You have noticed, My Little Coupon included the delivery costs in the prices displayed (in mainland France) 🚛

Why ? đŸ€“

At a time when consumption on the Internet takes up more and more space (lack of time, comfort, confinement ...) we are demanding and rightly so on the port price as well as delivery times.

How many times we are retracted because we did not anticipate high port costs that only appear when paying? đŸ€Ż

How many times have we not reiterated in an online store because the delivery time was too high? đŸ˜€

My Little Coupon has become aware from the start of these issues and decided to play card on the table!

The coupon is by definition a heavy product so we decided to avoid all unpleasant surprises!

You pay the price displayed, to which there is no shipping costs!

In addition, due to the quality of our products it was impossible for us to offer you other means of delivery than Colissimo to which Chronophost will be added very quickly which since 2012 ensures the full carbon neutrality of its offers by compensation for the whole of His CO2 shows ☘

No more unpleasant surprises, you only pay the price displayed 💰


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26 December, 2020


Yolande Hamel:

J’aime beaucoup ce principe des frais de port inclus lors del’achat du tissu. Cela nous do nnetout de suite le prix exact de la realisation que ous desirons faire. Pasde surprise ou plutît surprise agreable.

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