This Sunday March 7 we celebrate the grandmothers day 🥳 and we wanted to write them these few words ✍️


Dear grandmothers,

You are our inexhaustible source of tenderness, those who know better than anyone what is good for us before everyone else. You know how to put things in shape, when it's you who say it we can only agree, and when you talk to us, we are the first winners.

Rare are the enriching conversations like those of our grandmothers, rare are the tender moments like those that you offer us.

In the midst of the frantic rush of our daily lives, we can sometimes seem, wrongly, distant but know that we never find greater comfort than when you express your pride to us.

A grandmother is a guarantee of transmission, and perhaps even more particularly in sewing 🧵


How many times in less than a year of activity have we heard “I'm going to sew it with my grandmother”, “my grandmother teaches me to sew”, we imagine these moments of sharing and as if by magic we fell in love a strong feeling of fullness 🥰 #Mission accomplished


We know how complicated the current situation is for many single grandparents ... so we urge you to continue to be extra careful 🙏


As Prevert said "life has no age, true youth does not wear out" so dear grandmothers, continue to take care of yourself, the best is yet to come 😘

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