Understand the grammage of the fabric when you order online 

DuringThat we start a new sewing project, we sometimes have a little trouble finding the fabric Suitable for our project. Especially when we Internet order. It even happens that we look at all the characteristics of the fabric without really knowing what it corresponds to and that ultimately, we get lost even more. This is why I will explain to you today What is grammage And why it is so useful in the choice of your materials.

The grammage is The weight of the fabric, there are in two forms:

  • G/ML  gram per linear meter.
  • G/M2  gram per square meter. 

  • THE "G/ML”Is the weight of the fabric of 1m x La Laize while the "G/M2”Is the weight of the fabric of 1m x1m. You may have seen that The Laize varies from one fabric to another, that's why it is more prudent to refer to the “G/M2" For compare the fabrics

    If you don't have the weight at G/M2, here is a formula to go to G/ML At G/M2:

    Suppose that a fabric is 150g/ml with a 1.50m layer. You will divide the weight to the g/ml by the width of the fabric per meter. 150/1.5 = 100g/m2

    The more a textile will have a strong grammage, the more he will be heavy and hot And conversely, the more the Grammage will be low The more textiles will be End and light.


    Grammage is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Rather, it will be necessary to linger on the wire quality To define the quality of a textile. However, this unit of measure is practical for define the thickness of your garment.


    Now that we have understood what the grammage is and how to calculate the weight in g/m2 I will give you keys to analyze a fabric with its weight.

    First of all, each Couture project has its characteristics. Indeed, a shirt will be carried out in a light fabric and not in a caban, as a winter coat will be in a heavy fabric and not a poplin. According to the project, it will therefore be necessary to respect a certain grammage so that the garment has a Beautiful fall and above all a good appearence


    Tissue grammages table depending on the clothes that we want to sew 

    Below is a table that gives the grammages corresponding to the different types of clothing made. 

    Type of product 

    Recommended grammage

    Corresponding materials on My Little Coupon 

    Mid-season shirt

    Grammage between 80 and 150 g/m2



    Baumwolle farmhouse


    180gr and 250gr/m2



    350 gr/m2 or +



    Woolen gabardine

    Coat woolles


    200 gr /m2


    Light dress/blouse

    120 gr/m2 and 180 gr/m2



    Satin of Baumwolle


    greater than 280g/m2


    This table is only indicative. Couture is not an exact science and if you have cracked on a slightly heavier or lighter fabric than it advised on this table or in the explanation of your boss, go for it. 10/20g/m2 will not change the situation! 


    All you have to do is choose the fabric with a perfect grammage for your project among Our 3 -meter coupons


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    Merci pour votre explication !
    Commander sur internet est difficile .. toucher le tissus , visualiser la couleur sont mes critères de choix .. votre article est une bonne aide et j’aime bien lorsque qu’il y a des vidéos de présentation de vos tissus .. on se rend mieux compte !!

    — Gobaille

    Super article, très clair et intéressant !

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