The poplin of Baumwolle is a fabric prized by all the designers and whose haute couture houses love. Pleasant to sew and pleasant to wear, this fabric fits ideally in the Upcycling process which allows you to recycle the raw materials from above to offer them a rewarding destiny.

What are the characteristics of the poplin of Baumwolle ?

The poplin is from Avignon. In the 14the A century, the city houses the Palais des Papes which have not yet taken up residence in the Vatican. La Popeline - then called "Papeline" - was at the time made of silk and wool threads. The popularity of the weaving technique using two different wires became permanent by adapting according to the nature of the wires used. 

The poplin of Baumwolle is a fabric whose structure is particularly dense. Its tight weaving is made up of two threads of Baumwolle Different thicknesses: the thickest frame threads and the thinner and twice as many chain wires. The frame wire is placed in the width direction, while the chain wire is placed in the length.

The intertwining of these two wires which gives birth to a slightly satin and fluffy fabric, with a shiny and creamy appearance.

The qualities of the poplin of Baumwolle

In addition to its rendering more aesthetic than the Baumwolle Classic, the poplin is of incomparable sweetness. Light and comfortable, the fabric adapts to all uses. 

The Popeline of Baumwolle does not fear machine washing at a temperature of 30 ° C. It also supports the washing machine, does not deform and does not bouloche. After drying, it appears less crumpled than the Baumwolle, but however requires being ironed. A simple iron is enough to give it an impeccable appearance. Furthermore, its fall remains the most beautiful effect, even after multiple uses and as much washing, because its structure makes it more sustainable than the Baumwolle Classic. 

Coming from a natural fiber, the poplin is naturally hypoallergenic, light and breathable. It preserves fragile, sensitive or reactive skins, including the skins of infants and young children.

The happiness of the designer

The poplin of Baumwolle Make the happy designer. Easy to cut, sew and work, it lends itself to all the shapes you impose on it: gathers, hems, pliers or stitching. It is particularly accommodated to make clothes for the summer, but adapts to all your desires:

  • Men's and polo shirts;
  • Blouses, tunics, dresses, tailors and shirts for women;
  • Infants and young children's clothing: Liquettes, shirts, blouses, dresses, etc. ;
  • Linen: Duvet cover, pillowcase, table runner, tablecloths, etc. 

The poplin naturally presents a certain flexibility. However, if you appreciate the clothes near the body or so that babies and children feel more free to move, you find poplins of Baumwolle Enriched with a low percentage of elastane that still improves their elasticity. 

The seam takes place with the same needles as for any other canvas of Baumwolle, with a thread of Baumwolle or polyester. Apply standard settings to your sewing machine. 


Sarah of Missa Atelier in one of our superb blue Iris poplin, out of stock

Little tip for designers: Popeline's amidonnage. Indeed, the manipulation of this silky textiles sometimes seems delicate because it tends to slip. Spray a mixture of corn flour and hot water before ironing. You can then cut, position and sew more easily. A simple washing is then enough for your poplin to regain its flexibility. 

Popeline's purchase and upcycling Baumwolle

The poplin of Baumwolle is often slightly more expensive than the Baumwolle to purchase (although at My Little Coupon Our prices also depend on the quantities recycled by reference and you are not in the shelter to have happy surprises).

However, its qualities fully justify this investment. From simple coupons of fabric dedicated if not to the rebuilding by the haute couture houses, you make high -end, durable and comfortable clothes that you will never tire. 

You can now find all Our Popelines in our collection by clicking here

We wish you a pleasant sewing!

08 November, 2022

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