Dear friends,

You must have seen him on social networks, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube we found ourselves new passions!

Drawings, cooking, painting, sewing (our favorite), Creativity seems to have struck the door of many of us

We take advantage of this slowed down to redouble their inventiveness, and that's cool!

However, if creating is an almost assured source of fullness, we know that they still exist among you reluctant to jump in the Grades of Devat.

This is why we have gathered a few points not to neglect during this new confinement in order to remain always optimistic and creative


1) We never get the first time

Creativity is not just having an idea but putting it into practice, trying, being mistaken, retormding "then achieving your ends. As a result, we strongly advise you not to succeed in the first time, the reward n 'will only be more rewarding.

In addition, are we not in the ideal period of proofreading? What if we had the good idea to no longer say "to be mistaken" but "learn"?

Now we will apprehend the failure and we will feed on it.


2) In 2020 we find his inspiration on social networks

Well this time Instagram did not come to tell us that our friends are on vacation at the other end of the world while we are in the office. There are no lucky ones than others, we are all in the same boat.

Certainly, we no longer walk, the exhibitions are closed but does that block communication? Obviously not!

Let us redouble the exchanges of ideas, visio calls, live offered by My Little Coupon (humor), we are sharpening our curiosity.

Today on the Internet everything is available in order to continue to flourish through our passions and our new passions (sewing)

Let us set goals with friends, together it's always simpler


3)Put the routine

It’s not like we’ve never been bored before! Simply this time we no longer have the choice, we have to reinvent ourselves. Confainment offers us today the opportunity to develop its artistic sensitivities and increase its concern for detail because it is calmer, far from the frantic rush towards a bit of a little vague goal.

Whatever what motivates us on a daily basis, Le Monde gives us the opportunity today to reframe what could then not just make us survive but vibrate from this new deconfination.

Finally, the most important point, let's continue to redouble their prudence against the pandemic, let's keep morale and above all

Take care of yourself and your loved ones ❤️

By Elie Sarfati, founder of My Little Coupon


J’adore !!!!

— Laura