By Elie Sarfati - founder My Little Coupon

And if we landed for a few seconds ☕️ ?

Through this article we try to highlight the 7 main steps of our concept #Zeroproduction ♻️

The circular economy revolves around 3 main axes that are the supply of economic actors, the demand (and the behavior) of the consumer as well as the management of waste 🗑

At the house of My Little Coupon Everything is thought out in order to bring our young business to life through the respect of modern environmental issues.

- An eco -design thought from A to Z, which takes into account the entire life cycle of the company by minimizing environmental impacts, purchases, recycling of fabric tubes, passing through the reuse of logistics label. Every detail is taken into account because that is what we like!
- A sustainable supply, no production launched, a 100% offer from series which targets an effective exploitation of already existing resources by limiting exploitation and environmental impacts 🍃
- The incitement to a more responsible consumption by offering you (very) high quality fabrics has ever more attractive prices through a #Responible consumption

Every day we try to do better than the day before, every day we like to believe that we can have a positive impact on the planet on the one hand and on others! We need you 🤝

25 December, 2021



Il faut dire non à lintimidation !! 🔥🌟🥳

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