First of all, can you introduce yourself, where do you come from, what are you doing in life? 

My name is Laurène, I come from Champagne but right now I live in the Paris region. I work in digital marketing for an appliance brand -Yes we are quite far from the seam!


How long have you been sewing? Where does this passion for sewing come from?

I have been sewing my own clothes for almost 5 years.

I have always had a passion for fashion, clothes and especially materials. I also always liked manual work, I tried a little bit everything: drawing, watercolor, hook, embroidery, plush sewing too ... But I did not dare get started in the seam of clothes. I didn't think I was capable of it, really not. And one day, my mother offered me a sewing machine for my birthday: it was a revelation for me!



How did you learn, what are the advice you give to a debutant? 

In two words: Crash test. I followed a few videos on YouTube to trace my basic patterns and I started with low -cost fabrics by testing various changes. I need to understand for myself to learn, I don't like to take lessons or books ...

I do not know if it is a method to recommend to beginners that said, it can be discouraging! My advice would be to start with a simple project but whose result will have a big effect, it goes through a choice of fabric that you really like (Watch out for the choice of material when you start, the pattern can be superb if you are launching on a satin, for example, it is very likely to go by) and a simple boss.


What is your first creation?

I started with a Wax circle skirt with very large patterns, doubled in a fabric uni Pétant orange. I think the circle skirt is really the best project to start, because it's quite simple but it really gives a result that throws it away! Honestly this skirt has grumpy finishes, the zipper is ... abstract, yet I always put it with pleasure and I almost always compliments on it. It is a real engine to get into sewing this kind of project!


Are you part of the 100% hand-sewn dressing clan? 

Yes totally! It is not at all at all what I had in mind at the base, I told myself that certain pieces would never be within my reach and I thought that shopping I would miss ... and finally, the more I had Hand -sewn pieces and less I wore my business clothes. Wearing a hand sewn that gives a little surplus of self -confidence and joie de vivre, and, let's be honest, we all need it every day? So why deprive yourself?


 haute couture fabric

Do you feel concerned by the concept of “responsible sewing”?

Yes without hesitation. The ecological issues are very important to me, I try to make daily choices as responsible and sustainable as possible. It must be admitted, sewing is not necessarily the most eco-friendly passion that is, so my compromise to satisfy my ecological conscience is to buy onlyUpcycled fabrics (or almost) and natural materials as much as possible.

I also make a lot of recovery with regard to the haberdashery in particular and I try to use my falls to the maximum (to make wipes, handkerchiefs or lingerie).

Haute Couture fabric lingerie


We could see that you were very active on social networks, how do you manage to manage your time, is this a very time-consuming activity?

Ahah it's true that I publish a lot, but I cheat a little: it's my job at the base 😉 I already manage the social networks of a brand, so organization of editorial planning I am quite running.

I have little schedule that I write as I went on my sewing projects and most of the time I have a few projects in advance already sewn, it allows me to take several outfits in a blow and to Sew at my pace after. After it is necessarily a bit time -consuming, but it is also A great joy to be able to share my passion for sewing with the Instagram community!

I also think that photography is important in the creation process. I imagine a staging, a place: it brings the project to life and allows you to better appreciate its result.

 Haute Couture Crepe

What is your last creation?

An extremely sober set: a body & a skirt inFuchsia pink knit with glitter (this fabric can be exhausted when you read the article) ! A good project to start with fabrics stretch Besides, this skirt: just copy a skirt stretch trade and add an elasticated belt.

haute couture


The one you are most proud of?

It’s very hard to choose, I think pride comes mainly from the technical challenges of certain projects. My favorite realization, I think it still remains My leopard silk satin dress For this fabric that was so scary!

Team The fabric does the project or team The project makes the fabric?

Without hesitation, team "fabric that makes the project". I like the materials, the colors, the falls different from the fabrics. I choose them at the crush and once I receive them I spend a long time touching them, manipulating them, getting carried away in it ... and it is at this time that the idea of ​​the project germinates in my head.

Sometimes I also hang out on the photos of the fashion shows to inspire myself and then I handle a selection of fabrics to decide which one to use. It’s something very meditative for me the choice of fabric.



haute couture leopard fabric 

Do you think you want to do your job one day?

I would love enough, maybe not full time that said. I am very thinking of launching my boss brand, but for the moment nothing has yet been done. Or maybe just doing my job in the sewing field, it would be great!


What do you think of My Little Coupon And its concept of upcycling? 

I adore ! Already for ecological reasons, I don't want there to be production launched for the tissues I use.

But also because I prefer to buy my fabrics on the internet and with My Little Coupon I know that I would never have a bad surprise on the quality, even if I could not touch the fabrics before. I always was fascinated by haute couture And the parades, so being able to sew these same fabrics is just a dream come true!


12 November, 2022

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