Why put yourself in sewing?

Not so long ago, sewing was practiced in each home, for both practical and economic reasons. Gradually, it has become more a hobby. However, the popularity of the homemade has given its letters of nobility to sewing and there are more and more of us to practice it today. If you haven't tried it yet, here are some good reasons to start sewing.

The seam is affordable and allows you to save money

Let's start with the earth-to-earth assets of sewing, but certainly not negligible: its economic aspect. When you go out in sewing, the acquisition of a new or used sewing machine costs you a hundred euros, which allows you to invest cautiously. If you are passionate about your new activity, you can then go to a more sophisticated model. In any case, a machine is designed to last a long time.

It has never been easier to learn sewing

You find many free tutorials on the internet, which allows you to easily learn sewing, without investing. To give you an example we are a fan of Sarah de @todotoutoux blog Lots of couture tips!

Save money through sewing

Then you have to buy consumables - wires, needles, fabrics, etc. - Depending on your creation rate. On a site like My Little Coupon, you can get tfrom the largest fashion houses, without breaking the bank. After transformation, you are adorned in outfits that you will have designed according to your tastes, for a modest sum. Not only do you have the satisfaction of creating your wardrobe yourself, but you save money. 

Sewing also allows you to repair your clothes - and those of children! - whose lifespan you extend, which is another source of economy. 

Coudre develops your creativity and fills your artistic ambitions

Beginners wisely follow the patterns and models, before emancipating themselves and giving free rein to your imagination. The experience allows you to play with materials, cuts, colors, techniques ... by sharpening your creativity, you will see that it is limitless and you will take more and more pleasure in sewing. 

Couture becomes a breath of fresh air in your life. It distracts you from the obligations, constraints and hazards of life. Filling your artistic ambitions offers satisfaction to no other: sewing brings you pride and gives you self -confidence.

Share your designer talents, at home as with your loved ones

Your designer talents are assets that bring you closer to others. Shaping clothes and accessories allows you to create personalized, truly unique gifts. Your loved ones will be touched that you have so much attention to them and that you devote part of your days to them. 

In addition, you will become a reference in your entourage, because your friends and family will be many to ask you for advice, and why not introduce them to sewing. 

Sewing is useful on a daily basis

Sewing is not only a hobby. Couture allows you to dress, you and your family. You only realize tailor-made, which is not always easy to find in the trade.

With a little experience, you can diversify with the creation of all kinds of accessories: bags, plaids, cushion covers, armchairs or sofas, wallets, tablecloths and tablecloths, carpets, manics, etc. 

Couture is easily integrated into your schedule

Couture does not depend on the weather, it does not force you to plan time to move (as for sport for example) and it does not need to be planned. As soon as you want and have a short niche, get out of your machine and your accessories only takes you a few seconds. 

You interrupt yourself when you want or when you have to, because the seam does not imply any hourly commitment. 

Couture is a soothing activity

Couture is the best way to take a break, without stress. You have fun while having fun and you join the useful to the pleasant, quite simply!


And you, what are your good reasons for start sewing


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21 November, 2022



ahah très sympa comme article , en effet la couture c’est accessible à tout le monde avec un peu de temps et un minimum de matériel 😀

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