Cord velvet 500/1000 rays

You like Ribbed velvet ? You imagine a particular sewing project with a velvet 500 rays or one Milleraie velvet ? Are you a couturier/amateur or pro seamstress? If you like Haute Couture fabrics, we recommend that you take a
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You like Ribbed velvet ?

You imagine a particular sewing project with a velvet 500 rays or one Milleraie velvet ?

Are you a couturier/amateur or pro seamstress?

If you like Haute Couture fabrics, we recommend that you take a look at our selections!

At My Little Coupon, all the fabrics offered for sale come from the end of collections of large fashion houses.

We did not produce any fabric: we put them back on the market so that you can revalue them!

Thus, thanks to your inspirations, your creativity, your sewing know-how, you help us in this process and this vision of a more respectful seam of the environment and more committed.

Because, sewing an already existing fabric is always less polluting, and more economical in water in particular, than launching a new production chain.

If you want to know more about our approach totextile upcycling, On the concept of the brand and on our values, we are talking about it in more detail on this section of the site.


What is ribbed velvet?

To discover the set of Our velvet references, we invite you to discover This section.

What difference between ribbed velvet, milleraies and velvet 500 rays?

This velvet family is generally made up of cotton.

But there are also polyester and mixture of compositions.

Ribbed velvet

These velvet, in addition to having a velvety and brilliant touch, have a textured structure.

We see, on the side in the place, lines drawn by weaving.

Generally, ribbed velvet have fewer lines or ribs per square meter than 500 rays or milleraies.

They therefore have wider and therefore more visible, more marked ribs. These fabrics have good hold and are generally quite heavy.

Velvet 500 rays

The ribs that text the 500 rays velvet are less wide than ribbed velvet.

These are generally average tissues.

Milleraie velvet

Milleraie velvet or 1000 rays are made up of lines, scratches or ribs much thinner than the previous 2.

We say 1000 rays because they would be made up of 1000 stripes per meter. Have you ever counted?

These are more flexible fabrics, in which you can sew a multitude of projects.


What to sew in ribbed velvet?

It all depends on the holding of the desired fabric for the project.

Opt for a ribbed velvet For a sewing project that requires structure and some outfit, For example :

-          Boasts of overalls

-          Chasuble dresses patterns

-          Sleeveless vests bosses

-          Boss of bags, accessories, backpacks ...

-          Pants patterns

-          Jacket patterns

-          Straight skirt patterns

-          Decoration, furnishings ...

And many other sewing ideas!

If you choose a velvet 500 rays, you can sew exactly the same sewing projects, but you will give them an effect with less outfit.

Regarding milleraies, they are generally more flexible, so you can sew, in addition to previously cited ideas, sewing projects such as blouses and shirts, less structured dresses, more flexible jackets and more fluid pants.

It all really depends on the coupon, each fabric has its own specificities!

If you want to find more couture inspirations, do not hesitate to consult our offer of Creators' patterns on the site. Among the selections, you can easily find a project compatible with our velvet coupons. Link to mark out:


How to sew the ribbed velvet, milleraies, 500 rays?

As with velvet in general, one of the most important parameters to take into account is the sense of cutting.

Especially since these velvet has scratches visible on the texture of the fabric.

In fact, in order to carry out a clean and neat couture project, it is better, beforehand, place all your pieces of patterns in the same direction on your fabric.

Otherwise, there may be differences in the direction of the shine of your velvet once all your parts are assembled.

For coastal velvet with large ribs, in particular, make sure to make your connections, as on the fabrics which include striped patterns.

If you wish, of course, you can also have fun on the meaning of the fabric, depending on the desired rendering.

Always make machine sewing samples on your fabric falls to properly adjust the point and the tension of the foot (which can mark on fabrics like velvet).

For more couture tips, you can consult Our Blog section on the site.

Finally, when you have finished your Milleraie velvet creation, do not hesitate to share it with us on Instagram And social networks!

To do this, put the #Mylittlepon in the legend of your publication and identify us!

We are always very happy to discover your creations in our fabrics!

Good velvety seam!