My Little Coupon (at a time when I write these lines) is a brilliant 3 -year adventure which has, among other things, allowed us to exchange with a lot of seamstresses and seamstars who like fans of fabrics!

You will find here so what one might call a summary of the various meetings and conversations that we could have with other enthusiasts and what we have drawn from it.

Also let's start at the beginning ...

Couture, formerly considered an essential competence, has evolved over the years to become an art and lifestyle form that goes far beyond the simple creation of clothes. It offers many advantages ranging from self -confidence to sustainability, including therapeutic virtues. In this article, we explore why putting yourself in sewing is a judicious decision in many ways, especially in terms of personal satisfaction, self -expression, and positive impact on the environment.

Sewing and self -confidence


One of the first reasons why many people turn to sewing is the positive impact it can have on self -confidence. Create something with your own hands, whether it is an elegant dress, a unique handbag or a simple pillowcase, provides an invaluable feeling of accomplishment. The satisfaction of seeing a project take shape, overcome challenges and create something functional and beautiful is incomparable.

Ask a seamstress to describe the feeling feeling post sewing, there is little chance that it does not send you the couture virus or at least the desire to try!

In addition, sewing allows you to personalize clothes and accessories to adapt them perfectly to your own morphology and personal style. This means that you no longer have to comply with the standard sizes of clothing and that you can create parts that highlight your strengths and hide your weak points, which considerably strengthens self -confidence. Rather than desperately looking for the perfect dress in store, you can sew it yourself, making sure that it is perfect for your body and style.

Sewing for durably elegant clothes


In an era when fast fashion dominates, clothing is often made of mass, with a limited lifespan. They are quickly bought, worn a few times, then thrown when new styles appear. This trend in overconsumption has a devastating impact on the environment and contributes to growing textile pollution problems.

Couture, on the other hand, embodies a more sustainable approach to fashion. When you create your own clothes, you have total control over the materials you use, the quality of the seam and the style of the room. As a result, the clothes you make tend to be of better quality and last longer than their counterparts purchased in store. You can also choose ecological tissues and as at My Little Coupon, fabrics from series of sewing houses, quality fabrics, thus contributing to the reduction of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

When you buy fabric per meter of quality, you make sure a garment that will last over time. 

The therapeutic virtues of sewing

Sewing can also be a powerful antidepressant. It is an activity that makes it possible to escape daily stress and the pressure of modern life. When you are immersed in a sewing project, your mind empties concerns and concerns, allowing you to fully focus on the task to be accomplished.

In addition, sewing promotes mindfulness. You must be present and concentrated to measure, cut, and sew with precision. It looks a lot like a form of meditation, helping you relax and reduce stress. People who suffer from anxiety or depression often have significant relief by practicing seam on a regular basis.

Couture: self -expression and adaptation to the body

One of the most captivating aspects of sewing is the possibility of fully expressed through the creations you make. Each designer/seamstress has its own distinct style, which means that you can design clothes that really reflect your personality and your unique tastes. Whether you prefer a timeless vintage look, a modern and refined style, or something completely eccentric, sewing gives you the power to express yourself without limits.

In addition, sewing allows you to adapt the clothes to your body precisely. No need for compromise between a size that suits your bust but not to your size, or between a length that suits your legs but not to your bra. You can adjust every detail to create clothes that perfectly fit your silhouette, which not only leads to better appearance, but also increased comfort.

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The ecological values ​​of sewing

One of the major concerns of our time is the environmental impact of our consumption choices. The fashion industry is one of the largest sources of pollution and waste, with large -scale mass production and excessive use of resources. This is where sewing comes into play as an ecological solution.

At the house of My Little Coupon, we put back on the market for ends of fabrics of fashion houses that we offer for the sale of fabric per meter or the 3 -meter coupon, a revaluation is at the heart of our project.

By making your own clothes, you reduce your dependence on mass -made clothing, generally products under conditions that do not always meet ethical and environmental standards. Using sustainable fabrics because it is qualitative and leading to the waste of raw materials, you contribute to the reduction of the demand for industrial clothing production. In addition, sewing makes it possible to reuse textiles and give a second life to existing fabrics, thus participating in the circular economy. 

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Now that you know all of this you must certainly ask yourself, great but then I start with where? Do not panic ! We have already prepared you through another article all your answers through 10 tips on How to buy fabric online And it happens here

So, ready to take up the challenge? 

Addict couture

28 August, 2023

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