Thomas Burberry was born on August 27, 1835 and died April 7, 1926.
He is at the origin of the foundation of the famous brand Burberry.
But did you know that he is the inventor of the gabardine in 1859?
We can say that it is thanks to the British bad weather and its rheumatism that Thomas Burberry 21 years old, embarked on the making ... in 1856
It developed a very resistant and waterproof cotton fabric, the gabardine which was patented in 1888.
This breathable and resistant fabric is revolutionizing the making of rain clothes.
It was during the First World War 1914-1918 that he developed his trench coat, then equipped specially for soldiers ... suitable for officers in the trenches.
Its famous check motif used for the trench coat lining was deposited in 1920: it is a real Burberry signature.
Thomas Burberry is awarded by Queen Elisabeth to royal mandate for her waterproof gabardine!
Its fame is no longer to be done and Thomas Burberry Knows its consecration in 1919 by becoming the official dresser of the royal family ...
25 December, 2021

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