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Are there fans of Jean Denim this way ?

Do you prefer raw or colorful jeans? Black, blue, classic or much more original?

Do you have a denim coupon and you hesitate on the pattern to sew with it?

You wonder What to sew with denim Before ordering this beautiful fabric that you spotted?😊

As I come from Nîmes, I am often told "But the jeans, he comes from your home Nan?" »»😊

And as I am Addict to sewing (just like you probably😊), I would almost pass for a jeans expert sometimes: after all, a Nîmes seamstress, it sews denim, right?😊

I am Sarah, From the couture blog to do very sweet And as you understood, I dedicate this article on the blog of My Little Coupon To this fabulous material that is denim!

Couture boss Jean

We are going to talk about inspiration and do the Lots of ideas for soding with denim.

But before giving you my non -exhaustive list of 25 sewing patterns that you can make in denim fabric, we are going to make a small material/history focus!

Do you agree?

If you already know everything, you can obviously scroller to go to the second long part dedicated to the inspiration patterns!😊

Let's go !


Jean, denim, jeans, do you know the difference?

Couture Jean Denim

Denim jeans fabric

Rebecca from the Mars Manager Couture Blog, she wrote a very interesting article on the subject. You will find it right here. 

Among the many references I have read on the subject, I find that his article is the richest and clearest on the material :) 

What is jeans?

History of John

To sum up, when we talk about Jean, we talk about a fabric threw Baumwolle and wool or linen, whose wires are only tinged with a single color.

This is the famous fabric which it is said to come from Genoa in Italy and which ended up pronouncing " Jeans "By having been exported to England.

It is a canvas less flexible than denim.


What is denim?

Denim History

When we talk about denim, we also speak of a chain fabric and tight armor frame (Like the gabardine of which you can read a previous article just here).

Unlike jeans, Denim is a fabric threw from Baumwolle exclusively. (And not mixed with wool or linen).

The threads are tinged with 2 colors: the ecru frame wire and the chain wire tinted to indigo.

It is called denim in reference to a Nîmes spinning of 16th century that made the tight canvas.

Some denim canvases offered for sale contain elastane: this allows more comfortable parts to be searched.

They are favored for example for pants or skirts.


What is jeans?

jeans sew

It's very simple! When we talk about jeans, We are talking about pants and not the material.

In English, " A PAIR OF JEANS ».

So, you can say that you sew a denim jeans or jeans in jeans.

By extension, It is true that you also say jeans to designate the pants. This can therefore be confusing; But as long as we understand, everything is fine😊

In short, now you know everything!😊


How to sew the denim? 4 practical tips

Jean Couture Tips

This is'A tissue relatively easy to sew because Denim has a very good resistance And absolutely does not slip when you sew it.

The main difficulty lies in the thickness of the material.

Depending on the model you want to sew and if it has several layers to assemble, it can become a problem with the sewing machine.

  1. I recommend that you use uDo not special jeans and D'Increase the length of your point (I sometimes climb up to 3 of point length depending on the thickness of my fabric.)
  2. For my part, I often use A double training foot. This can be bought in haberdashery or on the internet but you must check compatibility with your machine.
  3. We also use Extra-Fort sewing wire So that the seams are very solid.
  4. Some machines are equipped with Triple stretch. I like to use this triple point to solidify my seams, especially on the stitching of crotch pants!


 What to sew with denim? 25 Sewing patterns ideas

In this article, we will therefore speak more particularly of denim: this is the canvas of Baumwolle found most frequently.

As with all subjects, there are more or less good quality.

But when we sew, we like our pieces for which we spent so many hours in front of the sewing machine are durable, right?

If not already done, I invite you to read article 6 good reasons to sew quality fabrics.

And you can find the denim selection, made up of quality canvases from end of seam house collections in This dedicated section  ! 😊

And let's go to get inspired by lots of patterns to sew the denim!😊

What to sew with denim? The famous jeans of course!

The essential piece to sewing in denim is jeans.

This is a project that can scare some couturiers/seamstresses but several creators have thought of models that make the seam of jeans accessible!

Several well -explained sewing patterns will allow you to sew for the whole family!



The book L'Atelier l'Atelier du Jeans de Sophie Valenoine X 1083 by Eyrolles editions

The John's Workshop

You can find this book to sew a jeans for the whole family right here

Do you probably know workshop 1083 which manufactures ecological and sustainable jeans?

Well, in collaboration with Sophie Valantoine, the brand offers you 11 models of sewing jeans for the whole family from A to Z !

This book The Jeans Workshop will allow you to create your jeans from A to Z. Too class huh?

In addition to step by step and detailed explanations in the book, the brand also offers videos to illustrate the most technical editing steps.

So no panic!

To you the pretty jeans!😊


The Marcel jeans and the course "techniques to sew jeans" from artesane

Sew a jeans: artesane

The boss of this jeans can be found on the Artesane site. 

Do you probably already have to know the artsane lessons?

This platform allows you to learn and improve yourself in various manual activities and including sewing!

The brand offers you the couture owner of the Marcel jeans.

It is therefore a jean boss for women, straight cut, tightened and high waist. The boss is accompanied by a free mini video lesson to face the most technical parts.

As for the technical course To learn all the secrets of jeans, You'll be able to find it here.


The boss of the BAG BAD jeans of the BG

Men's jeans sewing

You can find the boss of this jeans for men just here. 

What if we also talked about a little sewing for men?

In this area, we have our 2 experts: Olivier and David who created the brand of the BG patterns.

Among their male models, you will be able to find the bad boy jeans to sew with buttons or zip fly.

The pattern exists in PDF or in pocket and size from XXS to XXL.


The boss of Jean Sunshine of I am patterns

Jeans sewing pattern

You can find the Sunshine boss right here. 

The boss of the Sunshine jeans of I am patterns is a 2 in 1 pattern since he offers 2 versions: Slouchy and straight cut.

It is a sewing pattern for women, which ranks from 34 to 52 in PDF version and from 36 to 46 in pocket version. 


The boss of the saffron jeans of Deer and doe

Sew a slim jeans

You can find the boss of saffron jeans right here.


It is a jeans pattern and high -waisted slim pants.

To realize it, you will need a denim that contains elastane. The brand recommends between 20 and 30 % elasticity.

The grade boss from 34 to 52, with 2 versions offered.

Safran exists in PDF and pocket.


The boss of Jean Make My Lemonade Jean Mathilda

sew a jeans

You can find the boss of this jeans right here. 

Mathilda jeans by Make My Lemonade has a MOM style cut with a high waist and a fairly straight cut.

The pattern provides for an invisible buttons fly and a heart -shaped cut at the buttocks.

The PDF boss ranks from 34 to 48.


Fauve house pants


 You can find the boss of the pants hussar to sew in denim for example right here. 

At Maison Fauve, you will also find a jeans boss that you can sew in denim.

This jeans has a high waist with very pretty folds that dress the pockets!

To sew from 34 to 52

Available in pocket or PDF format


Popeline & Linon's Dean 1956 jeans

sew a jeans

 You can find this boss right here. 

Popeline & Linon offers you the 1956 Dean pants boss that can sew in denim.

The cup is Slouchy, a mix between the boyfriend and oversize with a high waist and tightened at the bottom.

The boss ranks from 34 to 48 and is planned for a 172cm stature.


Denim sewing: the ideas of bies of overalls and combinations  

With your denim coupon, you will also be able to sew pretty overalls and combinations.

 Whether it is Combi-Shorts or Pants Combinations or Backlet Dresses ... The possibilities are endless.

Here is a small non -exhaustive selection of patterns that you can sew in denim.

The Danielle of the Republic of the Roston


You can find the boss of this overalls right here

The Danielle de République du Roston overalls will be very pretty in denim.

You can also sew it in gabardine or ribbed velvet.

Do not hesitate to consult the article Inspiration Couture with A 3 -meter fabric coupon for more material ideas and patterns 😊

The boss ranks from 34 to 46, only in PDF.


Make My Lemonade Catherine Dress Catherine

Couture boss to be found here. 

Denim overalls dress

This is the good idea to sew a pattern that you can wear summer and winter. In summer with pretty sneakers and winter with boots and tights!😊

This slightly seventies sewing pattern will allow you to sew your pretty denim coupon for example.

You can extend it or shorten as you wish, depending on your tastes and also adjust the suspenders.

The PDF boss ranks 34 to 48.


The boss of the Small Boss Short Showcase

Couture boss to be found here.

 Small boss offers you a model of Short overalls, which you can sew in denim and wear in spring/summer without tights.

There are three lengths to allow you to personalize according to your desires and its size.

The boss ranks from 34 to 56.


The Jean-Paul combination of Ready To Sew in Light Denim

You can find the boss of this combination right here. 

To sew the Jean-Paul to Sew Jean-Paul combination, the brand recommended you medium light weight fabric (130g/m2 at 280g/m2).

You will therefore be able to sew a light denim to make this sewing pattern.

It’s a workwear style combination, with straight cut and low waist. It has a fold lying on the front and back, 4 plated pockets, a collar with collar foot and a closure by buttoning leg.

The PDF boss ranks from 32 to 46.


What to sew with denim? Ideas for jackets

 The famous mixed and timeless denim jacket!

A great idea to use your denim coupon!

Here is a selection of designer patterns to sew your denim jacket!😊

You can of course sew most of the jackets that require a certain outfit with denim fabric. You can also consider all men or women's surgery patterns.

 It's up to you to imagine the dream jacket!😊


The boss of the Damn Good Caramel sheriff's jacket

Couture John

You can find this boss right here. 

The boss of the Sheriff jacket is a denim sewing jacket. Either with a single fabric or you can have fun with the cutouts!😊

It is not doubled and will be perfect for half-cheeks, especially spring.

You can also consider sewing it in gabardine or velvet.

The PDF boss ranks size 36 to 44.


The boss of the working jacket Julien de Ready to Sew

Cowing denim jacket

You can find this boss here. 

With this pattern, each element is stubbled or ended with an English seam to last for life.

This is the style of worker's jacket not doubled with three plated pockets.

The PDF boss ranks from 32 to 52.


The boss of the jacket loves like modern like Marie

Denim jacket sewing pattern

You can find this boss here. 

With the boss of the jacket loves like Modern like Marie, which also exists in a man version, you can make a sezane like.

The boss looks a lot like the Sezane Willian jacket.

You can imagine it in ecru denim, mustard, blue of course and have fun on the colors like Sezane.

The boss only exists in PDF now.


Makerist Joey joey

Joey Makerist jacket

You can find the boss of this jacket right here 

The boss of the Makerist Joey joey joey is the spirit of the patchwork jacket, to be customized as desired.

You can imagine it in many materials, including denim!

Sessun Like

Besides, the ready-to-wear brand Sessun has created a jacket model in this spirit, in Denim patchwork!

So you can do a hack thanks to this boss!😊

I imagined this creative boss for Makerist during a moodboard competition. I tell you more about it here 

This boss is mixed and oversized!


Ideas for sewing patterns with denim: skirts and shorts


If you can sew Denim pants, you can imagine a short version for summer!

As for the famous timeless denim skirt, you will find a multitude of couture patterns of straight skirts that will allow you to sew your denim coupon😊

You can choose your denim with a little elastane for more comfort!

Here is a small selection of skirt seam patterns and shorts to inspire you😊

The boss of the Louisa skirt by By Chelsie

Sew a denim skirt

You can find this sewing pattern right here. 

This trapezoid skirt will be perfect in denim!

You will be able to have fun with the stitching and the different Denim colors.

The pattern provides a belt, two small pockets on the front and stitching stitching. The skirt is closed by a buttoning leg on the front.

This PDF boss ranks from 34 to 50!

The boss of the romeo skirt of I am patterns

Denim pencil skirt

You can find this sewing pattern here

The boss of the Romeo skirt is a skirt to make in denim, with a buttoning leg in front.

The cut being very close to the body, you can choose a slightly stretch denim for more comfort!😊

The PDF pattern or grade clutch from 36 to 46.


The Dress Your Body Jump skirt

John of the denim skirt

You can find this sewing pattern here. 

It is a skirt boss that I have made several times, but not yet in denim! I will have to remedy it!

This is the perfect boss to use his coupon ends since it takes less than 1 meter to sew this skirt!

And in addition, it is quick to make. She has it all😊

A bridge skirt, of marine inspiration that ranks from 34 to 46 and that you can order in a pouch or PDF.


The boss of the little boss's shorts soren

You can find this short pattern here. 

This short pattern has a high and flared cut cut, which allows optimal comfort: it is shorts that does not stick to the skin😊 

You can play with its cutouts for a patchwork or degraded color effect if you wish.

Choose a denim coupon that contains a little elastane in order to be very comfortable in your shorts!

The PDF pattern or grade pocket from 34 to 56!


Sew a denim dress: the ideas of sewing patterns

The denim dress is a piece to have in your wardrobe😊

You can imagine it in a shirt dress version for example or on dresses closer to the body, with several cutouts.

Below, I share 3 inspirations of patterns to sew with denim.


The owner of the Isabel Dress of Atelier April 8

Couture boss Jean Denim

You can find this dressing pattern of dress or blouse right here. 

The Isabel dress is the Chanel Like Dress of Atelier April 8! You can imagine it in several materials but denim suits it particularly well since it is a rather straight dress, with a plastron that requires outfit.

You can also decline it as a blouse and the grade boss from 34 to 48.

The pattern of the Columbia dress of Atelier April 8

You can find the pattern of this dress right here. 

The Columbia dress is I find very sezane like😊.

You can sew this dress in denim.

It is a cargo -inspired dress, a little masculine/feminine spirit.

You can also sew it with an officer collar and short sleeves!

The boss ranks from 34 to 48.


The Dress Shirt La Bouroudeuse de Française 1 time

You can find this dress pattern here. 

This shirt dress can be imagined in several materials. In denim, imitation leather, leather, gabardine, flannel ...

She has a wider cut than the Columbia dress. The style is rather loose.

You can imagine an apparent stitching set.

It's up to you to have fun.

The PDF boss ranks from 34 to 44.


What to sew with a denim coupon? Accessories !

Denim is a particularly solid material! It will therefore be perfect for sewing bags, schoolbags, backpacks, bananas ...

You will find a multitude of patterns and tutorials.

Here is a small selection:

The boss of the Joseph backpack of yes patterns

Boss to find here. 

The brand also offers you a shopping bag, a sports bag ... Several patterns that you will be able to make in a beautiful denim!

Dress Your Body

Boss to find here.

 You have not been able to miss the return of banana in recent years!😊

Broken in bag, it is very stylish!

In addition it is a mixed accessory with which you can play on a lot of materials. From banana to sequins inspiration Make My Lemonade to banana in denim!

Several sizes are offered by the brand.

The pattern exists in PDF and pocket.


The Viny DIY Gabrielle bag

The bag, a totally mixed bag that you will be able to make in denim, gabardine, chick, leather ...

In denim, she gives a very workwear look, don't you think?😊

You can find the tutorial and pattern right here 


Choose a quality denim coupon  

Denim fabric


To sew one or more patterns of this selection or even a pattern among your to sew list personal, you will need a beautiful denim coupon (if you don't have one😊 ).

You can find workshop denims of the selection of My little coupon, from end of collection of fashion houses right here.

I advise you to regularly look at the news.

To find out more about the concept of My little coupon, it's this way.


What to sew with a denim coupon? The final word 

I hope this article on denim you liked and inspired you to New Ideas of Cousettes.

Denim is a timeless and lasting material : So it's a safe bet😊.

Will you notify the Challenge to sew your own jeans?

Thanks to this multitude of patterns, sewing your own jeans is really accessible!

You have to take your time, let yourself be guided, make a few samples for the most technical points but I'm sure you can do it!

Good seam, and see you soon on the networks!

Sarah @todotoutdoux


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