Sewing patterns for children 

Looking for sewing patterns for your children?

For a few months now at My Little Coupon We offer the sewing patterns of Marmai Patterns.

The sewing patterns for the little ones are a perfect alternative To use the latest centimeters of your 3 -meter coupons And thus, to create LOOKS Matchy/Match Mother/Son, mother/daughter, father/son, father/daughter (you understood the concept :)) 

Here is an exclusive interview with the founders of the Marmai brand: unruly children's bosses :) 

Today, we would like to know more about you because many of us dream, perhaps in secret (?), To take up the challenge of entrepreneurship. 

Can you tell us more about you? Where are you from ?

"We are clear and Sophie, two fingers of the same hand, two always friends, two adventure accomplices. 

We met in Marseille in the first year of our higher education. Then life brought us to separate career paths for ten years. The desire to build A common project In adequacy with our aspirations, our passions and our new statutes of mothers naturally gave birth to Marmaï. ""

How did you learn to sew? How long have you been passionate about sewing? 


We learned to sew together when we were roommates. 

In 2010, Claire received a sewing machine for Christmas and we are launched in the creative whirlwind of sewing. Accessories, first clothes ... We first have a lot learned by ourselves Then took many sewing courses which over the years have enabled our knowledge to be fleshed up and fuel this emerging passion. 

In short, we especially learned by doing, redoing, dislodging, putting together and giving ourselves tips to make the task easier. From this experience came the desire to make the seam more accessible to the most beginners so that it always remains a moment of pleasure and relaxation. It is at the center of our concerns at Marmaï.


Why Marmaï? 

Marmaï comes from “Marmaille” : Disorderly troop ofnoisy and unruly children. It is in the DNA of our brand: we design models for children who live great adventures, which move, run, who climb and who need comfort to live their best life!

How would you define your style? Who are your patterns for?

At Marmaï, we offer practical, comfortable and looked clothes to dress children from 6 months to 12 years old on a daily basis. We are keen to offer mainly mixed and timeless clothing, with multiple variations, which will always find a place in children's wardrobe. 

Our bosses are aimed at All levels of sewing, from the most beginner to the most confirmed. We systematically detail each small step in order to guarantee the success of the sewing project. We always simplify assembly methods and give tips to facilitate the production of clothing. In our opinion, the seam of small clothes must be accessible, fast and satisfactory!

What are the values ​​of Marmaï?

The ecological question has always been at the center of the values ​​of our project. Doing yourself is already a step towards a softer approach to consumption. By making sewing more accessible to beginners, we want to democratize this practice and Encourage the reappropriation of our dressings. We want to go further: we regularly offer tips and inspirations ofupcycling With the ambition that this becomes a real sewing reflex (to be found on our IG account: @Marmai_patterns). There child seam lends itself particularly well to theupcycling Because these are small pieces and we all have all forgotten clothes in our cupboards waiting for their second life! 

We are part of the collective of ethics pole creators (@pole_ethics). We signed the charter of Social and environmental responsibility Who guides our daily choices.

What boosts you on a daily basis? 

Work in thecreative universe is a great source of motivation. See our models come to life under the couturier machines, even novices, encourages us every day to make Marmaï grow. 

An entrepreneurial anecdocte? 

Between the dreamed workshop and our current workshop, there 6 floors of a building without elevator…. It’s our reality and a daily logistics challenge. Suffice to say that the reception of our stock quickly turned into a sporty prowess and our legs remember it!

What do you think of the concept My Little Coupon ? 

My Little Coupon offers a beautiful alternative to the purchase of new fabrics By revaluing the ends of rollers of good factory. We join this approach anti-gaspi Who still has a bright future ahead of her! We are proud to work alongside them and share common values that lead to a more responsible sewing practice!

Here are the Marmai children's patterns that you can find on our e-shop: 

The Gabian shirt from 3 to 12 years old 

Boss to find here 

The Broken Fauvette from 3 to 12 years old 


The Linot dress from 3 to 12 years old 

To be found here 

Find all the children's patterns of the Marmaï Patterns brand by here  ! 


We look forward to discovering your sewing achievements for your children as well as your Matchy/Matchy looks! 


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Creator of Couture boss

24 October, 2022

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