Imagine a thick, solid, resistant, practical and comfortable fabric for decoration. Look no further, it's there gabardine which you need!

Gabardine fabric of oldest boy, of  Baumwolle And many other subjects, is by definition raincoat because of his manufacturing. Indeed, its optimal tight weaving gives strength and softness to the touch. The front of the fabric which, by looking at it, brings out diagonal, apparent and almost invisible grooves on polyester. The rear reveals the secret of a treated fiber mesh (patent of Thomas Burrebury) and its great density, so that water pearls on this impenetrable tissue.

Bought at metre or in a coupon (the coupons of three meters at My Little Coupon), the gabardine will give a beautiful unit at the very fact of its appearance serge. On a jacket or one coat For example, the marriage of the stripes between the top of the round and the shoulder will be of the best effect, creating a fall without too many folds.
For cycling enthusiasts, more and more numerous both for ecological concerns and for practical use, gabardine becomes more than essential. Trench beige, over coat black or gabardine windbreaker stretch. Both water -repellent and waterproof in air, it is nonetheless chic. Like the famous Burberry, which remains the quintessence of the English style with its lining, of silk or in wool, at the "nova" grid like a Scottish tartan.
Creation ideas come to you suddenly? To your needles, because gabardine is available in pants And jackets, whether for professional uses (factory, cooking, military, tarpaulins, screens, etc.) but also for creations (combinations, curtains and other sofas).
Declining endlessly, gabardine is also reusable because of its resistance over time. Upcycling, now being the "meter" word from the textile industry.

In the fall-winter 2021, Gaultier and Sacai had caused a sensation with its "big accent trench", making the classic a strapless dress.
For the women, a green mint, blue Roy or even Camel refresh the usual colors of "waterproof.". The men will gain in charisma thanks to more sober shades (beige, colombo, navy blue) for a gabardine.

26 September, 2022

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