Sew a 3 -meter coupon


You fell for A 3 -meter fabric coupon ? You love her very much but you don't know yet What are you going to do with it?

What are you doing first ? You can first imagine the sewing project or you buy your first fabric And then you see what he inspires you ?

That you have cracked for a silk, a viscose, A Baumwolle, a velvet Or woolen, You will find in this article 24 patterns ideas to optimize as much Your pretty coupon And sew you a dress-dress in your image!

This is a non -exhaustive list of course, but it is intended to fill up on ideas !

I selected these patterns because they require between 2.60m and 3m (in 140cm layout) of fabric to be made. What to exploit the (almost)-all of your Coupon of 3 meters and thus avoid waste!

These are bosses sewing for women.

This will allow you to avoid having too much fabric falls And thus limit waste! It’s so much better for the planet, is not-How not? ☺️

I also slip you at the end of the article a tip that I really like to practice to sew several looks with only 1 3 -meter coupon : False dresses or Faux Combis! I wrote a more detailed article on the question on my blog: you will find it here

Let's go for theCouture pattern inspiration with 3 meters of fabric !


Ideas for sewing dresses with 3 meters of fabric

With a coupon of 3 meters of fabric, you have enough to sew maxi dresses!

To you the pretty flying and the long dresses!

With the dresses of the selection below, you will be able to opt for different types of fabric coupons: of The poplin of Baumwolle, of viscose, of the silk, flannel, woolen pancakes.... For example. This will allow you to make fluid dresses in all seasons!

The B version of the Coquelicot dress by Deer and Doe

(link :


You can use your thread or viscose pancake coupons, sail of Baumwolle, silk pancake to make it. If you choose fabrics with patterns that have a sense, think about providing all 3 meters of fabric (in a layman of 140cm).

The dress likes like sweet words like Marie

To be found here 


The dress likes like sweet words like Marie is a wallet dress: a classic of the female wardrobe. If you opt for the long version, you can use all of your 3m coupon (in Laize 140cm). Several possibilities of materials open to you: a beautiful viscose, a silk or polyester pancake or a tencel. For my part, I sewed the dress likes sweet words a few years ago in 3 meters of wool pancake for my winter wedding:



The Adèle dress by Make My Lemonade

( )




Several dresses from the Make My Lemonade sewing patterns collection require large fabric films, from size 34 to 46.

With a coupon of 3 meters you can make this dress with vintage notes, with its large collar and its belt!

It's up to you to choose if you want it united or with patterns!

Make My Lemonade Valmy Dress

( )



Always at Make My Lemonade, the Valmy dress will be perfect for using your 3 -meter fabric coupon!

In addition, this dress is Baby Bump compatible!

You can sew it in a veil of Baumwolle or linen or a fine viscose poplin for hot seasons and in a velvet brocade for example or wool pancake for cold seasons!

Surprised or not, this dress is maximum guaranteed!☺️

Make My Lemonade's Lolita Dress



The latest Make My Lemonade dress of this selection of patterns of sewing dresses with a 3 -meter coupon of fabric, it's the Lolita dress !

A dress with the maxi skirt turns To keep your child's soul !☺️

You can make this skirt in several fluid fabrics, but the brand recommends you, if you are beginner, to opt for a veil of Baumwolle.

To note that you will also need 50cm of lining to make this pretty dress !

The Cassiopée dress from I am patterns

( )


To sew the Cassiopée Dress of I AM Patterns until size 52, you will need 290cm, or Almost all of your 3 meter coupon.

(Don't forget to wash your fabric before cutting it and sewing it because a lot of fabrics shrink At the first wash!)

This dress is completely accessible to sewing beginners: it has raglan sleeves and no closing system whether it be zipper or buttonholes.

You can make it in several subjects. The brand advises you: fine flannel, viscose pancake, fine denim, cotton, woolen crêpe, linen, wax, twill of Baumwolle end, end woolen, jacquard.


Pauline Alice's Calvari dress



If you like the shirt dresses, then you will love the style and cutting the Calvari dress by Pauline Alice. With her 3/4 sleeves, she will be perfect for fall !

You can make it in medium light weight fabrics like the poplin of Baumwolle, linen, velvet, chambray, flannel ...

You will need a coupon 3m (in Laize 150cm)


The Ada Family Laboratory dress

( )



The ADA dress of the family laboratory is a dress without collar, buttoned on the upper part in front. The skirt has a nice steering wheel on the bottom!

You can make it in a 290cm coupon (in Laize 140cm). Note that this dress is doubled, it will therefore be necessary to provide a lining.

To sew this dress, you can choose a coupon from 3 meters of viscose, sail Baumwolle, chambray, pancake, muslin, silk ! Several possibilities for different renderings!☺️


The maximum dress version of the dress at the Playa of CHUT Charlotte

( )


Finally, in my selection of sewing dresses with 3 meters of fabric, here is the dress with the Playa de Chut Charlotte.

Easy to make, light and comfortable, perfect for summer !

To make the maxi dress (it is-Ades the longest version of the boss), you will need 270cm of fabric (almost all of your 3-meter coupon! ☺️)

You can choose fabrics such as lace, of the gauze of Baumwolle, viscose, honeycomb ... Light, air, even slightly transparent fabrics are perfect for this dress!

For my part, I made it viscose linen effect but in a mi version-long.



Ideas for sewing skirt patterns with 3 meters of fabric

Some long skirts require a great fabric film. A 3 -meter coupon will be Perfect for making them. I made a small selection of skirts that require exactly 3 meters of fabric to be made, always the goal of creating the least falls and Possible waste.

Obviously, there are a crowd of patterns which require less than 3 meters of fabric to be made and which will therefore return, perfectly in your coupon of 3 meters!

Deer and Doe's smoking skirt



The smoking skirt of the Deer and Doe sewing patterns brand is a very long high -waisted skirt, achievable from size 34 to 52.

It exists Two versions, one buttoned on the front, the other with Braguette.

To make it, you will need a coupon of 3 meters of sail Baumwolle, viscose, chambray, flexible linen, wool or light velvet!


Make My Lemonade's Samantha skirt

( )


The Samantha skirt from the Make My Lemonade patterns collection is a long skirt that you can decline, depending on the fabric chosen, summer and winter. She has pretty slots on the front that

It requires 3 meters of fabric (140 of Laize) to be carried out. For a winter look, you can sew it in a suit wool, a gabardine of viscose or tencel. For the summer, a seersucker Or a gingham but also in linen.

The ideas of patterns of sewing combinations with 3 meters of fabric


The Jeannette of the Republic of the cloth combination

( )


The combination of Jeannette de République du rag is a bit like the style combination mechanic !

With more than 2.50m of fabric, you can make it in your 3 -meter coupon easily without having too much falls.

The brand advises you to make it in a coupon denim, Tencel, washed linen ... It's up to you to multiply the possibilities!


The Sirocco of Deer and Doe combination

( Patron-combinaison-sirocco.html )


The sirocco combination of the Deer and Doe sewing patterns will be perfect for using your prettiest coupons of 3 meters Jersey ! This model must be made in tissue stretch !

You will find a multitude of variations on IG with #DDSIROCCO!

The combination likes as monumental of love like Marie

( )


It is a sewing pattern that you will be able to decline in dress as in combinaiher.

To sew the combination likes as a monumental to the beautiful cross on the back, you will need 3 meters of fabric! Viscose, tencel, pancake, chambray ...Your turn !


The Bardot combination of CHUT Charlotte



The Bardot combination of the CHUT Charlotte patterns brand offers you several possibilities : Combi shorts, long sleeves or short sleeves.

To make the long-sleeved combi-pantalon version, you will need 3 meters of fabric. You can obviously imagine it, like Charlotte on this version, in 2 separate fabrics. But if you Wish it to sew it in only fabric, you will need your 3 -meter fabric coupon!

You can choose a coupon from Baumwolle, viscose, pancake, double gauze ... Have fun!☺️


The ideas of patterns of jackets and sewing coats with 3 meters of fabric

With 3 meters from LainaGE, caban, velvet ... You will be able to make a flagship piece of fall/winter : the coat or the jacket!

These are pieces that generally require a large fabric film. In fact, the 3 -meter coupon will be perfect.

Here is my non -exhaustive selection of coats and jackets to sew in a 3 -meter coupon of fabric. As with my previous selections, I chose to highlight the sewing patterns which require 3 meters exactly or almost 3 meters in order to avoid having hushis too much and therefore waste, always in an eco-responsible sewing logic.

Note that for most of these models, in addition to the footage for the outer part, it will be necessary to provide a lining.


The BEA Parka of the Republic of the cloth

( )


To make the Bea parka of the brand of sewing patterns Republic of the cloth, your coupon of 3 meters will be perfect since itL requires 270cm of fabric (in 140cm layer).

A parka is an essential dressing room! Couds it in the material that you will please the best: gabardine, denim, waterproof fabric, waxed canvas!


Like like Maraude de Aime like Marie



The jacket likes as a maraud of love as Marie is very pleasant to wear.

This is a mi jacket-Sisison, not doubled that you can make in a 3 -meter coupon since the brand recommends 2.50m of fabric.

Have fun with gabardine, of tencel, of the canvas Baumwolle, of flexible denim, Twill ... For my part, I made it upcycling version in an old flowery curtain ☺️!


The Raymond and Ernest coats of the Republic of the cloth

( ) ( )



There are several models of coats from the Republic of the Roston brand which could be sewn in a coupon of 3 meters of wool.

I selected these 2 models. I invite you to go see the different coats offered by the Mark to decide to sew your pretty 3 -meter coupon of wool!

Deer and Doe's opium coat

( Patron-manteau-opium.html )


You will be able to make this pretty opium coat of Deer and Doe, with original piping pockets with your 3 -meter woolen coupon (in 140cm).

The brand advises you to use a coupon of wool or boiled wool or wool stride or woolen gabardine. Have fun !

This coat is in my to Sew List!☺️


The jacket/coat I am artemis of i am patterns

( )



With a Coupon of 3 meters of fabric, you can sew Artemis to TaIlle 48!

Note that this boss also exists in masculine! You will then be able to consider a Matchy-Match look with 2 coupons of 3 meters of fabric for example!

Depending on the fabric chosen, it will be a coat or a jacket!

The brand advises you to opt for the following materials: woolen, tweed, ribbed velvet, jeans, thick gabardine, false fur.


The Criollo jacket Maison Fauve

( )


You can sew this pretty jacket from the Maison Fauve brand with a 3 -meter fabric coupon since only 270cm are necessary. You will have few falls left!☺️

The jacket is not doubled, but everything is planned in terms of finishes.

The brand recommends you to choose the following fabrics: Gabardine, Chambray, Velvet, Jean, Satin de Baumwolle a little thick, jacquard End, fine wool.

The quarter of Pauline Alice coat




You dream of a very hot coat for winter ? You can sew the quarter coat of the Pauline Alice patterns brand!

You will need 270cm of fabric to make it. It will be perfect for your 3 -meter coupon!

The brand recommends you to choose fabrics with average weight such as woolen, a tweed, a flannel, a gabardine, a sowing ...


The Tempo Atelier Scammit jacket



With a coupon of 3 meters of fabric, you can also choose to sew the SCämmit workshop tempo jacket. Like many of their patterns, there are several possible variations!

To realize it, you will need 300cm in laize of 110cm or 260cm in Laize of 140.

The brand recommends you to use light weight fabrics to medium as gabardine, denim, poplin. It's up to you to see the desired effect !


For even more inspiration To sew woolens of My little coupon through winter sewing projects, Here is an article that should interest you! 


Maximizes your looks with 3 meters of fabric: the dresses and false combinations

My tip for making as many looks as possible in my dressing room with a single coupon of 3 meters of fabric is to sew false dresses or false combinations.

What do I mean by false dress or false combi?

This is all simplEment of sewing 1 high and 1 low in the same fabric.

You can wear them together : which will create the illusion of a dress or a combination or Separately to create as many looks as possible.

For example with the veil swallows My Little Coupon I cOn this false dress with a very simple elastic skirt and the boss of the pampe blouse of the pink camelia.




Jalso sewed a false silk dress/orange viscose from My Little Coupon. For that jtook the boss of the blouse, the flamboyant of Estelina Couture and the pattern of the Peach of Joli Lab's Peach.

If you want to fill up on ideas to compose you too in your wardrobe dresses and false combinations and thus enjoy a maximum of your favorite fabric coupons, I invite you to read my article on the subject, just here


I hope this article inspired you lots of ideas to use your 3 -meter coupons! If you have any questions, don't hesitate and find me on my Instagram account.

See you soon and good seam!

Sarah written by Sarah @todotoutdoux

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