Craie pencil of curiosite cabinet - Black mine

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Craie pencil of curiosite cabinet - Black mine

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Exclusive design directed by Bohin France. Sold in blister. "Nestled in the heart of the country of Ouche, for almost 200 years, it is a historic place: the Bohin factory, filled with mysteries, swarming with well -kept treasures and singular personalities.
These inspired each fictitious character from the new collection "Cabinet of curiosity".

Everyone, like a real alchemist, is working to make the name and magic of the Bohin house prosper, and has their own symbol.
They borrow their features from old engravings, mixed with current colors.
A Lynx Dandy looks beyond the borders to extend its fame, an enthusiastic lioness encourages each new story, each new innovative project, a pragmatic squirrel jumps from one meeting to another to reveal new wonders to the public , finally a great alert ensures the highlighting and renewal of the memory of the place.

We offer an authentic collection imagined by Bohin. This chalk pencil is an essential accessory for marking. Its easy handling will allow you to Precise all your fabrics precisely. Simply adapt the thickness of your line by cutting the mine with a conventional pencil size. These chalk pencils more resistant than Traditional tailor chalk are easily stored in a sewing kit.

Reference: LEA223


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Quality Control

All our fabrics are from series of French and Italian haute couture houses. We store our fabrics in rollers, no coupon is cut in advance in order to allow not to damage or offend our pretty fabrics.
All our orders are prepared for scissors, no industrialized cutting machine is used.
The establishment of characteristics such as the footage, the weight, the Laize, the photographs, the recovery of exact composition are carried out passionately by us.

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Craie pencil of curiosite cabinet - Black mine

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