First of all, can you introduce yourself, where do you come from, what are you doing in life?

My name is Emmanuelle and Emma for friends, I am 35 years old. I have lived in the Paris region and I have been a nurse for over 7 years.


How long have you been sewing? How did this passion for sewing come?

I started sewing in March 2019 with babies to make my gifts to all my friends who became mom. And then a few months later I sewed my first elastic skirt that I made without boss and it was gone I was already bitten with sewing. I always loved create my hands I had learned knitting a few years ago with my grandmother and a friend. The seam naturally came in the Creative activities that I wanted to acquire.


What rate do you sell?

It’s very random I can have an impulsive seam with several lodges in the week like sewing for weeks. I listen to my desires and my clothing needs.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start sewing? 

To go for it and not to let go. To choose a project that pleases him but to pay attention to the difficulty of the project.


On what social networks are you used to posting?

On Instagram!


How long has your Insta become an "insta couture" has become?

I created my account @emmacreacouture in 2020 dedicated to sewing.

Networks, it takes time, is not? How do you manage to manage your time?

A lot of time, I would say several hours a day. On average more than 3:30 am and sometimes more depending on the events I organize. Sometimes it's difficult with my job. I share when I have time and when I want to.


Do you consider yourself "influence" sewing?

Not really it's a label that bothers me a little. I share for pleasure what I like. If it allows people to feel supported or it helps them I am delighted!


Would you one day want to sew your job?

Yes and no I hope it will always remain a passion. This is my breath of fresh air. This is what allows me to be balanced in my life. Couture was a support in my life at some point. And I don't want to lose this little extra to professionalize myself.

Do you make a link between sewing and self -confidence?

Clearly. For me sewing is an element that helped me accept myself as I was. And of course Instagram through posts too. I started posted photos of myself when I was far from enjoying my image. The seam allows us to highlight tel that we are because we can Adapt the garment to our morphology What fast fashion clothes can never do.


What was your verifiable first creation? 

A volute dress from @annarosepatterns.


Your last? 

My EDERNA de @cactofil jacket


The creation you are most proud of?

Difficult to choose! I would say my EDERNA down jacket but I also have the whole that I have sewn for a wedding but that I have not yet posted ☺️.

Examples of creations with your falls?

Children's accessories. The advantage is that we arrive with little material to make a baby or children's garment. And I really like to use my lace falls for example for panels.


Are you part of the 100% hand -sewn dressing team?

Not totally but it's a bit of my grail. I admit that after my operation (Sleeve) I had a lot of weight and therefore size changes. Difficult to sew a wardrobe when my size changed every 3 months! But I would say that I wear 70% of the handmade!

Do you feel concerned by the concept of responsible sewing &/or upcycling?

Yes of course even if I am not always a good student. I am a sometimes compulsive addict fabric in the purchase of fabric. Even if for several months I have been trying to buy my fabric for a given project and to take maximum in my stock. I also didn't recover lace and fabrics and even my mother's belts and my grandmother! I hope to take the time to cuddle.

What do you think of the concept My Little Coupon ?

I find it great to be able to have access to Dormant fabrics in small quantities. I like the exceptional side. And especially Superior quality fabrics

Your word of the end?

Couture is a great moment for oneself But also sharing with other seamstresses. We always learn and it is an endless mode of creation. And so to finish: "Think, believe, dream and dare ...". (W. Disney)

Thanks ♥️

13 November, 2022



Je vous comprend 5 sur 5 je suis comme vous la couture c’est une passion qui nous donne des ails et en plus nous le valons bien j’ai aussi beaucoup de tissu en stock et la le plus difficile est de trouver de bon patrons car la c’est dur de gacher la marchandise alors j’apprends tous les jours et je suis heureuse de pouvoir compter sur les tutos quand je suis coincées.

merci pour votre présentation

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