You have fear of ordering your online fabric ?

We know it well: when you are a seamstress or seamstress, you like to touch the fabrics before buying them.

We like to check their fall or the hand of the fabric to see if it will be in line with the project that we have in mind.

Only here: everyone does not have a local haberdashery And the closest haberdashery do not necessarily have fabrics you want to sew.

Bringing the step from the online fabric command is not as complicated as you might think.

Ordering online fabric may seem intimidating for those who have never done online fabric shopping before or for those who are afraid of not getting exactly what they want.

However, ordering online fabric can be a positive and easy experience if you follow some simple tips.

In this blog article, we will share 10 tips for ordering online fabric for people who are afraid of ordering online.

Good reading ! 


1. Do research on the online fabric sales site

Before placing an order, it is important to do research on fabric suppliers and online haberdashery.

Look for suppliers who have a good reputation and positive comments from previous customers.

For example, if you have never ordered your fabric before My little coupon, you can go see the many customers' opinions on The Trust Pilot site 

Also when you type Notice My little coupon On the Google search bar, you will find many testimonies and blog articles on the purchasing experience of our customers; For example this one.


2. Make a first small order to start

Of course, the best is to make your own opinion.

Do not hesitate to order a small basket to start, this will allow you to judge for yourself the quality of our fabrics for your future orders.

Especially since with us, shipping costs are offered in mainland France.

And if you have never ordered with us, we advise you to register for the newsletter To obtain - 10% reduction on your first order


3. Check the Laize of the fabric in the product description

online fabric

The Laize of the fabric is its width.

Most fabrics are offered 140cm wide, but this is not always the case.

In fact, depending on your sewing project, it will be very important to choose the right width of your fabric.

Note that at My little coupon, unless otherwise stated, our fabrics are sold by coupons of 3 meters.

But as we do not cut the coupons in advance, if you order 2 x a coupon of 3 meters, you will have 6 meters in one piece.


4. Check the grammage of the fabric

The grammage of the fabric is largely undercotted!

However, this is an essential indication when ordering fabric online.

Besides, this indication does not always appear when you buy fabric in physics. Rare are the physical haberdashery that indicate the grammage of fabrics in their rolls.

The grammage of the fabric will be a precious indicator to have an idea of ​​the weight and the hold of a fabric.

According to the sewing pattern you want to sew, in the advice of the fabric choice, is the grammage of recommended fabrics. This can guide you in the right choice of grammage.

We wrote an article to help you understand how to read the grammage of fabrics


5. Check the measurement unit in the product sheet

When you order online fabric, there are several possible formats.

First check that the fabrics are sold in cm or meters and not in Inch.

Then, some sites offer fabrics for sale by 10cm and you will have the price indicated by 10cm.

In this case, if you want to order 2 meters of fabrics, you will need to take 20 units of the fabric.

If you order at My little coupon, You order your fabrics by coupons of 3 meters.

The price indicated is therefore the one for 3 meters of fabrics.

If you want to know the price per meter, simply divide it by 3.

And as we offer shipping costs in mainland France, you will have no supplement to add!

If you are looking for sewing inspiration with a 3 -meter fabric coupon, We have written an article on the subject you can find here.


6. Check the color of the fabric in the product sheet

Look carefully all the photos of the product sheet.

If there are videos, it's even better.

This will allow you to have a more precise overview of the material, its touch and its outfit.

Do not hesitate to look at the product sheet on different devices because depending on screen resolution, this can alter the colors.

At the house of My little coupon, we have designed an app to help you see the bigger fabrics on your phone screen.

You can download it for free from Google Play or Apple Store.


7. Check the fabric composition on the product sheet

If there is no composition indicated in the product sheet of the fabric you want to order, then go your way!

It is absolutely necessary to consult the composition of the fabrics to make your choice; Depending on the project you want to sew, of course, but also according to its values ​​and aspirations.

If you prefer natural materials, it is essential to verify that the material is well made up of linen, Baumwolle…

If you want an extensible material, it is also essential to check whether it is a mesh, a jersey or even if there is a percentage of elastane in the fabric chosen in chain and frame.


8. Organize yourself!

order your online fabric

Stay organized: keep a trace of your orders and your fabric samples so that you can easily reference your purchases.

For example, in a notebook, you can staple small fabric falls that you have already ordered, noting the composition of the fabrics as well as their grammage.

This will help you to choose your fabrics better online afterwards.

This can also help you plan future projects and project yourself!


9. Think about your project before looking for the online fabric

Determine your project: before you start looking for fabric, determine the type of project you want to carry out, as well as the quantity of fabric you need.

Note in a notebook all the characteristics you need to choose your fabric.

For example, be sure to follow the indications provided in the sewing pattern you want to carry out, if it is a sewing project with boss.

This will prevent you from scattering and will allow you to choose your fabric!


10. Use search filters

As mentioned earlier, when looking for a fabric on an online fabric sales site, you can quickly be overwhelmed by offers!

We can of course take pleasure in strolling from headings in headings as we would in a physical store, in order to draw inspiration, but the use of site filters will allow you to Better orient your choice Depending on the couture project you have in progress.

On the site of My little coupon, you can filter your choice by material, by color, by price, by composition, by pattern.

This will allow you to find immediately and much more easily what you need for the Couture project that you have in class!


10 tips to order online fabric, the end word 😊

When you pass the course of online fabric control, you realize that you have access to much wider possibilities!

There is more choice than in a physical store and when we have no local haberdashery, ordering online can allow us to avoid miles in search of fabrics.

Especially since My little coupon, shipping costs are offered in mainland France.

Also, when you get into the habit of ordering your online fabric, you end up finding it easier and more practical.

You can land at home, in your workshop, or in your living room and note all the projects you want to sew to search for all the fabrics you need, without being pressure and at your own pace!

It also allows you to better control your budget because you see the amount displayed directly in the basket.

And we can also put the fabrics that interest us in favorite for later😊

You have to take the plunge but then, you can no longer do without it as the fact of ordering its fabrics online has advantages in terms of sewing organization and budget management.


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