Written by Barbara @Bee_made

On the occasion of the competition launched on Instagram in collaboration with My Little Coupon, I present to you today 2 pieces made in sublime haute couture fabrics of My Little Coupon: The Belle Blouse from the latest edition of Fibermood and the Ignis shorts by Sewing Soon.

For those who already follow me on Instagram, I had introduced you to story These fabrics offered by the brand, print is a veil of Baumwolle flowery with vintage mind anduni is an orange red summer wool. I washed them both before cutting them, they absolutely did not move and barely crush, the top quality !!! The favorite I had on the screen was more than confirmed at reception!

I will now tell you about this sewn set, but above all, read well until the article because a surprise awaits you!😉😜

P1110829 11

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This second version of Belle is very different from my first version, the veil of Baumwolle He goes (also) wonderfully, he makes the steering wheel vaporous without weighing them down.

The fabric is slightly transparent, but as you can see in the photos, we barely guess my underwear! 
For pretty finishes, I made English seams on the shoulders and on the sides, only the armholes are overwhelmed, but under the steering wheel thicknesses, nothing is seen!

For the outdoor finish of the steering wheel, I made a double withdrawal of 5 mm using the technique proposed in the booklet: I make a first bite 5 mm from the edge, I fold by using the bite as a guide, then I fold a fold second time of 5 mm. This method allows a more regular withdrawal and avoids the edge of deforming. (I became a follower of this technique!)

I am particularly happy with the result, the fabric is so light that I have the impression of not wearing anything, out of curiosity I weighed my blouse and it weighs only 55 g, you imagine !!!


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P1110834 9

P1110850 1

IGNIS shorts is bridge shorts, the particularity of which is the corrugated cut which borders the pockets. It opens only on the left side. The buttonholes and the buttons on the right are purely decorative.

If you want to sew this shorts, I strongly advise you to make a canvas, because the size and the top of the hips are adjusted.

According to the size grid I should have made a 36, ​​but I found my canvas too just at the hips, so I cut a 38 and adjusted the size, it is much more being and that prevents that The pockets "pull" and open!
I also lengthened my legs 3 cm in my 1.66m!

There too, I am happy with my choice of fabric, this light wool is very pleasant to wear, it does not bite, crumps it little and washes easily, only happiness!

I really like this chic outfit due to materials and finishes, but also relaxed because it is shorts! In addition each of the pieces will be able to easily get married to the rest of my wardrobe!

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I had already told you about My Litlle Coupon in a previous article, but if you had not read it, know that Elie and his team are now one of the unavoidable actors in the upcycling in fabrics. They do not do production, but only offer fabrics from the end-of-collection rolls of high-end haute couture and ready-to-wear houses and thus make the happiness of all the designers who will give them a new life!

So, for this collaboration with My Little Coupon, we wanted to spoil you, to Whether you can finish sewing your summer wardrobe or starting to think about that of back to school! 
First of all, there is a great competition with 4 vouchers of € 100 to win! To play it's very simple, go to my Instagram account to participate in the draw.

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I count on you for the contest, do not forget that 100% of the winners tried their luck!😉
I wish you good luck to everyone and see you very soon!