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YOU sew yourself Your wardrobe?
Maybe you may also have your accessories or the elements of your decor?

Couture, for you, is a real passion ?

You sew for you but maybe Also dress the whole family of your creations ?

Children, spouse, brothers, sisters, bff ...? (lucky ! :) )
We know that for many addicts to sewing, The absolute dream is to have a 100% hand -sewn dressing !
Is not it ?

But, How do you choose your fabrics ?

Do you opt for quality fabrics?

Sewing a garment requires so much time, reflection, patience.
It starts with the idea of ​​the sewing project: which boss to choose?

Sometimes even, depending on our sewing level, we can create our own patterns to design our clothes from A to Z!

Then comes the washing of the fabric, then the cut and finally all the stages of making.

The seam of the pliers, facing, buttonholes or zippers and then finally the hems.

It takes many hours, or even several days ahead and next to the sewing machine.

We get involved a lot in each stage of the Couture project.

Also, Deciding to sew your own clothes is also a way of thinking of sustainable wardrobe and responsible consumption !

What do you think ?

This is why it seems essential to choose, from the start, Good quality fabrics When you decide to sew the different parts of your dressing yourself.

Who never dreamed of sewing a coat with a high percentage of wool Or a lace blouse or a silk dress?

so here's 6 good reasons to choose quality fabrics to sew your clothes as well as some Advice to better think about your sewing projects (the to sew lists being often very long
When you are sewing! ).


1. Why choose a quality fabric? For a sustainable wardrobe 

Choose Auctional Fabric Winitage
A coupette, in the world of sewing, as you probably already know, it is a finished sewing project, a garment that you have sewn yourself.

Each part of your hand -sewn dressing is therefore a curm.

When we get involved in making a new dress, blouse, pants, vest or coat, we are very attached to our couch.
We spend hours on it, we learn and develop new sewing techniques: this is a bit of our little work of art!
We apply to treat the finishes and make it completely unique and personalized.
And what pride when it is finished!

So we really want to keep these pieces for a very long time in our wardrobe!

To do this, it is important to choose, from the start, A fabric planned to last ; and so A quality fabric !

Bad viscose or even a Baumwolle of low quality or even a low -end jersey will tend to deform over time, to bouloche ...
This type of fabric supports little washing.

It would be a shame to get so much involved in a sewing project that will no longer be portable after a few uses or washing only.

Has it ever happened to you? Do not hesitate to tell us about your experiences in comments! We would be very happy to chat with you on the subject :)

2. Buying a quality fabric to make a new garment is also a way to progress in sewing 

(Couture project carried out by Valentine de Happy as a bee:
When you invest in a quality fabric, you want to fully appreciate it!
We often like the sensations he gives: his fall, his touch ... it's a bit " precious " We don't want to miss it!
Fact, Each sewing project that takes as a basis a quality fabric leads us to apply ourselves even better at each step.

It’s a way of really focus on all sewing details Who will make your coupette a small technical feat, even if the sewing pattern is easy to achieve.

To enhance a quality fabric, we will more willingly opt for English seams, for example, and Take care of finishes even better than usual.

Suddenly, it invites us to surpass ourselves and therefore, to progress and to feel even more proud of our creations!

Buying a quality fabric is truly entering a virtuous circle of seam!

And it's really exciting!

3. Choose a quality fabric for ecological commitments

Mylittle coupon fabric fabric
Taking part to choose quality fabrics to make our clothes is also a way of take care of the planet and respect its commitments or ecological values.

If some fabrics are less polluting than others in their manufacture, the fact that they are designed
To last represents a considerable advantage!

You can enjoy your handwritten clothing for years!

And even if over time, if you no longer love cutting or style, you can always do it
donation or resell!

It’s a way to produce better and better think about your consumption.

4. Choose a quality fabric to develop your creativity!


Hautecuture fabric mylittletle cub
When we invest in a beautiful fabric, of good quality, we especially don't want to lose a crumb, right?

We want to optimize it thoroughly to sew it to the last centimeter!

Also, choosing a quality fabric is also think better and better optimize your sewing projects.

By buying a 3 -meter coupon, for example, it is interesting to imagine everything you can sew with it!

And to consider what could be done with fabric falls. It’s a super creative and stimulating exercise!

In fact, when you embark on curdles with quality fabrics, we sew projects that we would not necessarily have imagined at the start!
Suddenly, these inspiring fabrics lead us to develop our creativity and our sewing imagination!

At the house of My Little coupon,

We offer fabrics from sewing houses in several coupons formats, and in particular with 3 -meter coupons.
In order to optimize them as well as possible, we have prepared for you an article which brings together 24 ideas to sew with 1 coupon of 3 meters (see above) above)

You can thus Use your 3 -meter quality fabric coupon without waste!

5. Choose a quality fabric to better think about your handwritten wardrobe


To decide to choose quality and durable fabrics is to get in full foot in a more thoughtful consumption of the material, of course, but also of the clothing in question.

We buy less, but better. We produce less, but better.
In fact, it leads to better reflecting its sewing projects and not getting lost in the flood of ideas and sewing patterns available on the market.
When you invest in a better quality fabric, you want to really wear it!

Suddenly, we choose the cuts and the bosses that we want to sew.
We analyze his existing wardrobe in more detail, perhaps also his morphology and the clothes in which we really feel comfortable.
Our choices are on sewing models that we will really enjoy wearing and our wardrobe will only be more logical, personalized and responsible.

You will only be happy to see that you are going to wear these better thoughtful clothes, sewn in quality fabrics, on a daily basis!
To better think your wardrobe sewn hand and sew what you will really wear, we recommend you The Book Dressed by Deer and Doe or Ready to Sew's Jazz E-Book.

Blogger Couture Sarah de To Do very, also wrote an article on the subject: 5 tips for sewing a more responsible dressing room 

6. Choose quality fabrics to sew a haute couture wardrobe!

It is not always possible to buy high -end clothes, made from precious, durable and qualitative fabrics!
Knowing how to sew your own clothes yourself is the solution!
You can make your own high cost wardrobe yourself!

How lucky when you think about it!
Also, at My Little Coupon, we are keen to offer you a Sustainable fabric selection.

Our credo: Return fabrics from end -of -series of fashion houses on the market.

We do not launch any production: we are, in a way, agents of theupcycling (reuse what exists to create and revalue a new object) in sewing!

And what is really wonderful is that with your sewing know-how, you revalue these beautiful fabrics which, initially, were carefully selected by these haute couture houses.

We want to allow you to sew high -end fabrics from dormant stocks and of quality higher than what can usually be found on the fabric market.

We therefore give you the opportunity to sew these same fabrics, designed to last and for high-end ready-to-wear.

Sewing a durable wardrobe from high-cut fabrics is now possible.

It would be a shame to do without it! Is not it ?
And if you want to know more about the concept My Little Coupon, we give you an appointment In this dedicated section.

The word of the end: choose a quality fabric to have fun!

For us, couture & quality go hand in hand. And we add the notion of pleasure!

Because sewing is a passion that provides so much joy!

When you take your time to design a sewing project and to think your wardrobe sewn hand it is quite logical to want to opt for quality fabrics!

It’s even a pleasure!

In any passion, whether it be cooking, travel, cars ...
We all dream (your) ultimate in its favorite field! Is not it ?

When you are addicted to sewing, you can dream of sewing pretty bristles, lace, 100% wool woolen, of the viscoses top of the line, cotonnades of high quality and all the beautiful materials that are not easy to find on the fabric market!

For this, we invite you to look at our selections of quality fabrics from fashion houses and which we put on the market with a zero waste perspective!

Sew quality fabrics, take care of the finishes, imagine a garment that we will like to wear
Or making it to offer is such a gratifying activity!

And we are always so happy to see how you give life to our fabrics with your
Formidable curdles on social networks! Do not hesitate to tag us on Instagram @mylittecoupon So that we can see your creations!

L'upcycling So in seam, it is a wonderful team spirit!
We offer the material, you revalue it permanently!
And you do it so well! 

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