Want to sew silk? viscose? A flexible fabric, fließend And silky? Do you dream of sewing a beautiful blouse or beautiful silk dress? If you are looking for a fabric coupon quality haute couture, discover or rediscover the concept of
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Want to sew silk? viscose? A flexible fabric, fließend And silky?

Do you dream of sewing a beautiful blouse or beautiful silk dress?

If you are looking for a fabric coupon quality haute couture, discover or rediscover the concept of My little coupon !

All the references on the site come from collections of the most beautiful fashion houses.

We do not launch any fabric production operation.

Our will: put back on the market of dormant stocks on the market; Who are far too beautiful not to be revalued by your creativity!

Thus, together we participate in a circular economy, more committed and Véhica lets the message of a more responsible seam.

The fabrics we put on the market are therefore very good quality fabrics that we offer in very small quantities.

If you like a silk, do not delay in ordering it. It is rare that we can make a restocking.

If you don't know this concept yet textile upcycling, we invite you to read the section of the site that explains Our concept and our values !


Our silks in coupons

For your next sewing project, do you want to sew a beautiful flexible, noble and elegant fabric?

You have a fabric in mind fließend, with a beautiful fall to enhance your clothing creations?

Discover our offer of silks, viscoses, silk satins, pancakes towards satin, satin duchess, crêpe de china, twill de silk…

We have many colors, many grammages, united or patterned silks.

What satisfy all your creative desires!


Our silk coupons

Among our references from the silk section, we offer several fabrics made up of silk.

Depending on your favorites or the sewing project that you imagine, we will certainly have the type of silk that suits you.

Silk satins

Discover in particular our selection of silk satins !

We have many silk satin colors.

These are fluid, shiny, smooth and slippery tissues.

Satin is a particular armor that gives the fabric a silky appearance. Mixed with a silk composition, the fabric is all the more noble.

They are very pleasant to wear and require patience and passion to be sewn with care.

With silk satin, sew a refined wardrobe!


Silk Twill

Have you ever sewed a coupon from silk twill ? 

Discover our selection and references to the many colors now!

This is the ideal material for sewing the famous silk squares!

You can sew very beautiful projects with this fabric, very pleasant to touch and wear!


Silk muslin

We have references of muslinIn silk but also in polyester, of several colors.

You can discover our united muslinas, patterned muslinas, flowery or colorful muslinas among our selections.


Viscose coupons

Viscosehas long been called artificial silk.

It is very similar to silk, due to its fluidity, flexibility and shine of some of them.

But its composition, although natural (wood cellulose) is not identical to that of silk.

The transformation of wood cellulose into textile fiber is done by chemical process.

This explains why viscose is an artificial and non -synthetic material.

This material is ideal for sewing fluid skirts, blouses, blouses.

We have several colors: united viscoses or at patterns !


The pancakes

Nothing to do with the candlestick, the fabrics called "pancakes" (in the masculine) are fluid but textured fabrics.

We find in particular viscose pancakes, silky pancakes, united pancakes or various patterns, sometimes flowery.

Discover our selection of crepes

Pancakes towards satin

We have a very nice selection of pancakes towards satin.

These fabrics which have various compositions depending on the reference chosen, have this particularity of having 2 exploitable faces for sewing.

The place is mat while the reverse is satin.

Enough to sew beautiful pieces that you like to highlight the shiny/silky side of the fabric or its matt side.

China pancakes

To continue in the universe of pancake, we have also selected for you coupons of China pancakes.

These are fluid, flexible, slightly transparent tissues.

You can sew beautiful blouses and blouses with our pancakes.

If you want to double them, we also have a selection of haute couture liners.


Our tulles, organza/organis, sails and taffetas

In our silk section, there are several selections of haute couture coupons, with many aspects and various compositions!

Also discover our selections of refined and distinguished fabrics, which will allow you to sew elegant clothes and creations among which:

-          Of the tulles(perfect for tutus creations in particular)

-          Of the organzas and organis(for ceremonial accessories for example)

-          Of the viscose sailssilky(for creations of clothing, accessories, which you can double)

-          A selection of coupons from taffeta(for beautiful very pleasant to wear linings or evening dresses for example)


Our lace coupons

If you like beautiful quality lace, do not hesitate to regularly consult our offer of lace

This will inspire you and give you haute couture ideas to make very pretty pieces by yourself!

Share your creations in our silks!

Have you cracked for one of our bristles?

Have you sewn one of our lace?

Share your creation on social networks!

To do this, use the #Mylittleoupon and identify us on Instagram  !

We love discovering your couptes in our fabrics!

Good seam!