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You are looking an eco-responsible fabric supplier For your clothing or accessories collections?

Or a fabric wholesaler?

To have a committed brand for the planet, it is the mission to prove that it is possible to create ready -to -wear collections with a much lower environmental impact.

And many brands of Slow Fashion Do a great job that awakens consciences in terms of environmental concerns.

These brands also give consumers the possibility of buying clothes more responsible, more ethical.

At the house of My little coupon, we are aware of how difficult it can be to Provide materials that are completely aligned with the values ​​of its brand and the ecological vision that it adopts.

When you start a brand that places the upcycling at the heart of its values ​​and concerns, how to get fabrics?

How to buy large fabric and how to find the sufficient quantities of fabrics that make it possible to launch the making of collections without producing new materials and without causing the same ecological damage as the Fast Fashion industry?

It’s a real headache.

We know it !

And we thought we could help you.

Not only as a supplier and wholesaler fabrics for professionals but also as a committed brand.

We know the issues and issues related to the marketing of products from the upcycling.

Because, unlike many brands that do not practice upcycling and that do not place ecology at the heart of their entrepreneurial missions, it is not enough for us to receive a catalog to order our references.

We have a real process in purchase of our materials, which is very complex!

Put on the market of fabrics dedicated to being destroyed or forgotten in the end of stocks of fashion or factory houses, it is a real challenge that we note on a daily basis!

So believe us, we understand you! 

And we are here to make your life easier! 😊


My little coupon Dormant stock fabric provider for professionals


The concept of My little coupon

wholesaler fabrics upcycling

You may already know Our offer intended for individuals.

On the site, you will find hundreds of fabric references.

All come of dormant stocks.

Among these dormant stocks, we will find fabrics from ends of collections or collections canceled by fashion houses.

We thus give access to amateur seamstresses and seamstresses with very beautiful materials at attractive prices.

We will also find fabrics from factory series in our dormant stocks. These are surpluses of stocks that we recycle so that the seamstresses and seamstresses transform them into clothes and accessories.

They then enter this revaluation process that is upcycling!

Most of our subjects are in fact in very limited quantities.


Fabric wholesaler for ready-to-wear and sewing professionals


We also provide wholesale fabrics to sectors in sectors of sewing, ready-to-wear, furnishing tapestry and live performance.

We offer professionals our references in which we have the most quantity in order to allow you to create collections while respecting your values ​​in terms of ecological impact.

Indeed, We do not launch any fabric production.

Also, as you know, using already existing materials is always less polluting than producing news.

By choosing our fabrics to make your collections, you respect the values ​​of your brand and enter with us in this virtuous process of the circular economy!


To contact us, here is the form!


Merceries: how to become a distributor of dormant stocks fabrics?

Do you have a haberdashery?

Do you want to resell our fabrics in your establishment or on your online fabric sales site?

Our offers for professionals are also made for you!

Contact us via the contact form here is to find out more about our sales methods for haberdashery.

Become a fabric distributor My little coupon ! 


Fabric providers for furnishing tapestry

Are you upholsterer? Interior decorator ?

If My little coupon offers a lot of materials rather intended for clothing, we also have fabrics from dormant stocks suitable for furniture confections.

This is particularly the case for our jacquards, our velvet, our Lins or even our workshop denims.

Whatever your project, Do not hesitate to contact us to know our personalized offers !


Looking for a fabric wholesaler in Paris? 

Come and meet us at our factory store located at 31 rue des Ormes in Saint-Nom-la-Bretêche, 20 minutes from Paris. 
We can thus discuss your needs in terms of big fabrics according to your projects! 

5 good reasons to provide dormant stock fabrics when you are professional

If the vision of your brand is engaged, then you have already looked for concrete solutions to provide you with responsible fabrics.

Either with a wholesale of fabrics, or with recycleries for example or even producers of organic and responsible tissue.

Brands often create collections from materials such as old curtains, old sheets, or homemade laundry fabrics in order to revalue them through the practice of upcycling.

This solution is not lacking in charm but it meets its limits in terms of replenishment and marketing.

Because it is difficult to follow the rhythm of the unique piece.

It then becomes interesting to look at the creation of capsule collections which, even if they are not produced in unique pieces, are produced in limited collections.

If you are entering this kind of vision for your business, then the concept of sleeping stock is really suitable for your projects!

We have identified 5 good reasons to use dormant stocks to design your collections!

But there would be so many others!


 1. Create a collection from rare fabrics 

Responsible fabric supplier


Dormant stock fabrics come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

In fact, they will no longer be produced and the quantities are very limited.

These fabrics were specially made by fashion houses that imagined their collection.

There is therefore very little chance that your competitors have the same references!


2. The quality and sustainability of dormant stocks of fashion houses

The fabrics that we put on the market and that we offer professionals have benefited from the expertise of creators of fashion houses that imagined them.

In fact, these are exceptional materials that are designed for the sake of quality.

By opting for fabrics of such quality, you also ensure the quality of your collections for your customers and customers!


3. Very beautiful fabrics at attractive prices 

The very concept of the dormant stock fabric will allow you to access prestigious materials at much more attractive prices than if it was a question of producing new collections!

And we know how much the cost of raw materials weighs in the addition and in the business challenges of a company!


4. A more responsible and more committed fashion vision for the planet

As you already know, producing new fabrics is always more polluting than reusing existing materials.

There are hundreds of stocks of fashion houses in France and Europe and thousands of meters ready to be upgraded.

Based on this principle, providing dormant stock fabrics is almost obvious!


5. Let us participate together to convey the message of a more responsible fashion!

wholesaler committed fabric

At the house of My little coupon, we support the marks engaged for the planet.

Because like us, you participate in this message that must be disseminated and conveyed with urgency!

For the planet, we must change our consumption methods. And you have to act, fast!

Each brand that advocates its values, places its stone at the building of a better future but it is also a real daily work of awakening consciences!

To make known the concepts of upcycling, dormant stocks and alternative fashion is a whole challenge!


Wholesaler fabrics and suppliers of ecological and responsible fabrics, the recap!

Buy wholesale fabric

We look forward to knowing your brand, your values, your concept!

Contact us so that we can collaborate and tell you about our dormant stock fabrics most suited to your project and your collections!

Here is the contact form


See you soon !


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