First of all, can you introduce yourself, where do you come from, what are you doing in life?

My name is Laure (@bylaure On Tiktok), I am 25 years old and I come from a small village in the Hautes-Pyrénées. I am a young stubborn

pathe, I studied in Toulouse so today I share between the Hautes-Pyrénées and Toulouse.


How long have you been sewing? Where does this passion for sewing come from?

I started to be interested in the sewing In 2019 but with studies I could not deepen this activity more than that. Until the summer of 2021, I really started sewing regularly and discover a passion.
Three girls brought me to the seam. To begin with, Clara Victorya and his Vintage clothing transformations. I wanted a sewing machine For me too give a Second life to clothes. I then discovered Marion Louisa and his tutorials To create clothing with its measurements. Then, Raphaëlle DVN who made me want to go further in sewing and in particularuse bosses.

You are very active on Tiktok, how did you start on this platform?

I wanted to speak and exchange Around the seam. My Tiktok It's a bit like my personal diary or my nost block sewing. I regularly spot tissue, of the patterns, of the inspirations But I cannot sew everything personally so I like the to share If it can help other people. In addition, around me I have no friends who sew so it's pleasant to find people who share the same passion, of discuss it all. It's very enriching


Team The fabric does the project or team The project makes the fabric?

At first I was Team The fabric does the project, but I found myself buying more fabrics than necessary and to accumulate. So I am Passed in the team the project makes the fabric. This allows me to accumulate, to take the time to search for good fabric. I still have little ones favorites for fabrics without projects and seek to Develop my creativity around a fabric.


What rate do you sell?

I have an average 4 sewing projects in the month. But I don't fix myself no specific days To sew, I always want it remains a passion and never a constraint. Couture is also my loophole, my little bubble.


Do you feel concerned by the concept of responsible sewing &/or upcycling?

I find that’We hear little about it But that’s something that’s up to me. I'm trying toto evolve In the right direction in sewing. At first, I wanted to sew often and I did not buy not very responsible fabrics. To overcome this problem, I turned to the fabrics of second hand. This is my first reflex When I am looking for a fabric, but I have to continue working on the origin of my fabrics because it still happens to meBuy on unused sites. I must also evolve on the composition fabrics and their manufacturing. In 2023, I want to maybe Cor less, but better.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start sewing?

The first advice would be aboutdare and start Even if you have zero knowledge and no one around you sewing. There is a lot of Internet resources And the Couture community is very caring, I'm sure you will find a person for youHelp and advise you.

Secondly, Take the time to know your sewing machine And to perform a few tests Before getting started. I also want to emphasize the importance of using Adequate equipment For his projects. It can change everything.

Subsequently, I would say about do not limit yourself To sew too beginner projects that do not necessarily make us want. This is By making you learn, what'We may be wrong but that we evolve.

Finally, to do confidence, D'to be proud of what you do and enjoy this Nice activity.

What is your first sewing creation?

It's the Marion Louisa Youtube tutorial to Sew his jogging/sweatshirt. I didn't have networks at the time so I had no publications. It’s a little catastrophic like sewing but I still love it. It might might take it back today to improve it.


The one you are most proud of?

The Nissa d'Estelina combination Bordeaux. I sewed it this fall and I didn't think I had The level to sew this project. I wanted a rigid fabric, like good vintage jeans, and I finished (after a long search) by finding a drill of Baumwolle in second hand. 

My tiktok on the combination here

My insta here


What is your next Couture project?


Currently I'm sewing Lysimaque Sew Mariposa blouse with a second -hand fabric.

Video available on my tiktok here

Then I will sew the CChristmas Adeaux For my sister (still in reflection on final projects) and My Christmas outfit (I am hesitating between The Riviera dress of Estelina Bordeaux or the Moodfabrics indigo skirt).  



Haute couture inspires you?

I am not haute couture, but I admire the beautiful pieces, work, quality.


Would you one day want to sew your job?

We are not going to lie, it would be a little dream what power live my passion which is sewing. I really like my job And the studies I have done, I just start, so I also have to evolve in this sphere there. But as I often say, I would like to be 50% and 50% the other. What is certain is that The seam flourishes me enormously and that I could not never stop. 

I still a lot of ideas Around the seam that I want to set up to evolve a little more.



The final word ?

I loved answering these questions. When I say that Couture is my passion That's all, it's in to speak, it is to be In front of my sewing machine, it is chose fabrics, find bosses, to research How to go from an inspiration to a garment, Photos and videos of my projects ...

I want to share even more. I thank all the people who make me evolve by their support, exchanges That we have, when we come to me for sewing questions, the inspirations they bring me, the desire to help me ...

That makes me happy And I am always available for couture

23 December, 2022

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