Illustrated couture tutorial: sew a scarf with its fabric falls

Summer is there, the time to take out your most beautiful summer wedges! And why not add a little touch to it in your hair? Does the trend of scarf in your hair speak to you? We love it!
This is why, we offer a tutorial to make your magnificent scarf, as well as small ideas to wear it.
To make this tutorial, you will not need a lot of equipment.

The equipment to reuse your fabric falls: 

.  16 x 130 cm  falling  of Fabrics (you can always change the width and length of the rectangle according to your desires, if you want it to be more or less wide, more or less long). 
The measures I offer you there are to have the possibility of going around your head twice with the scarf, otherwise 16 x 90 cm is enough!
. rule, scissors, sewing necessary


 The boss of the scarf in his hair

To download the boss for free it's here. 

You have several possibilities to create your ideal scarf. 

You can change the width, length, use 1 different fabric for each side, .. 

I offer you the boss of the scarf on the video but you can modify it like Bous les les.


STEP 1 :

Fold the fabric lengthwise (first diagram) then fold it in the height (second diagram).




Place the boss and then cut.


Step 3:


After cutting the fabric, opening it. 

Fold the place against the place in the direction of the height.


Step 4:


Sew at 1 cm but leave a space of 3.4 cm (it depends on the thickness of the fabric) to turn the fabric.


Step 5:

Iron the open seams, turn the scarf.


Then iron the scarf on the place


Step 5:


Close the hole. Here we do an invisible hand seam but you can very much choose to do it with the machine, and likewise surprise all around! 

And here is your scarf is ready! Here are some ideas to wear it!

Good summer !

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25 December, 2021


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Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

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