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You have a couture in mind project that requires a coupon to percale quality ? Do you know the concept of our selections of percales and fabrics? At My Little Coupon, we do not launch any fabric production: all the
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You have a couture in mind project that requires a coupon to percale quality ?

Do you know the concept of our selections of percales and fabrics?

At My Little Coupon, we do not launch any fabric production: all the coupons in our selections are already existing materials.

As an agents of Textile upcycling, we find them for you in the end of series and collections of fashion houses!

This allows you to upgrade beautiful materials and Sew unique clothes !

Our quantities of fabrics are in fact always limited: you will not meet anyone in the street with the same dress as you!

If you want to know more about our values ​​and on The concept of My Little Coupon, you can consult This dedicated section.

What is the percale?

The percale is one of the woven tissues.

Its weaving makes it a fairly light fabric, most of the time in 100% cotton composition.

We are talking more about cotton percale than percale to designate this textile material.

It is therefore a fabric assembled in chain and frame and the cotton wires that form the weaving are both fine and tight.

Cotton percales are generally fine and very good quality fabrics.

They have a very pleasant soft and silky touch while having a matte appearance.

It is a tissue very resistant to washing: if you are looking for durable materials, opt for a cotton percale coupon.

Most of the time, the percales are united, but it also happens to be found on patterns or embroidered.

What to sew with a cotton percale coupon?

In general, the cotton percale is used for the bedding where the Household linen.

It is the ideal fabric for making sheets, duvet covers and quality and comfortable cushions!

But the creative possibilities are endless with this pretty material.

Nothing prevents you from sewing cotton percale shirts, for example.

Here are some couture project ideas:

-          Bosses of shirts, blouses, shirts for men, women, children

-          Non -stretchy HomeWear clothes and homewear clothes

-          Accessory patterns: pockets, bags, kits

-          Clothing or bags

-          Shirt dresses

-          Bed linen

-          Table linen

The percale being a resistant and easy to maintain material, you can consider many projects in A sustainable sewing approach !


If you are looking for sewing inspiration for your future projects, we give you several patterns ideas sewing thanks to our selection of creator patterns available on the shop.

You can also consult our couture advice on the blog as well as Our Instagram page on which we share the ideas and achievements of the Couture community daily !

How to sew the cotton percale?

If you have never sewn a percale, you will realize you that it is about an easy and pleasant fabric in Coudre !

No particular difficulty in sewing the percale: it will therefore be an ideal material if you are not yet very comfortable in sewing.

To consult all of our tips to start sewing and to choose your first fabrics, you can consult Our dedicated article : What fabrics to choose to start sewing?

If you opt for a striped or pattern cotton percale, the only constraint will be to manage possible fittings.

We recommend that you wash and iron your fabric before cutting it (decay it).

Many materials shrink in the first washing cycle: washing it in the machine before cutting your project avoids ending up with a couture project too small once finished!

At the sewing machine, to work the percale you will need a standard needle.

Do not hesitate to make samples tests on fabric falls before embarking on the final project.

This will allow you to make pretty machine points!

Besides, if you like to embroider or make pretty decorative points in the machine, the cotton percale, as PopelinesAnd cotton canvases are particularly suitable!

Choose in this case a plain coupon and embroider it to envy!

Do not hesitate to share your sewing creations on us on the networks using #MylittleTlecoupon and identifying us on your publication.

We are always very happy to discover your ideas with our coupons!

Good seam!