A desire to match your darling or your scrunch at your last Cousette?
Do you have faces of fabrics, which you would like to reuse? 
A TUTO Couture Objective Zero Falls, does that tell you? 
Here is a little Simple and fast couture tutorial to use Your fabric falls  And be connected to your hair!
To make this tutorial, you will not need a lot of equipment.

The equipment to sew a darling with its fabric falls

40 x 14 cm  falling  of Fabrics (you can always change the width of the rectangle (14cm) depending on your desires, if you want it to be more or less wide).
. 26cm of elastic
. rule, scissors, sewing necessary

The step -by -step tutorial to sew a darling 


STEP 1 : 

Cut a 40x70cm rectange

Cut a 40x14cm rectangle.



Fold the rectangle edge to edge lengthwise, then we will come to sew the entire length 1cm from the edge, leaving 5cm on each side to be able, later, turn the darling.


Step 3: 

We crush the seams so that the darling is clear.


Step 4: 


 We return the tube.


Step 5:

We fold the tube on itself by putting the ends on board the ends.


Step 6: 

We sew the two edges together 1cm together.


Step 7:

We return the darling.


Step 8: 

Using a safety pin, you come to pass the elastic in the tube.


Step 9:

Once the two sides of the elastic sank, we come to make a knot.


Step 10: 

Finally we come and seam where the darling is still open

We will fold inwards both sides and we will sew them together 1mm from the edge.




Well done ! You have just made a very nice darling (or scrunch in English) 


What fabrics sew your darling in? 

You can make a darling in most falls in your fabrics.

For a satin effect, opt for Our pancakes towards satin or for our bristles.

For an autumn/winter effect, opt for Our velvet, or silk velvet. Silk velvet will give your darlings a shiny and bright side that will highlight your hairstyles! 

You can also break the style with fine jeans or even sew it in a fall in Popeline of Baumwolle.

We also have zero waste couture boxes With fabric falls from very beautiful fashion houses. They will allow you to sew a whole collection of darlings! 

A watchword: Treat yourself! 


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25 December, 2021

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