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At the house of My Little Coupon We understood that sometimes you wanted to consult a little bit of inspiration for your creations. So we had the idea of ​​taking one of our sublime coupons, here Heavy print satin fawn with Thermocollant  and use a Boss of Cha’COUD, The Imen skirt. (Available pattern here)
Let's talk little, let's talk about sewing ...
First, I saw you! You, who dare to think that you will sew your fabric without washing or decoring it !!
Know that this is really a very important step if you do not want your garment to shrink in the first washing or even your seams are toast when you go back to them.
So for the good of your coupon haute couture fabric, wash/Decate your fabrics.
Now let's get to the heart of the matter:
I used size 38 of this pattern. Knowing that I have a smaller size than a 38 and that I like to wear this type of high skirt, I had to readjust on the size (-4cm). Even if it remains a very well cut pattern!
As indicated on the explanation booklet, I used 1.80m well, no less! Regarding the parts and the assembly, it is really a boss made for beginners. It is easy to understand with simple finishes. Not even need to close! The skirt closes with the buttons on the sides.
The perfectionist that I am still added some details that make the difference on the quality of the finished product.
On the surfaces I always add a swinging bite. As you can see in the photo, it's a rib sting has one or two mm from the edge. It is not visible on the place since I only sting the inform and sewing values. This allows the form to remain inside. You can also make a hand point on the seam values ​​and the form to be sure that he does not leave.
Fauvy heavy satin fabric                                   
Besides, concerning the buttons. I wanted 0.5 or 0.7 mm in diameter but I did not find it. I finally hunned pearl -shaped pimples in the tones of the aligre fleas. What I thought was a good idea was ultimately a bad since the strap is too thick to keep the "pimples" well. So do not make the same mistake as me and take real buttons.
In conclusion, The Imen skirt is a really accessible boss (Available pattern here)  For all levels and more fast to make. You can easily do it endlessly and with many materials. It is a skirt that adapts to all your needs and coupons. It can be tied with a top to suspenders and a viscose coupon in summer or with a turtleneck, tights and a crêpe coupon towards satin in winter.
Our suggestions for haute couture fabrics :
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11 October, 2022

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