You want to sew jersey and mesh fabrics For your projects clothing seam ? You need a coupon cotton jersey Where viscose jersey quality To make t-shirts or mesh dresses? Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon? All
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You want to sew jersey and mesh fabrics For your projects clothing seam ?

You need a coupon cotton jersey Where viscose jersey quality To make t-shirts or mesh dresses?

Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon?

All our fabric coupons, whether in mesh or chain and frame come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

We are, in a way, agents of Textile upcycling : We find for you beautiful fabrics from dormant stocks of sewing workshops and we put them back on the market in order to allow you to revalue them!

Together, we participate in the virtuous circle of the circular economy To practice a more committed and more responsible sewing.

To find out more about our values ​​and The concept of the brand, we invite you to read This dedicated section of the site.


What is Jersey? What is the stitch?

To put it simply, there are 2 large families of fabrics:

-          Chain and frame fabrics

-          Mesh fabrics


Chain and frame fabrics are woven fabrics: they are not stretchy unless they contain elastane.

The mesh fabrics are knitted fabrics : This type of assembly makes them extensible (they will be more or less depending on the chosen coupon.)

Among the stitches, you will find several types of fabrics:

-          Cotton jersey

-          Viscose jersey

-          Linen jersey

-          The mixed jerseys

-          The mesh for sweaters and vests

-          The knit for sweatshirts, type French terry


These fabrics in the category of meshes will also be able to contain elastane to make them even more comfortable.

Depending on the type of mesh chosen, you will have several fabric rendering.

For example, cotton jersey is much less flexible than a viscose jersey.

If you are starting out in the seam of mesh, we advise you to opt at first for cotton jerseys.

In an article dedicated to Our Blog section, we detailed Several tips to help you choose your first fabric if you start sewing. Do not hesitate to consult it if necessary here.


What to sew in a jersey coupon or a knitted coupon?

These fabrics are particularly suitable for sewing clothes that require elasticity.

For example, with a Jersey coupon, whether viscose, cotton or linen, you will be able to sew:

-          T-shirts

-          T-shirts dresses

-          Skirts, shorts

-          Sports clothes

-          Fluid pants

-          Homewear clothes

-          Bras and underwear

-          Children's and baby clothes

-          Body bosses

-          Combinations (like the famous Sirocco de Deer and Doe combination)

-          Socks


With heavier and warmer fabrics in mesh, as well as in our swatches of sweatshirts, type French Terry, you will be able to sew a multitude of projects such as:

-          Some pullovers

-          Sweatshirts

-          Sweater dresses

-          Hooded and/or zipped sweatshirts

-          Children's clothing/baby/teenagers

-          Men's and women's clothing

-          Joggings


And many other ideas!

In meshes, there is also Lycra type fabric: a synthetic mesh that dries very quickly. With this type of fabric, you can sew:

-          Bathing suits

-          Sports clothes

-          Clothes for gym, dance, GRS ...

Or even Milano stitches, which you can find in another section.

Have fun with our coupons of united and patterned mesh to create a wardrobe that looks like you!

If you want to fill up with sewing inspiration, you can consult Our offer of creative patterns ; our blog or then Our Instagram page on which we share the creations of the Couture community.


How to sew the stitch?

To sew the mesh or jerseys fabrics, you can use special jersey or stretch special needles (for more synthetic fabrics like Lycra).

On the sewing machine, there are several possible points to use, such as the zig zag point, the stretch point (depending on the machine you have) or the zig-zag point in 3 points.

If you have a overwhelming, it’s ideal for sewing Jerseys coupons.

These are very pleasant fabrics to wear.

If you start sewing the mesh, we advise you to start with easy seam projects to get your hands with the material.

When you have finished your creation, do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the #Mylittlepon and by identifying: we are always very happy to discover how you transformed our coupons!

Good seam!