Wedding sewing fabric

You are Invited to a marriage And are you looking for a unique and original outfit?

Why not opt ​​for a homemade and hand -sewn clothing ?

Whether you are invited to a wedding or a ceremony, whether you are a witness, a bridesmaid or the bride, sewing your wedding outfit will allow you to create a personalized room that suits you and that will make a sensation D-day !

Sewing your outfit to go to a wedding is all the more interesting when there is a dress code.

You will be able to fully personalize your outfit or then sew several outfits in the same fabric, for bridesmaids for example!

 In this article, we give you Sewing clothing ideas for a wedding as well as Couture tips on fabrics that you can choose to Sew a ceremonial outfit.


What fabrics to choose to sew a wedding outfit?


Fabric ideas for a summer wedding

Wedding sewing fabrics

The choice of fabric for a wedding outfit will depend on the style and the wedding season.

If the wedding takes place in summer, it is best to choose a light and airy fabric that will allow your body to breathe.

 Examples of light fabrics for a summer wedding outfit can be the linen, there silk Or The veil of Baumwolle.

 These fabrics allow good air circulation and keep you cool throughout the day.

You can also opt for pretty lace.

If you are not the bride, avoid choosing white fabrics!


Fabric ideas for a wedding in fall/winter

Winter wedding sewing

For a wedding in fall or winter, it is recommended to opt for a thicker and warmer fabric, as wool, THE velvet or the thick silk.

 These fabrics will allow you to stay warm while having an elegant and dressed outfit.

It is also important to Choose a quality fabric For your wedding outfit, as it will have an impact on the sustainability and resistance of your garment.

 Opt for superior quality fabrics which will be well throughout the day and which will give you an elegant look.

At the house of My little coupon, all the fabrics we offer come end of stock of fashion houses.

This will allow you to opt for good quality fabrics for the wedding to which you are invited, without ruining yourself.

You will just have to get ahead to have time to make your outfit!


Choose your fabric to sew a wedding outfit depending on the theme of marriage and the dress code

Today, most marriages have a theme to unify the Deco of D -Day but also the guests' outfits.

On the announcement, look at it if there is a dress code.

This Dress Code will allow you to create a personalized hold for marriage by choosing the best suitable fabrics, materials and colors.

This is where it is the advantage of sewing your clothes when you are invited to a ceremony or when preparing it.

It regularly happens that the bride and groom wish to see their team of honor and/or witnesses, matching!

For that, Nothing better than choosing to sew all outfits in the same fabric !

Such as beautiful long dresses in Crêpe towards Satin Or even in silk, each with a different cut, adapted to the tastes and morphology of the bridesmaid in question!

The United Fabrics can be an elegant and easy to coordinate option, while printed tissues can give an original and dynamic effect to your outfit.

 Choose a fabric that will suit your sewing project perfectly and that will highlight your silhouette.


Our advice on the choice of fabrics for a ceremony, in summary:

In summary, the choice of fabric for a wedding outfit will depend on the style, season and color of your sewing project.

Opt for light and breathable fabrics for weddings in summer, and for thicker and hot fabrics for weddings in autumn or winter.

Choose superior quality fabrics that will suit your sewing project perfectly and that will allow you to have an elegant and sophisticated look throughout the day.


Sewing ideas for the bride

Even if the heart of this article is rather intended for guests at a wedding who wish to sew themselves or themselves their outfit, it is quite possible to sew your wedding dress yourself.

This allows you to have a very unique and lower cost wedding dress!

There are many sewing patterns to make your own wedding dress.

For example :

Customizable patterns and Charlotte Auzou e-book

Sew her wedding dress

In this e-book, you will learn to sew your bridal.

Charlotte Auzou's e-book can be found here 


The collection of patterns capsule of Apolline Patterns ceremonies

Sew your wedding dress yourself

Several bosses specially imagined for the ceremony are available on the Apolline Patterns website 


What fabrics to choose to sew a wedding dress?

Here are some fabric ideas you can use to sew your wedding dress:


  • Lace : It is a popular choice for wedding dresses. The lace adds a touch of romanticism and elegance to your dress. You can use fine or thicker lace, depending on the effect you want. Find our lace here 


  • Mousseline: Mousseline is a light and airy fabric, perfect for summer wedding dresses. It is also easy to drape and sew. Find our muslinas here 


  • Satin, silk and silk satins: satin is a brilliant and luxurious fabric which is often used for wedding dresses. It is also easy to work and sew. Find our satins here  


  • L'organza : L'organza is a fine and transparent fabric that gives an elegant and airy appearance to your dress. It is also easy to work and sew. Find our organzas here 


  • The tulle : Tulle is a light and translucent fabric that is often used for wedding dresses. It can be bunk on other fabrics to give texture and volume to your dress. Find our tulles here 



  • The French pancake : pancake is a fabric fließend And soft, perfect for simple and refined wedding dresses. It is also easy to sew and work. Find our pancakes here  

 Wedding Crêpe fabrics


We invite you to consult the silk section for more inspiration fabrics adapted to the ceremony !


The choice of fabric for your wedding or that of your loved ones will depend on the theme, the style of the wedding, as well as the level of comfort that you want to have throughout the day.


Sewing projects for a wedding

To sew a dress dressed when you are invited to a wedding, there are many possible cuts and bosses!

 The long dress: the Alix dress from Cha’Coud

The pattern of the Alix dress can be found here. 

The long dress is a classic choice for a wedding. It can be glamorous, elegant or relaxed depending on the fabrics and the accessories chosen.

For a wedding in summer, you can choose a light and airy fabric, like the Baumwolle, linen or silk. For a wedding in winter, you can opt for a thicker fabric, such as wool or velvet.


The Backless Dress: the Zita dress by Cha’Coud

For weddings, we like to dare bare back!

Cha’Coud's backless dress is available on our site


The combination with bare back: the Flora combination of Cha’Coud

The pattern of the combination can be found here 

If you are looking for a more original outfit than a dress, the combination can be an interesting option.

It can be elegant and sophisticated, or more relaxed depending on the fabrics and the accessories chosen.

You can opt for a pants combination or a short combination, depending on your style and the type of wedding you attend.

You can also afford fresh and flowery fabrics for a wedding, for example, if it is a country wedding theme!


What to sew for a man at a wedding?

Men's Wedding Couture

For men, it is also possible to sew a tailor-made suit.

With beautiful pants and a tailor jacket.

To do this, you can opt, depending on the season and the wedding style, for a linen in summer or a wool or a gabardine  in winter.

What about the shirt?

Opt for a Popeline of Baumwolle quality , such as those offered on the site that come from fashion houses!


Sewing accessories for a wedding

What can also be interesting is to come and personalize your ceremonial outfits with hand -sewn accessories.

For example, we have A tie boss to download for free on the site.


You can also sew a strip-foulard for your wedding hairstyles in your fabric falls with our free boss:

Sew a headband for a wedding



The boss is to download here

If you are looking for ideas to sew your fabric falls, Here is an article that should interest you !  


Want to sew an outfit for a wedding? The final word😊

When you organize or participate in a wedding and you are passionate about sewing, you like to take advantage of it to sew a unique outfit, that you don't necessarily have the habit of sewing in everyday life.

We like to be able to personalize the smallest detail, from the choice of fabric to the choice of pimples!

We hope that this article will inspire you with beautiful ceremonial sewing projects!

Find the set of our fabrics from end of fashion houses here

Good seam!


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Wedding sewing fabrics

01 May, 2023

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