Why is it essential to decline and wash your fabric before cutting it?

We will explain everything to you ! :)
Hello seamstresses and designers!
When we start sewing, we often hear the most experienced assaulting us with sentences like: "don't forget to decline your fabric", "wash your fabric before sewing it!".
On Instagram, I have even seen that many of you do not understand what "decay" or do not bother to execute these good advice.
Fortunately for you, I'm here to light your lanterns.

First of all "to decide", what does that mean?

Decating is the fact of ironing your fabric in its 2 sense of weaving, chain and frame sense (horizontal and vertical). It is important to go back with steam, to simulate machine wash. It will also be more prudent to do these operations on the reverse in order to avoid damaging your fabrics with a drop in limestone of our iron. Also be careful to adjust your iron on the temperature that is suitable according to your textiles.
Schema Decatissage

But why should we prepare our tissue Before cutting them and/or sewing them?

Because the fabric shrinks! It is necessary to wash them or to delete them for the first time so that the fabric no longer shrinks afterwards. Certain subjects like the Baumwolle can shrink up to 30%! Imagine your beautiful blouse freshly finished, finally 2 smaller sizes after its first washing. Even if you are faced with a material that has little chance of shrinking (like polyester), your seams may grig As you return your sewing values ​​and believe me, it's not better.
So for a beautiful and clean work, it is imperative to make a first washing or to delete your materials.
Iron his fabric

What is the best? Display or wash?

It all depends on your time and your material.
If you have time, wash it. In any case, it is the safest method since thereafter your garment will follow the same treatment.
If you have less time, delete it. However, for safety, I recommend it less for materials that tend to easily shrink ( Baumwolle, linen,...).
I hope you are buying the next time Our haute couture fabrics You will take the time to execute these good advice to have ever more incredible creations <3
(*Coutures that roar : The fabric is retracted and forms waves.)
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20 October, 2022



Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.


Comment décatir des draps neuf en métis?
Merci à vous de vos renseignements

Lassalle :

Décatir, c’est enlever les produits qui sont dans la fibre du tissu.
Il faut laisser tremper votre linge dans de l’eau claire et froide pendant 24 h, en changeant l’eau.
Le coton et le lin apprécie particulièrement ce traitement. Votre linge sera plus agréable au touché !!!
Faites le pour vos housses de couette, drap, torchons et serviettes de plage !!!

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