For the arrival of sunny days, we go in search of light, breathable and pleasant fabrics to wear!

Linen fills all these boxes and we understand why you have Want to sew linen ! 😊

Linen is a natural and sustainable material which is more and more popular in the world of sewing.

As mentioned earlier, linen is a rather light, breathable and fairly easy to work fabric, which An ideal choice for summer clothes and accessories.

When you try to sew a lasting and timeless wardrobe, linen is truly a must since it is a timeless material!

If you are interested in sewing linen, here are some inspirations and advice to help you succeed in your sewing projects!

Good reading !


What is linen fabric?

Have you ever sewn linen and do you really know this material?

Everyone has already heard of flax, even people who do not sew😊.

This fabric is one of the basics of the wardrobe but also decoration.

And many of decoration styles put linen and natural materials in the spotlight: cushions, curtains, aprons ...

We like to lend the linen of neutral and natural tones like the famous "linen" color, or even the soil colors of his, light gray, ecru, cream ...

The linen fabric is made from the fibers of the linen plant.

It is a light and breathable fabric which is very appreciated for its soft and natural texture.

It is a very appreciated fabric that it is particularly frozen.

But the real flax lovers will say that it is part of the charm of the material!😊


The main characteristics of linen

Choosing linen to make your clothes or accessories is also choosing a fabric with many qualities and advantages.

We have listed here the main characteristics of linen such as:

  • Breathability: The linen fabric is very breathable, which means that it allows air to circulate easily through the fibers. This makes linen tissue ideal for summer clothes because it helps regulate body temperature.


  • Absorption of humidity : Linen fabric is capable of absorbing up to 20% of its wet weight before feeling moist. This means that the linen fabric is very absorbent and that it can help evacuate humidity from the skin, such as perspiration. He is truly breathable.


  • Sustainability : Like hemp, linen fabric is very resistant and durable. It can withstand repeated washing and intensive use without deforming or fraying. Also, when you are with a view to sewing a lasting and responsible dressing room, linen is really a material to favor!


  • Anti-allergen : Linen fabric is hypoallergenic, which means that it is unlikely to cause allergies or skin irritations. There is therefore a privileged material for children and for the most sensitive skin.


  • Ecological : Linen is a renewable plant which, unlike the Baumwolle, does not require a lot of water or pesticides to be cultivated. Linen fabric is therefore considered an ecological option for clothing and textiles.


As you can see, linen is a fabric that combines many advantages.

It is a natural, ecological, durable, anti-allergen and timeless material.

Contrary to Baumwolle, which is also a natural material, the production of linen tissue requires little water.

It is therefore naturally a more ecological choice.

If you combine it to our concept, you get an ultra-ecological fabric !

At the house of My little coupon, all the fabrics and therefore also all the Lins present on the site come from collections of fashion houses.

Therefore, we do not launch any additional production!

You can consult our linen section right here! 


How to sew linen? 5 Couture tips

linen seam

Linen is a very pleasant material to wear and work, but it can be a little difficult for beginners in sewing.

Besides, if You start sewing, We have written an article to help you in your fabric choices that you can find right here. 

Here are some tips to help you succeed in your linen sewing projects:

  1. Wash the linen before sewing it :

Linen can shrink to washing, so it is important to wash it before sewing it to prevent your project from shrinking once.

  1. Use a suitable needle:

Flax fibers are more resistant than those of Baumwolle, it is therefore important to use a suitable needle.

  1. Use a quality wire :

 Linen is a natural material that can be a little more difficult to sew than other fabrics, so it is important to use a quality wire to prevent it from breaking or tearing during the sewing process. You can favor natural wires such as the thread of Baumwolle.

  1. Remember to secure your finishes:

 Linen tends to crash, so it is important to use a technique to use the overwhelmer to surface all the edges, even before washing your fabric. Then make very solid hems in duplicate in order to properly stabilize your fabric and that your sewing project can last in time!

  1. Use fine pins:

Like the choice of needles, the choice of pins will be important.

Linen can be easily marked by too thick pins or pins that are left for too long in place.

Use fine pins to minimize brands on your project.


By following these tips and being patient and meticulous, you can create magnificent and durable linen seam projects.

Linen is a material that we can no longer do without that we have already worked or worn!

 So get started! :) 


What to sew with linen? Our couture ideas


Linen is a very versatile material that can be used to create a wide variety of clothing.

Here are some ideas for linen sewing projects and advice for sewing them:

1. Sew a linen dress 



Linen dresses are perfect for hot summer days.

You can opt for a straight and simple dress or for a ruffle dress for a more feminine look.

The style of safari or adventurous dress will go perfectly with it!

Among the dresses patterns available on the site, you can opt for The Katy dress from Cha’Coud :


Or The Eve dress by designer Cha’COUD : 


2. Sew a linen skirt 



Linen skirts can be relaxed as well as sophisticated, depending on the style you choose.

You can sew a simple straight skirt or a trapeze skirt for a more elegant look.

If you opt for a rather thick linen, furniture linen style, you can take the same patterns as for denim skirts.

We have listed several ideas to sew with jeans, which you can find in this article.  


3. Sew linen pants:

Linen pants, it's a bit of the wardrobe!

Whether it is straight or palazzo, the linen pants are very pleasant to wear pants and very easy to associate.

We can also imagine very elegant tailors, sets jackets + linen pants!

Linen pants are comfortable and light, making it a popular choice for summer.

You can opt for straight or flared pants for a casual look, or for adjusted pants for a more sophisticated silhouette.


Among the patterns of pants available on our site, you can opt for Sophie de Cha’Coud pants which is very easy to make pants. 

In linen it will be perfect!


4. Sew a linen shirt:


 Linen blouses and shirts can be worn at work or for special occasions. You can opt for a simple and elegant blouse or for a ruffle blouse for a more feminine look.

It is also a must for the male wardrobe, especially carried in a surgery!



5. Sew a linen combination 

Like dresses or pants, linen lends itself to combinations to make them both clothes to wear on a daily basis but also combinations that we will like to wear for occasions such as weddings or ceremonies!

For example, the linen combination of their soil from an end of stock of fashion house, to be found in our linen category on the site made thanks to the Clémence Atelier des Première boss.

Among the combination patterns available on our site, you also have the boss of The Imaé of Cha’Coud combination :


6. Linen sewing for children 


As we saw previously, linen is an allergen -free material.

It is suitable for sensitive skin and especially that of children.

So you can opt for linen to sew clothes for your children.

In a 3 -meter of flax coupon, you will even have the possibility of composing matchy/matchy looks with your children!

On the site, you can find the bosses for children from the Marmaï Patterns brand to fill up with linen stroke ! 


7. Sewing from linen in linen 

Linen lends itself well to decoration.

For those who particularly appreciate decoration in natural tones, such as the Wabi Sabi style; Linen is a material to favor!

Here are some decorative inspirations to sew with linen:

Linen decoration


Linen sewing, the word of the end 😊 :

When you try to sew a lasting and responsible dressing room, linen is an essential material.

This fabric has many advantages and will allow you both to sew your own clothes but also your own decoration.

Linen will also be ideal for sewing children's clothes!

To discover Our selection of Lins from end of collections of fashion houses, it's here ! 

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Good seam!


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29 April, 2023

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