Today we offer you a new Free couture tutorial that will allow you to use Your fabric falls

A great top that just asks to be sewn in your fabric falls; With less than 1 meter of fabric! It will be perfect To use the end of your 3 -meter coupons of My little coupon

This reversible top can be worn in different ways, perfect not to clutter our summer suitcases too much while being able to create many hand -sewn looks !!

To make this tutorial, you will not need a lot of equipment.

The equipment to sew this top with its fabric falls:

.  40x120cm for the classic top 40x120cm x2 for the reversible version.
. Rule, scissors, sewing necessary.

 The boss of this free couture tutorial

Step 1: Cut the front

1. Build the rectangle (left diagram)

2. Report the measurements on the rectangle, then draw the curves that will form the front of the top. You can always extend it down the bottom curve.



Step 2: Build the back




Step 3: The boss's finishes 

The red notches represent the location of the suspenders, on the back it is 13cm on the side.

Straps : make a 38 x 5 cm rectangle to cut twice 

The ribbon which will serve to tighten the environment in front : make a rectangle of 105 x 7cm

You can always adapt the measurements according to your tastes, your desires.


Cut your parts to make this couture tutorial and use your fabric falls: 


The classic top: 

If you decide to do the classic version, there are no great difficulties: 

1. Assemble the back with the lead

2. Make straps and cord (more detailed explanations in the version of the reversible top).

3. Do the hems all around the top (top hem and bottom hem).

4. Add the suspenders 

5. Assemble the two in front, 2cm from the edge. 

6. Return this open seam well and then sewing 1cm from the middle in front on each side. 

7. Pass the cord in the two tubes that have just been created.

And here is a great top!


The reversible top: 


STEP 1 :

Sew the backs with the lead 

Then sew medium in front



Fold then sew the suspenders and the cord


Step 3: 

Position the suspenders to take them in the top seam bringing the two reversible parts of the top

Sew the two pieces on the top of the top of the top but leave 1cm to the left and right in the middle in front (as is shown on the diagram: red line).


Step 4: 

Help the bottom: using the iron, fold on the inside the edges of the top of the top to 1cm

Then overcome the hem, leaving 1cm to the left and right in the middle in front (as the dotted lines shows on the diagram).

Step 5: 

Suggest the medium in front of all the height. Then overcome all the height at 1cm to the left of the middle in front. Repeat the operation at 1cm to the right in the middle in front (as shown in the red dotted lines on the diagram). 

Fixing the environments in front of both sides of the top so that the seams fall to the right place on both sides, you can build for more precision!

Step 6: 

All you have to do is pass the cord in the top using a safety pin! 


Here is a great top sewn in your fabric falls for a super summer!


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Zero waste couture tutorial

25 December, 2021

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