You want to sew a Chinese crepe To make your clothes? You are looking for a Quality fabric coupon ? Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon? All of our fabric selections, whether it is Crêpe de China,
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You want to sew a Chinese crepe To make your clothes?

You are looking for a Quality fabric coupon ?

Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon?

All of our fabric selections, whether it is Crêpe de China, silk, of viscose, of cotonnades, of jacquard or other, come from ends of collections of haute couture houses.

We therefore put back on the market the most beautiful fabrics of dormant stocks to allow you to sew them and transform them, whether you are an amateur or professional sewing.

Thus, we participate together in this same approach: a circular economy and a more environmentally friendly seam.

Sewing an already produced fabric is less polluting than producing new ones.

These coupons being very good quality fabrics, you also enter the process of a sustainable seam !

If you want to know more about our values ​​and our vision of thetextile upcycling, we invite you to read this dedicated section.

What is China's pancake?

This is a fabric flexible, fluid and often slightly transparent.

There are also opaques.

He is part of the family and frame fabric family.

It is his armor (his weaving) which gives it its singular properties: China's pancake is a silky fabric to the touch but rather mat in appearance, despite its chain sons which are brilliant.

This is what makes its appearance and its nuances can move slightly depending on the light.

This fabric is generally composed of silk.

But there are Chinese pancakes with mixed compositions.

To better understand this fabulous matter, the best is to have it in your hands and work it.


What to sew with a Crêpe de China?

The fabric being very fluid, fine, silky and flexible, we recommend that you sew up clothing sewing projects with.

You can sew a multitude of projects and sewing patterns with a china pancake coupon, such as:

-          Light blouses

-          Light blouses

-          Fluid dresses

-          Fluid and vaporous skirts

-          Fluid pants

-          Lining


These pancakes are generally transparent, according to the sewing project that you have in mind, it will certainly be necessary to double them.

But there are also pancakes from China that do not have transparency.

They are particularly suitable for sewing elegant clothes and ceremonial clothes.

You can find A selection of linings haute couture quality on our site, and several colors by visiting This dedicated section

To allow you to fill up with sewing inspiration and Create your own bosses/fabric associations On the site, we have created A selection of sewing patterns of creators, which you can find on this page Shop.

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How to sew a crêpe from China?

It is a rather fleeting fabric: it is fluid, flexible, light, silky.

It is therefore one of the most delicate fabrics to work.

But rest assured, sewing a crêpe from China is certainly within your reach!

It’s far from insurmountable.

Do not hesitate to consult Our couture advice on viscose In our blog section because a lot of advice and couture ideas to be made in viscose are also valid for the pancakes of China. What is viscose? Couture ideas, origins and ecological alternatives 

To make it easier for you to cut fabric, you can cut all the parts of your sewing pattern flat (and not with the folded fabric).

This will allow you to make a cleaner and fairer cut.

Use some sharp scissors And put a maximum weight On your fabric so that it moves as little as possible.

If possible, do not let part of your fabric fall at the edge of the cut table, because the weight of the fabric which is not on the table may move your parts and significantly alter the correctness of the cut.

Use some fine pins so as not to damage your fabric.

At the sewing machine, always do adjustment tests before your fabric falls, in order to best adjust it for a result that suits you.

Do not hesitate to use a fine needle, Microtex type To sew your pancake without damaging it.

Take your time and take care of your finishes: do, for example English seams And tissue hems for a haute couture rendering!

You can also fully double your hand -sewn clothing for perfect finishes!

Have you finished your creation in one of our pancakes in China?

We would be very happy to discover it!

Do not hesitate to share with us a photo or video of your creation in post or Instagram story.

To do this, use the #Mylittlecoupon and identify us!

Good seam!