Today, we are going to talk about the mini skirt, returned in force for a few weeks on the parades and in the streets, it is everywhere.


Do you want to sew a trendy mini-skirt? We start with the small culture point:

It appeared in the 60s created by an English stylist, Mary Estell, who offers a more practical and comfortable version of the skirt.

We have already all known the galley of the long narrow skirt which says "be stylish but does not move especially".

Mary offers a revolutionary skirt that releases our legs.

His name of "Mini" skirt refers to the car "Mini Cooper".

It was in 1965 that Couturier Courrèges would democratize it by offering it during a parade. The miniskirt caused a sensation.


Now the small culture point on the mini-skirt, place at the point that interests us most for sewing: style!

What is interesting with the miniskirt is that it takes place in many different styles to create a maximum of looks!

It can be made with different fabrics: wool fabric, silk fabric, mesh fabric, fabric Baumwolle, Jean Coupon, leather coupon, velvet fabric, Gabardine fabrics.. the possibilities are limitless !


We give you some seasonal examples;)


The classic miniskirt

The black skirt that goes with everything, essential in the wardrobe. To realize it, we recommend Gabardine Gabardine Polylaine stretch black (ref elsa107), at a low price of 39 euros (free delivery) per 3 meter fabric coupon available here 👈  And if you arrived too late and it is exhausted I recommend another gabardine, they are available here 👈

Always too practical the 3% elastane that offers rather nice comfort.

You can also make it in velvet fabric, with for example the velvet 500 black lines (ref: VEL043), at a price of 49 euros (free delivery) the 3 -meter fabric coupon availablehere 👈  And if you arrived too late and it is exhausted I recommend another velvet, they are availablehere 👈

The classic mini skirt is associated very well for example with the small turtleneck, the trench, and small boots.


Online fabric - Fabric coupon - Gabardine


Denim miniskirt

Always trendy, coming back in fashion with the return of the 2000 year trend and the low waist. To realize it, we offer you the Jean Coupon : Canvas jeans expandable color ecru made in green denim (ref: sicho102), at a price of 49 euros (free delivery) per c3 -meter fabric orponavailablehere 👈  And if you arrived too late and it is exhausted I recommend another denim, they are availablehere 👈

You can, for example, play the total ecru look, with the big comfortable sweater, the long beige coat and canvas sneakers of the same color! ;)

Mini skirt - Denim fabric - Jean Fabric

Tile mini bill

In a minijape-vested set, a Chanel style but more modern version. To make the whole, we offer you the tweed Assembly of large black and white tiles (Ref: Kemar139), at the price of 99 euros per fabric coupon of 3 meters instead of 109 euros (free delivery)availablehere 👈  And if you arrived too late and it is exhausted I recommend anothertweed, they are availablehere 👈

You can associate your set with Dr. Martens style rangers to break the look!

Wool fabric - Plans woolen

The school miniskirt

The miniskirt with small tiles and folds. To play the look thoroughly, it's moccasins, high socks and the tie that you can make with the falls of your skirt! And as we are super cool and we have everything planned, we even offer the boss of the tie! To sew your school miniskirt, we recommend the Scottish print canvas back to school (ref: sicho561), at the price of 49 euros (free delivery) per 3 meter fabric couponavailablehere 👈  And if you arrived too late and it is exhausted I recommend another just as cool fabric, they are availablehere 👈Tartan fabric - Scottish fabric - checkered fabric

So tell us what a miniskirt inspires you the most! If you realize one, do not hesitate to show us that on Insta! @mylittlecoupon

PS: you are probably dying of cold with the mini skirt trend but at least you die stylish and that is the most important. Never forget it!

Sew the mini-skirt Amélie de Cha 'Coud

Among the designer patterns that we offer on the site, you will find the couture patterns of Cha'Coud!

We had a crush on its Amélie model and its graphic cut!

A very easy-to-make mini-skirt model, which you can sew in many winter fabrics and why in a prince of Wales?

The boss can be found here


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18 January, 2023

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