Gabardine Couture


You spotted a beautiful gabardine ?

Maybe you've even already cracked for a beautiful gabardine coupon?

Which one did you choose? A gabardine of Baumwolle ? of wool ? Mixed? Does it contain a little elastane? And in which color?

How curious I am!

But it is because I love to speak fabrics and sewing, in real Addict seam and fabric ! 😊

I am Sarah of the blog and count of seam to do very soft And if like me you like the aesthetics of this fabric, with its beautiful diagonal stripes called tongue armor, you will probably seek The best sewing pattern to sew your gabardine.

When I speak of the best sewing pattern to sew the gabardine, I mean the best sewing pattern for you!

The couture pattern which is adapted to both the type of fabric and therefore to the material but also in the style of clothing that you particularly appreciate carrying !

But you may already hesitate between sewing a jacket or pants with your gabardine coupon?

Do you wonder which sewing pattern would be best suited to sew the gabardine?

Sometimes we totally crack on a fabric saying that we will later find the perfect model to sew with.

And I find that it would be a shame to keep your coupon warm in your fabric wardrobe!

Better to have it in your wardrobe and enjoy it as much as possible, right?😊

So I listed 21 ideas for sewing patterns completely adapted to sewing gabardine.

I hope it will give you un maximum of sewing ideas ! 😊


But before being inspired, some info to know about Gabardine! 😊

What is Gabardine

How do I recognize a gabardine?

Thanks to its weaving first!

When you have the fabric in front of you, observes its weaving well.

That of gabardine is quite characteristic: there are very marked diagonal stripes. It's about a armor chick.

You can find the same type of armor on denims for example.

What is interesting with the properties of gabardine is that it is a tight and therefore solid weaving, but also ... waterproof!

The weaving being tight, little chance that the rain will penetrate the fabric.

It is therefore The material to be favored for a trench coat, and I will give you a little lower some ideas of sewing trench patterns with gabardine.

It is also a fabric that has the outfit.

You can find more details in this dedicated article: What is Gabardine?

A beautiful material whose composition can vary.


There are 100% gabardines Baumwolle, wool gabardines, mixed gabardines and gabardines that contain elastane.

For a trench, personally, I prefer to opt for gabardines of Baumwolle Or wool that do not contain elastane.

On the other hand, the gabardines which contain them will be particularly pleasant to wear once transformed into pants or a skirt for example!

To speak more general, Gabardine is a perfect fabric for sewing parts that have hold and require a certain solidity !

Find all the gabardines proposed by My Little coupon just here :)


Bonus: Do you want a little info on Gabardine to go out to do the intellectual for family meals? 😊



Gabardine was invented by Thomas Burberry in 1880!

The very founder of the brand that bears his name.

You will find An article dedicated to Burberry around here if you are interested !


What to sew with gabardine? 21 Ideas for sewing patterns 

Now that we have talked about weaving, armor, compositions and techniques, let's talk about couture inspiration!

The best part, isn't it?

The one where we imagine the heart that we dream of realizing!

The dreamed match between a sewing boss and his fabric 😊


The pattern par excellence to sew the gabardine: the trench coat

I already told you about it above: Gabardine, It's the fabric to sew the famous trench coat !

This room halfway between the coat and the jacket that we love to wear in autumn!

Gabardine's properties are perfect for sewing a trench coat.

I advise you to choose without elastane for a better effect.

For winter, you can opt for a beautiful woolen gabardine!


Sew the Mood fiber Martha trench with gabardine

Mood fiber boss to sew the gabardine

The patron of the Martha Martha trench coat can be found here.

The martha trench from the Mood fiber collection is a very beautiful sewing room.

The brand insists: even if the gabardine is waterproof, does not qualify the Trench Martha as a rain coat. It is much more elegant than a rain coat😊

The boss has a double row of buttons, is surrounded.

This trench has two piped pockets, shoulder shoulders and a beautiful slot in the middle back.

To quote fiber Mood: "In short: this beautiful trench has the look it takes to stand out in the streets"

The boss size from XS to XXXL.

And you will find Several style tips depending on your morphology right here.


The boss of Deer and Doe Luzerne Trench

Deer and Doe Patrons

You can find the boss of the Deer and Doe Trench Luzerne right here

What I particularly appreciate with Deer and Doe is the quality of their bosses, always well thought out, well finished and accessible.

This trench is part of my to Sew List.

The interior finish is completely ganious and the model will be completely suitable for gabardine of Baumwolle or wool.

The cut of this trench is curved.

You have a double buttoning and princess cutouts.

Beautiful Italian piped piping pockets and tailor sleeves.

The pattern is available both in pdf and in a clutch: there is for the 2 teams😊

It size from 34 to 46.


Make My Lemonade's boss of Hendricks Hendricks

pattern sew a trench

Personally, I really like details to the sleeves of this model!

Like all the trenches, it will be perfect in gabardine of Baumwolle Or wool!😊

And even sewing a Make My Lemonade model, you might as well go on a colorful gabardine! I invite you to go see the one offered by the brand in Fuchsia pink!

To talk a bit about the details of this beautiful trench that you can sew in gabardine:

You have the raglanous sleeves, "for optimal comfort regardless of the sweater you wear below".

Bas shutters with a nice movement of buckets to structure your silhouette.

The pretty knots at the bottom of the sleeves (the detail that kills!😊 )

The boss provides a lining!

It size from 34 to 48.


The Henri Trench of the Republic of the cloth

Gabardine sewing pattern

You can find the boss of the Henri Trench right right here 

I find the cut of this very original trench.

The model is rather loose and oversize.

 The Raglan sleeves will allow you to wear a thick sweater below.

I particularly like the maxi plated pockets.

The pattern is not doubled: this trench can be sewn when you have a less advanced level in seam.

The brand also suggests you sew this gabardine trench!

The henri trench size from 34 to 50


The jacket bosses that you can sew with gabardine

The Criollo jacket of Fauve house

Couture boss jacket

You can find the boss of the Criollo jacket from Fauve house just here 

A very pretty jacket that you can sew in gabardine from Baumwolle For example.

I particularly like the fawn house patterns which are very clear, well cut and often accompanied by a video tutorial.

This boss is not doubled but offers you pretty finishes.

There is a set of bands along the bust to put a belt there, and the folded pockets give a lot of style to this model. On the pockets, you can bring out the lining. I really like this detail.

Whether you are a pdf pattern or pouch, the brand offers you both.

The size jacket from 34 to 46.


The Françoise de République du rag jacket

Gabardine jacket pattern

You can find the boss of the Françoise jacket of the Republic of the cloth just here. 

The Françoise de République jacket of the cloth can be sewn in gabardine of Baumwolle or wool.

It’s a style of Blazer jacket with a small male side.

You can make it match with several outfits.

I like the double row of pressure pimples and its two peasant pockets.

The model is doubled and size from 34 to 46.


The Nadine jacket of Coralie Bijasson
Sew a gabardine jacket

“The Nadine jacket is a jacket embellished with Brandenburgs for a resolutely chic and contemporary look. Have fun with the pimples »Dixit Coralie Bijasson.

This original jacket with a small officer side can be sewn in a pretty gabardine.

The boss is offered in PDF but also in a pocket version and there is a video tutorial!

This size jacket from 34 to 48 and is classified as a difficult level.

Ready to raise the challenge?😊


The jacket The city dweller of the bosses the bg

Men's sewing pattern with gabardine

What about men then?

Gabardine is a completely mixed fabric!

You can use it to sew jackets and even men's style pants!

I particularly like the model of the BG city dweller.

You can play with your pockets and also with the collar, that you can do in "moumout" style if you want😊

It opens thanks to a separable zip.

The little word of the BG on the pattern: “With its packed pockets in flap, its lined tailors, its buttoned cuffs and its a half back lining, this trendy zipped jacket will bring you a look as well urban and advertising. »»

You can find this pattern in PDF or in a clutch.

It size from XS to XXL.


The Atelier Scammit Atelier Jacket

Scammit Gabardine workshop owner

You can find the boss of the SCAMMIT workshop tempo jacket right here.


This slightly spirit "Sezane Like" jacket can quite be sewn in churched and therefore gabardine materials.

At Atelier Scammit, the bosses often offer several versions.

It's up to you to make your own variation!😊

This jacket model combines a military and Saharan spirit.

You can wear it surrounded or not, and you can choose several pocket styles!

Patron from 34 to 48.


The jacket/full moon dress from i am patterns

Gabardine sewing jacket

You can find the pattern of the jacket or full moon dress from I am patterns right here. 

I really like the style of the Full Moon jacket from I am patterns. Sober and elegant.

This pattern is also available in a tailor style dress but not close to the body.

It is a jacket to wear in all circumstances, with a long tailor collar, a double buttoning, straight sleeves and a lining!

You can sew the Gabardine jacket version!

The pattern is offered in PDF or in a pocket and you can sew it from 34 to 52 (for the PDF).


Sewing pants patterns with gabardine

In general, the pants patterns that you can sew with a denim or chinon fabric are also suitable for gabardine.

It is the thickness and weight of your fabric that will give different effects.

For my part, when I sew gabardine to make pants, shorts or skirts, I always choose who contain elastane, for more comfort.

But it's up to you to see the effect you prefer!😊


Steven pants of Ose Patterns

Steven pants dare patterns



If you have already sewn Monty's bosses, the creator of Ose Patterns, then you know how detailed and complete her patterns are.

For this particular pants pattern, she adapted it to beginners who have not yet sewn Braguette.

However, she did not neglect the finishes.

This is a very good model to embark on the production of gabardine pants.

You can find his PDF boss which size from 34 to 48.


Cha coud jade pants

Gabardine pants pattern

You can find the pattern of Jade pants right here. 

Charlotte, the creator of the brand of patterns Cha Coud, made her version of Jade pants in a gabardine of Baumwolle !

It is a pants pattern with a straight cut, with 2 pockets on the front and a ticket pocket in the left pocket.

On your back, you have two plated pockets.

The pants closes with a fly and a button on the front.

Jade closes with a fly and a button on the front.

The jade pants pattern is offered in PDF and you can sew it from size 34 to 48.


Apolline patterns gabin pants

Gabin pants pattern

You can find the pattern of the pants or short gabin just here. 

This boss is available in shorts.

You can completely sew the gabardine!

This is Paperbag pants, belted (the opportunity to show your pretty Sezane belt:)).

Small folds and peasant pockets!

You can sew this boss from 34 to 46 and from 44 to 58

Available in PDF and pocket.


Patron of Gaston Pants of the Republic of the cloth

Gabardine pants pattern

You can find the pattern of Gaston pants right here. 

At the Republic of the cloth, you have several pants that you can sew with gabardine of Baumwolle For example.

Gaston pants are a little marine style pants at the cut.

It is ample, with two packed pockets to surprise.

It is a high -waisted pants pattern with a vintage little touch, due to the cut!

It size from 34 to 46.

The gaston pants pattern is to be found in PDF.

I invite you to go see the other cuts offered by the brand: many can be sewn in gabardine. 


Short bosses that you can sew in gabardine

As with pants, you will be able to use gabardine to sew shorts.

In winter, you can sew a woolen gabardine pants!


Deer and doe chestnut shorts

Short Gabarine boss

You can find the boss of the chestnut shorts right here. 

 This boss offers 2 versions of shorts, including this on the scalloped edges.

A nice detail that requires a fabric that goes well, like gabardine.

It is a pliers shorts with two variants: normal size with reverse for version A

or a high waist and with festoons for version B.

Short has an invisible zip closure system on the side.

In PDF, the size shorts from 34 to 52.


Cha Coud's EMA shorts

Sew a gabardine shorts

You can find the boss of the EMA shorts right here 

A nice shorts with a classic cut, to be declined in several fabrics including woolen or Baumwolle.

With a little elastane, you will have more comfortable shorts😊

The EMA boss is high -waisted shorts.

You have 2 Italian pockets in the hips and 2 pliers on the back to properly adjust the size.

It closes with a zipper and a hook at the belt.

You can find the boss in PDF from size 34 to 44.


The skirt bosses that you can sew in gabardine

In general, all the skirt bosses planned to be sewn in denim are compatible with gabardine.

I advise you to sew straight and rather short skirts with gabardine.

Here are some ideas for gabardine sewing skirt patterns. The list is not exhaustive of course!😊


Bélène Paris's Cordoba skirt

Gabardine sewing skirt

You can find the boss of the Cordoba skirt right here. 

In the same style that you can also sew in gabardine, you have the sousse pants of the same designer.

The length of the cordoba skirt is half-thigh and is high waist.

It takes up the portfolio style and has asymmetrical panels that make the charm of the skirt!

She closes thanks to her belt and two pressing buttons.

It is a PDF pattern that size from 34 to 48.


Make My Lemonade's Ada skirt

gabardine skirt

You can find the boss of the Ada skirt right here. 

Gabardine with a little elastane will be perfect for sewing this style of skirt, buttoned at the front. You can also sew it in a beautiful velvet!😊

I particularly like the vintage look, with the ugly maxi of the Make My Lemonade Ada skirt.

It is a pencil cut skirt, with a knee length.

ADA is to be found in PDF from size 34 to 46.


The branches of overalls and combinations that you can sew in gabardine

The Hydrangea combination of Atelier April 8 

Gabardine combination

You can find the boss of this combination right here. 

The Hydrangea Pauline combination, the creator of Atelier April 8, has a cargo pants spirit, mixing the feminine and male.

She has a lot of details like an officer collar, plated pockets, a panel in front ...

You can also make it with short sleeves with reverse.

This pattern exists in PDF and pocket, from size 34 to 48.


Delphine Morissette Mario overalls

Gabardine overalls

You can find this bitch pattern right here. 

Like denim or threesome overalls, you can just consider sewing a gabardine pants overalls.

There are several patterns. Here is that of Delphine Morissette whose universe I really like.

Mario is a low -waisted overalls model that closes on one side.

Rather easy to make, this PDF pattern size from 34 to 46.


The Small Boss Oasis overalls

Short Gabardine Slut

You can find the boss of the little boss's overalls right here. 

The Oasis overalls from the Petit Patron brand has a loose cut, which makes it pleasant to wear.

There are 3 lengths, it's up to you to decide😊

You can sew it in a beautiful gabardine of Baumwolle or wool for example.

There are several pocket options!

This PDF pattern size from 34 to 56.


You can also consider sewing A Gabardine overall dress, A jacket, A bombers... This list of bosses is not exhaustive: it is intended to inspire new ideas!😊


Choose a quality gabardine

For a better rendering of all these sewing parts, opts for a quality gabardine!

As with all materials and all types of fabric, there are more or less good quality ranges.

It would be a shame to spend hours sewing a pretty boss in a poor quality fabric, isn't it?

That’s why I invite you to read the article 6 good reasons to choose quality fabric and also to look Gabardines offer from My little Coupon !

Do you know the concept?

These are fabrics from end of fashion house collections!

In other words: very good quality fabrics at much more accessible prices!

And in addition, it's green!

quality fabrics


What to sew with gabardine? The final word 😊

I hope this article will give you lots of ideas to enhance your gabardine or your coupons!

Whether you are rather a team trench, jacket or pants, I'm sure you are going to produce a magnificent wedge!

Good seam!

See you soon on the networks!

Sarah @todotoutdoux


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