup that I find a bit retro.

He is a structured coat boss, "swinging london" spirit, how the brand would say. The pattern has a nice Claudine pass with an original cut and piping pockets in the seam.

You can make it a winter coat and in this case choose a beautiful wool or woolen sheet or make it a mid-season jacket in gabardine for example. If you want Having inspirations or advice for sewing Gabardine, here is a dedicated article

The grade boss from 34 to 46 and is available in PDF


The Raymond coat of the Republic of the cloth

Raymond Republic of the cloth

The Raymond coat of the Republic of the cloth is one of the first coats that I sewn ... and I lost it in a moving box a few years ago! I really liked his cut. It was very comfortable to wear!

This coat sewing pattern has an oversized "Doudou option" cut as the brand specifies. It is very cocooning, has pretty raglan sleeves and large pockets!

The grade boss from 34 to 46 and is available in PDF.


The Maxence Coat by Cadia whims

Maxence sewing pattern - Les Lubies de Cadia

The Maxence boss is available in coat or jacket.

Whether you want to sew the jacket or coat, you can choose a wool. It is the weight of your wool that will determine if you want to make it a coat or a jacket.

But you can also sew Maxence in Gabardine or Denim (Seeing ideas is inspirations for sewing denim just here).

The coat has an oversized cut with flywheels and maxi pockets.

It is completely doubled.

The grade boss from 34 to 52 in PDF version and from 34 to 46 in paper format.


Mood fiber's hunter coat

Mood fiber sewing pattern

The boss of Mood fiber coat is planned to be a very long coat! Of course, you can sew it shorter. Personalization of her clothes is one of the magic powers of sewing!😊 

Cutting level: The coat has an original collar and reverse, a double row of pimples, a chest pocket with border and two pockets with Liseré and Rabat.

The brand recommends a wool that contains good wool to sew the model that ranks from XS to XXXL!

You can find it in PDF.


Deer and Doe's opium coat

Opium coat pattern

I love the singular cut of the opium coat Proposed by the Deer and Doe brand.

A trapezoid shape with very original crossed piping pockets.

A coat in which you can easily feel comfortable.

The sleeves are raglan and the coat is completely doubled.

You can sew it in wool sheet, but also in boiled wool for example.

The pattern exists in PDF or pocket and grade from 34 to 46 in a pocket and from 34 to 52 in pocket format.


The coat thank you for a scämmit workshop

sew a coat

What I really like with Scammit workshop, it is that there are always several possible variations on the same boss.

In fact, you feel like you have several patterns in 1 one.

The couture boss of the Mantle Merci Menteau offers you 16 variations.

Depending on your tastes, the coat can be buttoned or zipped, with or without a collar.

The pockets are integrated into the in front cuts, you can choose or not to slip a froufrou.

The brand recommends a thick medium fabric (220 to 400 gr/m²).

The grade boss from 34 to 48 and exists in pdf or pouch.


The riga coat of stormy patterns


The couture pattern of the Riga coat Allows you to create a coat with ample cut and low armholes.

Thanks to the 3 passers -by, you can belt it at the waist.

There are two plated pockets and a small upright collar.

The boss is fully doubled.

It ranks from 34 to 46 and is only available in PDF.


The Queen coat of the little raspberry

Small raspberry coat pattern

The Queen coat of the little raspberry is as romantic as the brand😊 It is available according to several options.

This coat sewing pattern has a straight cut, with 2 collar options: Froufrou or classic.

You also have a removable hood, optional wrist bracelet details.

 Karolina recommends you to choose the weight of your wool depending on the choice of collar option: if you opt for the froufrou neck, then choose a rather fine wool.

The grade boss from 34 to 52 and is available in PDF.


The Nelly Coralie Bijasson coat

Manteau sewing pattern

I like the slightly retro cut Nelly coat, without collar, of the Bijasson coralie patterns brand.

It is a right-thick-cooked coat.

You can decline this coat in all the woolles of the lightest for mid-season or thicker for the full winter.

The grade boss from 36 to 44 and is available in PDF.

Make My Lemonade's UMA coat

Patron to sew a woolen sheet

The UMA sewing pattern of the Make My Lemonade brand has an oversized cut with a very wide collar and a deep neck.

The boss ranks from 34 to 46.

You can consider it in a big wool for the winter or choose a less hot material for mid-season!


Ivanne S magnesium coat

 Ivanne S coat

The magnesium boss is versatile. It is sold in the form of an educational e-book which will allow you to buy the basic pattern and the different options you need to sew the or the versions you prefer.

Magnesium is available in jacket or coat!

It ranks from 32 to 54 and is available in PDF.


The Emmanuelle de Cha ’coat

coat sewing

There are several coats of coats at Cha ’Coud. I selected his short coat boss here: Emmanuelle.

He was also sewn by Charlotte, the creator of the brand, in a woolen My Little coupon ! :) 

It has piped pockets with flap and a nice blouse.

The boss of the mantle is completely doubled.

You will be able to opt for different types of woolen to sew this pattern: wool loop, boiled wool, tweed woolen ... and even decline it with less hot materials for mid-season.

The grade boss from 34 to 52 and is available in PDF.


The Angel coat of Dress Your Body

Cape sewing pattern

Couture boss Angel from Dress Your Body is a really very original coat! He is both coat and cape!

Here is the brand's description on the Angel coat: "The bust is made like that of a coat, with two armholes, which allows it to be closed to stay warm. And on the other hand, the two very wide sleeves give it a cape effect for a trendy look. Its magnitude allows you to easily put a good large sweater or a small light down jacket easily. »»

Christine, the creator of the brand, recommends you to choose fairly flexible woolen so that the sleeves are not too stiff.

The grade boss from XS to XL and exists in pdf or pouch.


Ideas for cups to sewing in woolen:

On my blog, I wrote a detailed article on the patterns to sew a cape.

In the article, you will find several brands of cape patterns and also free tutorials to sew a woman's cape.

Here is a selection of cape patterns designed by French creators, sewing for fall/winter in a nice wool!

For a cape, choose flexible woolen for a drop more fließend and light.


Make My Lemonade's Cape Thelma


Make My Lemonade's Cape Thelma is a long and large cape in one size.

You can choose a fluffy wool in order to properly manage the ambuses.

The pattern exists in PDF and in pocket.


The Cape Turner Les Patronnes

Couture pattern cape wooing

To sew the Turner cape, You will be able to select a rather thick wool but which remains flexible to give it a nice fall;

It is an elegant cutting pattern thanks to its cutting cut in shoulders and its skater ease in the bottom of the sleeves.

The boss ranks from 34 to 46, in PDF or in a clutch.


The Capucine Clematisse Cake Patterns

cape woolen couture pattern

For Sew the cape Capucine de Clematisse patterns, you can choose a medium to heavy weight woolen.

It is a structured cape, fully doubled and to which you will be able to add shoulders.

The grade boss from 32 to 50 and exists in pdf or pouch.


The Harry Cape of I am patterns

Harry Cape Couture pattern

The Harry Cape of I am patterns It’s the circle cape par excellence!

There are two pockets inserted in the cutouts, it is completely doubled and super comfortable!

The grade boss from 34 to 52 in PDF and from 36 to 46 in pocket version.


The Mimosa cape of I am patterns

Wool sewing pattern

The boss of the Cape Mimosa From I am patterns has a large pass and pockets that make it very cocooning.

The grade boss from 34 to 46 in PDF version or pocket.


Woolbags at My little coupon

Coat woolen

If you do not yet know the concept of My Little coupon, I invite you to read this dedicated section.

The fabrics offered on the site come from end of fashion houses!

The brand therefore allows you to upcycler very good quality fabrics !

You will find, in limited quantity of very beautiful woolles and wool sheets to sew you from the coats worthy of the most beautiful fashion houses!😊

Because when you sew, you think sustainable, I invite you to read the article: 6 reasons to choose a quality fabric.

And as coats and capes are often doubled, My little coupon offer you A very nice selection of quality linings that you will find here.


The ideas of sewing patterns in woolles and wool sheets, the word of the end :):

I hope this special winter sewing article will inspire you with beautiful sewing projects and why not motivate you to sew your first coat !

A beautiful wool or woolen sheet + a good sewing boss + hands passionate about sewing + a few hours in front of the Mac (sewing machine) = a 100% unique coat which we can feel ultra proud!

Good seam And see you soon on the networks!😊

Sarah @todotoutdoux


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